Startups that solve the pain of short rental services around AirbnbCollege students to buy regional

"the Internet in Jiangmen is very much."

was studying, she was full of curiosity and longing for her work. There are campus recruitment, she often asked to bring their own brothers and sisters to see the world. During the first summer vacation, she got a job as an e-commerce company in the identity of a high school graduate. Before the interview, she one day ahead of the Capitol, second days ahead of time two hours to reach, in order to advance on the identity of employees and some customers began to exchange. Faced with such a 19 year old high school graduate, the interview manager accepted her directly. She became a client representative of HC, a listed company.

"raise the competition threshold,"

Engler hopes that while simplifying the entire process for the Airbnb landlord, he can also help push the service to a new client. He’s aiming at "the whole middle market that never used Airbnb," like people like his parents

two months later, she became a member of the company, becoming the company’s more than two thousand employees of the youngest official staff, but also the full-time staff with the shortest possible time.

her name is Wu Anran. In June 24th, she founded the Jiangmen local group buying website, "0750 regiments", and she was 4 years old. Last year, her group buying online trading scale exceeded 20 million yuan.

below is the main content of the article:

, Randy, ·, Engler Randy faced a difficult problem. As early as 2012, too many people wanted to rent his apartment in West Village, New York. At that time, he just quit executive technology company, and his wife had to go on holiday to relax, but on the contrary, he hurried through the Airbnb service rented his apartment tenants — before leaving the last minute booking house cleaning service, in addition to persuade when Starbucks barista will help him apartment keys to arrive late tenant.

it was a painful experience, but it inspired an entrepreneurial idea. In April 2013, he launched a Property Management Company for renting homes through websites such as Airbnb and HomeAway. Proprly mainly provides key delivery and cleaning services, which eliminates the need for landlords. In the first year of its establishment, Proprly’s orders in the local market in New York reached thousands of orders, and revenue grew by an average of 40% per month. Today, Proprly is going to enter San Francisco this summer and then land in Paris in the fall.

initial group purchase is painful,

Wu Anran was born in a business family in 1988. In September 2007, she was admitted to Guangdong University of Technology Department of electronic information engineering, when students are still in full swing military complained too painful, she has found the first part of a campus, the campus is extensive work cornet agents, all off campus mobile phone to add into the campus network, must pass through her hands, with the business she can feed myself.


to 2010, Wu Anran read junior, has accumulated a wealth of work experience, but also saved thirty thousand or forty thousand dollars, this is the money, become her start-up venture capital.

when she was still in school, she was busy with part-time jobs. When her classmates were busy looking for jobs, she started the company and offered jobs.

two months later, she acted as agent for the campus business of China International Travel Service, Guangzhou. She got the tour guide through the help of the travel company. So, from the beginning, she had a monthly income of more than 3000.

, in fact, is not the only one who wants to get rich by offering new services around Airbnb. Founded only six months start-up company, Guesty is committed to handling other matters for you – to screen tenants based on your requirements, and to provide support for customer support. Another two startups KeyCafe from Vancouver, has set up 9 months and Hoard from Berlin, is still in trial operation stage also want to help Airbnb will be the key to the landlord to tenants, their goal is to expand outside the local area, to enter the American market.

foreign media recently released the article said, as a new leader in sharing the economy, the United States short rental website Airbnb is popular, but its services also exist such as the inconvenience to the user pain point. Fortunately, entrepreneurs seize this opportunity to provide service support around the Airbnb, such as the landlord to provide key delivery and cleaning services Proprly, to help filter tenants and provide customer support KeyCafe.

at the same time, Airbnb is also discussing plans to launch its own cleaning and key care service. It is not yet clear whether Airbnb services will support startups’ new ecosystem, but it is still a big business opportunity to enhance the Airbnb’s overall experience with Airbnb.

Wu Anran is not a native of Jiangmen, nor does she go to college in Jiangmen, but she has started her business in this land in Jiangmen. Graduation season, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter recently conducted an exclusive interview with her, she did not begrudge sharing her entrepreneurial experience.


in June 2010, she invested in partnership with her classmates in Jiangmen and created the 0750 group buying network". The reason why she chose Jiangmen was because she liked the environment in Jiangmen when she visited her classmates in Jiangmen. She hoped that she would make a career in Jiangmen. "If we play" Jiangmen people’s own group buying network ", it may make Jiangmen people more sense of belonging."

