How to do a monthly income of hundreds of thousands of baby shop

again you may not be familiar with, smooth and elastic taste amazing how to eat delicious, so a lot of people are going to try to open a shop again, but not every shop who can make money, today we say is a very shop in the boss, a monthly income is hundreds of thousands, don’t believe how a baby store can have so much income, come take a look at how people are operating.

The small shop is famous


in Chongqing, Yubei District Jin Kai Avenue Blue Lake County community, there is a seemingly insignificant roadside shop, named Yu Han boutique private kitchen, Mo look at this shop is only 100 square meters, has long been known.

"we have opened more than 3 years, there is no season, often outside the door to put the table before the line." Mr Tsang said that many people are attracted to come to eat, shop a month can sell about 300000 yuan turnover in the industry can be said to be a miracle.

although the shop area is not large, but very clean, transparent kitchen is very conspicuous, slightly counted in the kitchen cooks have 9 people, there are two tables of young diners are a table for dinner, beside the wall, a TV is playing the store all the ingredients from the "original" farm purchasing picture. In front of the road, but also parked a few Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Audi and other luxury cars.

drive away the tea bowl with the customer

Yu Han boutique private chef, China culinary masters Yuan Hongtao said, the store is well known, in addition to taste and special dishes with water broth, hot mix broth is a must, there is a boss great personality.

he said, the boss of the store food safety requirements, many people in the restaurant, it is wonderful. He asked all vegetables must be cleaned more than three times; all the boiling water, have to go through the advanced filter filter and then boil; all utensils must be strictly disinfected and then put into the disinfection cabinet.

once to seven or eight guests, some 1000 yuan dishes, the waiter after tea, one of the guests pouring the tea in the bowl to wash the dishes, he immediately after the last stop, ask her to eat.

did not expect the guest or go its own way, finally, have made a surprising move for all, directly into the table away, don’t give them vegetables. "This is not a trust in our store, it’s an insult to me." Mr Tsang said. Similar to the wonderful practice, but also spread a lot of lakes.

do not worry about eating

"I can say that customers are interested in pricing

I do not believe Baidu included new sites really so difficult

small talk about new sites, not included in the several details:

1 first, the site must have at least a certain content, of course, the content is not copy, at least it should be changed beyond recognition, a lot of friends are standing, it is difficult to include, you think it is GG ah?. You are endless copying from day to night, you are not tired, tired, tired eyes, the key is the computer is tired, why do you need that? From the content, here you are a little failure,


secondly, templates do stand, you really have to learn. You’re always using other people’s visitors, and you don’t even have to look at your content. I’ve told me a lot of templates I’ve seen before, okay? I don’t see them.. If you take this measure. The appropriate change template, OK or template synthesis. So you won’t keep visitors at all.

2 another detail, I found a lot of people to engage in Web sites, that is, bought the space directly bound domain name. Nothing.. Change ah, change ah, always change, change every day, your own theme and related categories are not good, you start to change. My advice is not to bind the domain name first, but to use the default address of the space provider. Think about what you’re going to do first. What keywords describe the title and think about it. Take it easy。 This is usually done in 2 days. Don’t start with Baidu. Come on, please. Flow, you come quickly, perhaps? Farming is not so fast.

3, you officially do a good job binding domain name, began to engage in content. The content just said, the best to take some time to think about it, even if 200 words of the article is good, remember: keep updated every day, Baidu is now a test stand, basically so. Don’t give up. I believe in updating the content every day. Baidu included you sure fast. I saw many friends and stood by plagiarism. You can’t change it. Com org domain name is still 3 months is not included. Baidu wants you to see who’s stronger.

4, Baidu does not come? You write a soft text, let it climb over yourself, OK? An article, you want to, 10 minutes can be done. Send to ADMIN5, send to forum. Other ways to seduce spiders, I won’t say too much..