, Wu Anran, on his way to business on his first business trip,

college, a monthly income of three thousand

Personal views on the viability and risk of PTCWu Bo start business push the United States, Australi

According to Wu Bo

Wu Bo, Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang,

from 08 years in the PTC field of a NEOBUX instant payment site, it is also the founder of immediate payment, in the industry is very famous, and so far is the most powerful PTC site, both from the beautiful design and pay it on the instant stable website, every day millions of users pay more than millions of dollars, it is hitherto unknown, some people say it is the ATM network, which has the inexhaustible wealth. Indeed, NEOBUX can be said to be a deified, his powerful is the principle to be there, he is the founder of instant payment speed on the payment, data statistics with three-dimensional diagram to describe, very humane and vivid.

technology news March 3rd afternoon news, last year start the O2O fashion brand Wu Bo, start again to enter the overseas real estate industry, launched the US Australia ranks meiaoju business platform to do the real estate O2O, the platform has won the Xu Xiaoping and Taishan capital angel investment.

                  at the same time, PTC also has great risks, from its inception, a station has been in existence, many swindlers stations are early looks good reputation, pay too fast, but they soon fooled you went bankrupt after the upgrade the boss, run away, trouble many webmaster, I have been cheated, just to be paid when went bankrupt. Like the recent NOVOBUX, OZONEBUX and so on, so the site is an example, and these two stations are imitate NEOBUX, very similar, let a person feel that they are the strength of the reputation of the station, cheated many people investment upgrade. They are using the NEOBUX station to pay some of the characteristics of stable payment, claiming how good, in fact, is a liar station, the boss is black hearted, hateful, so we should try to avoid the liar when the station!


Wu Bo said that the United States and Australia ranking method mainly through intelligent summarization and analysis of overseas real estate, at the same time to the purchase recommendation information authority, the highest rate of return on investment real estate projects, and create professional online store for many overseas real estate agencies.

Wu Bo has been out of the daily management of the North American music, but is still the company’s founder, he worked in a joint real estate partner network, E-House China worked together, set up overseas investment purchase platform meiaoju.

, the US Australia ranks to cut from the overseas real estate perspective, find investment opportunities for domestic and overseas investors, the Australian real estate resources has emerged as one of the first line, the United States and other overseas real estate will also be involved in the operation and.

, the Canada music has opened more than a dozen line shop, basically break even, why start again in such a short period of time, it is because of the real estate industry to feel the O2O reform upsurge.

At present,

have to do today and risk free to talk about the PTC project. PTC click Wangzhuan from the site date has always been the mainstream, because of its easy operation, less time consuming, but quickly harvest less, and with great risk. You only need to register PTC account and click on the station to online banking account can operate, day time login account click on the ads, account automatically increases day by day, reached the minimum payment Many a little make a mickle., you can request. The general person is very difficult to pay, there may be even longer to do the minimum payment for a month, so you must find a good line, through his team to click, so more quickly get back. Do Wangzhuan novice usually start from the PTC project, because it is easy to operate, and then slowly to a deeper level of learning, some of your survey class and games, there are some investment projects and so on.

According to Wu Bo

according to reports, the United States and Australia ranks has been awarded the Xu Xiaoping brothers fund and Taishan investment, and attract a large number of the original real estate network team, the team will make the regression focus speed in Macao greatly accelerated. Lin Ming


The relationship between the webmaster and the league; personal insightsWeb site operators Mo Yan le

today we are from various aspects in terms of how to improve the site’s popularity.

as a site, how should we do to the user’s enthusiasm to call up?

"community management" what do you mean?

is our website to build into a virtual society, form an interactive way to communicate. Our users can directly participate in activities and share a variety of themes, etc.. Better let users participate directly, allowing users to express their more active and share the opinions of others, thus forming a kind of interactive mechanism. So this is called "community management"

to read the game information that must be "17173"

in these sites, they all have their own specific access population, industry area is belong to you.

them through website news content, we can find through careful analysis. They make full use of their own website to access user reviews, actively communicate knowledge to mobilize members of the industry..

reflected in this website for the authority of the industry, let a person feel to see what content will go to the site.

"integration of 3 party interactive circulation" what do you mean?

my seat

1, valid user: data integrity reaches 40%. Verify mailboxes, upload photos, and filter the same IP.