The key to

success: keep it up regularly and try to keep original. Baidu loves this one,


, I’m starting to prepare new sites. That’s all I can think of, if you have any other ways. Please tell me, thanks for the original address, by the way, a   AD, through the FireWire

Forum promotion tips and tips sharing

promotion methods have many, personal feel the best effect is BBS promotion, here to share the potatoes in BBS promotion of some personal skills and experience. I hope to inspire and help the new hands.

here take guest station promotion as an example, a day after the original and the chain work done, most Amoy owners choose to speak here under the promotion of forum, novice webmaster confused problem.

every webmaster 2 – 5 original 10 – 30 months after the completion of the chain release is completed, will go to the forum for the promotion, but most of the webmaster will encounter one of the most common questions, delete posts, posts without hard moderator is deleted, how to solve the problem of


is actually very simple, here we can take a circuitous strategy, the first one is not advertising posts, such as my guest station, I went to the forum that I will push the weight loss drug prior to the soft release to the forum, no advertising signs, such as the moderator read half an hour after the post to post promotion so, not only escaped the moderator to delete posts, they played a very good promotion effect.

if for the diligent moderator, the above method fails, how to do?

it will remove the soft Posts URL or promotion code to a picture watermark, into the soft posts, so a good quality soft Wen post moderators will let go, there may even add recommended oh.

, what happens if you don’t work for a strict moderator?

it would be another way to choose a free space in the space to upload a jump page in advance, which has its own web site or guest promotion links, and then go to the forum with a transparent picture of the topic, jump page links in the picture to add, such as the moderator after browsing, and then replaced the advertising pictures, visitors click on the picture will jump to my website or guest promotion connection.

is a process to find problems, solve problems, no matter what kind of problem has a solution, I practice by above methods, the most effective method, of course you need to practice for different forums to know, I wish you all in the promotion of the road farther and farther.

5 direct traffic analysis methods for direct traffic secrecy

direct traffic is a mysterious black box in Web analytics. I’ve always thought so, at least until today. Because you can never tell which traffic sources include collection, popups, IM, and other traffic sources. And also can not search traffic and recommended traffic as the direct flow of segmentation. Therefore, when the direct traffic changes, we can hardly find the reason through the traditional segmentation method, and can not provide effective suggestions and measures. So, can we really do nothing about the direct traffic? No, this article will analyze the direct traffic in 5 ways. Maybe these methods can also help you unlock the secret of direct traffic.


What is the direct flow of


What is the direct flow of

? This is a problem that we have to figure out before we analyze. If you are not clear about the definition of direct traffic and the real content behind it. Then you can’t analyze the traffic. Here is the definition of the direct traffic to the site in Google Analytics.

direct traffic: click the bookmark to come to your website, or type your site’s Web site visitor in the browser. Direct access may include visitors drawn through offline (i.e., publications, TV) advertising campaigns.

this is the ideal definition of direct traffic. But in reality, direct traffic contains more complex content than described in the definition. Direct traffic usually consists of the following 3 major categories of traffic.

1 visitors directly enter the traffic generated by the URL in the browser address bar.

2 visitors click on the traffic generated in the bookmark collection site URL.

3 traffic that has no or missing source information, including: Flash advertising, IM tools, popups, advertising, and so forth.

above these 3 categories of traffic, although unified, was recorded as direct traffic, but each kind of traffic has its own causes and characteristics. The causes and characteristics of these are also important basis for our analysis of direct traffic. After understanding the definition and classification of the direct traffic, we begin to combine the causes and characteristics of these traffic flows, and analyze the direct traffic by 5 different methods.

method 1, subdividing the direct flow of Landingpage

method one is mainly aimed at the direct input site generated traffic. Landingpage is the entry page of traffic into the site, the first page of a visitor’s Web site. Direct traffic, although there is no access to the source information, but will have its own entry page. The different entry pages allow us to analyze the different types of direct traffic simply.

1 visitors in browser >

Beverage investment, WeChat public account promotion and profit model

WeChat marketing experts believe that WeChat is one of the latest marketing tools, with its precision, fast and autonomous by enterprises welcome. WeChat public platform every day can send a graphic information, to the mobile Internet provides a low frequency and effective promotion channels. In the advertisement marketing more and more attention to sub groups and interactive communication era, has become the enterprise network marketing preferred vertical industry WeChat public account well.

wine wine well-known media network that widely distributed type is different from micro-blog, WeChat’s future marketing is posted, so WeChat needs more real and accurate groups of fans, so that they can produce real feedback and effect. The wine network to attract users precise promotion in the micro signal, do research and meticulous efforts. Vintage network micro signal (jszspt) audience positioning research focus on development of the liquor industry, liquor marketing consulting agency concerned and personnel concerned, liquor products investment agents, wineries and distributors, first of all to ensure the accuracy of the fans group.

Vintage WeChat public account (jszspt) as follows:


1, take the website with WeChat

as the liquor industry vertical network media, the wine net start all the liquor industry will include wine and liquor dealers, wine exhibition institutions and liquor marketing consulting institutions, enterprises and individuals as the service object, focus on wine brand success and news reported case, provide the logic of success for reference to study; wine industry development trend and dynamic external environment, provide the liquor brand shaping and promotion plan. After a group of professional media efforts, wine network has become the liquor business product promotion, marketing promotion, access to information and data platform of choice, become China wine industry close to the consumer, consumers understand the important bridge Chinese wine industry and the window. Vintage network giant user group naturally become loyal fans and micro-blog official sources "wine merchants" micro signal.

two, take micro-blog, WeChat

wine net official micro-blog opened at the beginning of the industry has been a huge concern, through good interaction with the online wine enterprises and wine marketing consultancy, the number of fans are true and accurate has been in a steady growth state. The opening of "wine marketing" WeChat account, micro-blog released the official wine network behind each Bowen will add micro signal of the two-dimensional code, so as to attract the original micro-blog fans to join WeChat, become "wine merchants" WeChat account of the first wave of fans, and attract new fans of micro-blog increased to join in, Everfount expand WeChat account groups of fans.

three, micro-blog, WeChat "Nurturing" website

all forms of media when the media aggregation effect reaches a certain scale, its dissemination value arises, as a close interaction with the user’s micro-blog and WeChat platforms, to a great extent on the wine Network >

Social media and station of personal blog site ranking effect


was A5 study site, "no legs cramp, waist pain, but also strong ranking" today with site tools check our site keywords "Wuhan SEO Consultant" has come to the home page, ranking ninth; although the keyword index is very small, but to we are full of confidence, it is mainly want to challenge the "Wuhan website optimization" the keywords "but now he hasn’t disappeared, this is not what, as a new station more than 30 days time, if now I have a ranking that is not normal.


now the site data show that efforts were not in vain, Google PR2, Baidu snapshot of the day, these days traffic surge, changes in the past few days but really big ah, now the analysis of the data at this time to the station.

first said PR, in the first few days of the station, the analysis of Google’s PR to update, but fortunately in the rush to update before the line, but this is not deliberately arranged. I just wrote an article about the prediction of Google PR update a few days PR was updated, article see: the 2013 Google PR big update is coming, are you ready?, the original address: the Google is face, PR to 2, a new line is to 2, really awesome, like a Google.

said in the Alexa Rankings, from the original 3 to ten million million is now down to hundreds of thousands of such rapid progress, I analyze the reasons mainly is the point the day and await for it, the 2 aspects of the


1, this site is the site optimization category of the site, visitors are owners, and owners of the most browsers have long Alexa tools, this is the reason why the data quickly rise, because only with the tools of the browser to report this to the top ranking.

2 is my site is a good site recommended in the Admin5 article see:, can I believe these are the webmaster people to access to this data, the ranking not only to rise, there is a terrible traffic surge, can see A5 strong not boast.

The direct consequences of

, snapshot updates in hours, often check the snapshot is "dozens of minutes ago", 1 hours ago, and so on, it is terrible; I even a little doubt that this will go wrong. Because before that, my snapshot has been parked at 1, 27, and these days are quite different. The rest is micro-blog to flow, has been the main flow of the site, since the site installed share button, social media flow on the flow of the arrival. So the power of social media will sooner or later replace search engines

Several elements to consider in site planning

site planning at the beginning of the station is very important, allowing yourself to have a correct understanding of the site, so that the site more competitive. Here, let us know how to do a good job of the site’s pre planning.

The infrastructure of the

web site

is simply to build content based web sites, or additional interactive interactive BBS model, the content is also divided into pictures, text, multimedia, audio-visual and other types. After the content of the website, whether to increase the comment function and add the current popular DIGG function, these are the concrete forms of the website architecture which need to be considered.

Consider a

site model, first from its location and content, most of the current site is the main content, and then provide a framework such as forum, SNS, blog and other auxiliary platform. This type of architecture is adopted by all kinds of portal websites.

simple architecture and management are essential to a personal website. Site planning is needed to understand whether architecture is easy to implement, and whether the convenience of management, the structure of the web site to the user ease of use as the main purpose, rather than the pursuit of technological innovation, leading to the site is too complex.

Selection of

site building program

if it is content based web site, you can choose to access PHPCMS, DEDECMS and other special website procedures, they are more suitable for making information type site. If the site is inclined to communicate with users, you can choose Discuz, PHPwind or mobile forums and other programs to build.

we can also use the content management system to build the main station and use the forum program to build the communication community. This is a more complete schema.

Design of

website style

even today, web site design has been widely used, the web page design is still very important. Many websites are templates with exactly the same style, which is very detrimental to the visitor’s experience. Such easy to cause the website to be homogenized, does not have own style and the characteristic. Good web design will greatly increase the credibility of your web site. Due to the current site of the most use of content management program, usually through the design of program specific page templates, then implanted site procedures, so in the content update and revision of the website is more convenient.

1. site layout

in the web site planning, we should pay attention to the overall layout of the coordination, and in line with the site’s positioning, from the simple and practical starting. Some new website will often "do a very fancy, covered with a variety of styles and effects, this is often counterproductive.

2. is simple and easy to use,

website to have affinity and professionalism, a page color shoulds not be too much, not more than five is appropriate. The page clutter also includes web pages that use the web for the winter

No one can beat the trend, and vertical websites will fail

Abstract: Guangzhou people should know a famous saying: "one shop, three generations". 5 years ago, if you are in Guangzhou Beijing Road, on the nine, Zhuangyuanfang this popular commercial shop has a head, it is without doing anything, each moonlight rent can put you a house comfortably.

Guangzhou people should know a famous saying: "one shop, three generations.".

5 years ago, if you are in Guangzhou Beijing Road, on the nine, Zhuangyuanfang this popular commercial shop has a head, it is without doing anything, each moonlight rent can put you a house comfortably.

, but now who dares to say this: "three generations of


now who would have thought a few years ago with Guangzhou Zhuangyuanfang, the famous shopping mecca, has now become the door Luo bird like.

now if you go to Guangzhou to see Zhuangyuanfang, how many shops for lease.

According to the

a friend said that he had a friend with 10 berths in Guangzhou Zhuangyuanfang, rent a moonlight on the loss of 240 thousand.


will have a friend to open mobile phone shop online, in Guangzhou last year off several mobile phone shops, about about 4000000 loss. There is no way ah, do not ah, do no business, thanks to more

who is still engaged in the shop now, that’s really a "shop lost three generations" ah,

what was the defeat of commercial real estate,


was defeated by the electricity supplier.

now no one has yet to doubt the trend of the electricity supplier subversion of traditional shops.

enterprise is the competition of the trend, that is the fight of sword and atom bomb, and the enterprise that fights with the trend, will become the stepping stone of others on the road of coronation, others beat you, step on you, don’t even look at you.

big trend, no one can beat it.

what are the major trends in the Internet over the next few years,?

my judgment is: vertical portal will large area be eliminated, especially in BANNER advertising for profit model of vertical portal will fail in large numbers, especially some second tier car websites will collapse.

what are the trends in these vertical portals,


I think the smart reader might be able to guess something.

yes, it was defeated by the general trend of mobile internet.

now most of the vertical portal traffic is so constituted: 70% of the traffic to do the mobile terminal, 30% of the traffic to do the PC side.

the traffic on these vertical portals has not actually decreased, but is still increasing, especially with IP increasing.

, but if you’re doing a vertical portal, >

Women’s Web site money approach immeasurable

editor’s note: the best place to make money is women and students, the site should make good use of this "feng shui treasure land.". This blog this topic is interesting, and the growth of female users, is beginning to show different characteristics, in recent years, in the network game, network shopping, their growth potential is very bright. Interested entrepreneurs might as well look at some of America’s women’s websites.

website business often glued to two groups, one is Indoorsman, from 15 years old to 45 years old have common characteristics, is addicted to website, which contains a lot of professional master, heavy users; the other is to college students, college students, the biggest asset is more time, they can spend 5 hour to Internet, on a website devoted to interact with strangers, just grab young taste, to make them love the site will not be too difficult. At this time, every time you think of the third ethnic group, some people will think of women – on earth, women are the majority, but on the web, women are a minority, especially in new sites. The female netizen was worth entrepreneurs "point out", because they are accustomed to the use of interest, and all Indoorsman and male students are different, and the above two kinds of users is more than the age of the "long", with the economic strength, time is not less, strangers in power also posted online not low. This weekend’s San Francisco Chronicles has a report mentioned a good news, in May this year, according to ComScore figures, American women’s website the arrival rate has reached 85 million visitors, compared with the same period last year, the growth rate of up to 42%, a large female net several indicators of standing among them, more substantial growth, such as the Glam Media growth 143%, AOL Living Everyday Health grew 93%, 92% growth…… Everyone has grown almost exactly twice as much.

note, this is not a website growth, but several websites common growth. An industry has more than doubled in a year, saying it is a fast takeoff industry, and that female users are undergoing a massive transformation. Of course you say, American women’s website growth, Asian women’s website is not necessarily in the same way, the same speed will follow growth, but I would rather believe that this is an opportunity to continue to study, to see how it


this report is very gratifying, also cited four new women website as an example, let us look at the American entrepreneur is how to grasp the "big opportunities for female users" of the industry growth. One of them is known as Yahoo, Shine, not to mention it, but the other three new women’s websites are interesting:

1, the site was created only last month". The name has told us what this site is for, a very powerful site — young aunts, see!

Operation progress 7 classic ideas of data operation

quickly finds core issues through data analysis science and will improve operational efficiency and ensure substantial results.

1. decomposition thinking

data analysis of Internet operations, first of all, learn to "decomposition."". Decompose data and decompose problems. All the data can be decomposed down layers and find out more "sub data". Through the mining and optimization of the sub data, they can often break down, find the direction, and enhance the final key indicators". Most of the time we can not find the direction, is often not enough decomposition ability, just staring at the grand final of the turnover index on the related factors to the mining index below, and these factors is called the details, well, will become the ultimate".

decomposition thinking there is another advantage is that it can help operate a better division of labor, the organizational structure of the optimization adjustment. To make employees more professional, more focused on a business, and thus cultivate a breakdown of functional experts, when each subdivision functions are experts, but also reflected in the perfect operational details.

2. tracking ideas

The problem of

operations is traced, not at once. All the data can be found by accumulation and precipitation. A single number has no meaning. It can only be called "numerical value"". For example, a shop, today’s traffic is 2000, conversion rate of 1.5%, turnover of 3000, good or bad, progress or retrogression, I do not know. Only in the past 1 weeks, nearly 1 months, or even nearly 1 years of data, the composition of linear trends to study, in order to find the "problem", the data at this time is meaningful.

so, no matter what stage of a shop, must develop a daily habit of accumulating data, we know that Taobao will have a mature background data products, will give you a look at the trends and historical data, but this is not enough, need all the data to extract their database, combined with the different dimensions of data to analyze a problem, establish the tracking mechanism, that is combined with the idea here "". More than medium electricity providers will have a set of their own data management model, monitoring key indicators to ensure timely positioning to the problem, make appropriate decisions.

3. combination thinking

tracking one data alone will be more "one-sided" and conclude that it is even wrong. Because all the core data of the electricity supplier in a period of time, with contingency and relevance.

"accident" means that one day, the rate of conversion suddenly decreases, much lower than usual, which is very likely to happen. Thus, all confound factors related to the conversion rate, find, look at the design of product details page, the price of the product, looking for customer service chats, "optimization design" for 1 days the details page, make the price lower, pre-sale customer service was reorganized. Finally found everything as usual