2, upload photos: upload more photos, and through the review.

policy has been promulgated, there are a large number of cheating users come in! By method of pulling the router! A day easily hundreds, and set up their own group, as did, the group of people are very excited, I think, at that time, those people with the router may continue to restart restart restart ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. This user group members bring what is the use of registration, when landing time will never come! I think this is a deception, all the webmaster, if this is your site administrator, you will continue to develop such people! So we modify the effective immediately! Membership requirements:

2, upload photos: upload more photos, and through the review.


take our website for "happiness" oh! In order to avoid saying I do advertising! I have a say, we clone website is a website for the purpose of making friends, each valid user defined our alliance for the owners to pay 1 yuan Commission, there are two active users, respectively. Is:

1, valid user: the definition of valid data is to fill out the basic information, internal monologue, review the photos, verify the mailbox, online longer than 30 minutes, and filter IP

I would like to express their views on the relationship between a little webmaster and alliance, an alliance between the webmaster and in fact, is nothing more than the interests of the relationship in the drive, the alliance needs to promote the webmaster; need League to make money, but why in the big and small on the altar to see most of the deduction amount,. The problem, I think many of the Union did not want to do, but to do so, it is called alliance promotion, is the hope that the station will bring benefits to the alliance, if a webmaster do the volume is very high, but there is no interest for the union, so the long distance is not far away this bye! A large part of the reason is because the owners take advantage of loopholes to cheat union regulations. The alliance is also struggling to find a point that benefits both the station and the alliance. If a webmaster brings a lot of money, and at the same time these quantities also bring benefits to the alliance, then the alliance is not K you anyway

! With a long line of more than 30 minutes, at least let you * * * * webmaster registered a number to be 30 minutes, this time, many webmaster and cried, "Oh! Do! How to live ah!" a part of the webmaster * * * * out but this is! No end, as the saying goes, there are measures under the policy, some owners have a new idea, or pull the router registration, the registration of a N number! Then open N browser on time, a group of a group of > although we do!

Hundreds of billions of funds by the new board! Ten institutions will increase Wang, so buy, buy, bu

2016, institutional investors appeared in the 1700 enterprises fixed increase.

From the point of view of the number of

Ma first judge, of course, to Beijing, from the provincial capital of the people, of course, to the capital development.

according to understand the data of the new three board research center, in 2016, in the new three board set by the market, institutional investors contributed 105 billion 167 million yuan. In excluding the employee stock ownership plan and controlling shareholder participation in fixed increase, the agency brings the funds 97 billion 535 million yuan.

entered the university after graduation season, often graduates asked me, in the end should not go to the north, Shenzhen and Shenzhen, go to a city, there are only two kinds, choose their own business, when the boss, or find a good job, work.

According to

now Ma, who will not say he has no ability, he did not succeed in Beijing, Shanghai entrepreneurial success, certainly not the ability problem, then what is it,

, one, 20 institutions gathered to increase the market, 30% of the flow to the manufacturing sector

"a paradise under Jervois", although Hangzhou has such a high reputation, but at that time, Hangzhou is just a tourist city, Hangzhou in the country’s position is clearly not to enter the first-tier cities.

at this time, Ma’s ambition, Hangzhou can not tolerate him,

in the new three board set by the market, institutional investors are the main force.

according to choice data, last year, the new three board scheduled to increase the total financing of the market was 148 billion 303 million yuan. In other words, institutional investors contributed 70.91%, is the new three board set by the market "most powerful" strength.

from the amount of investment point of view, the manufacturing sector is still the most, in the past year, institutional investors in the manufacturing industry, a total investment of 31 billion 960 million yuan, accounting for 32.69% of the total amount.

, but at this point Ma still unwilling to return to Hangzhou, so back in Hangzhou on the way, he came to Shanghai. But, to Shanghai even worse, he rented a house, installed repair, but can not recruit employees.

was forced to return to Hangzhou ma.

participants, the most part of the manufacturing sector is the manufacturing sector, with a total participation of 2636; followed by information transmission, software and information services, followed by leasing and business services.

Ma rarely talks about this in public, > in a relatively private chat


1997, Ma North to the Empire, established China International Electronic Commerce Center, the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation unit. However, after more than 1 years, Ma felt very unhappy, Beijing did not want his career, he decided to leave.

! !

, who was then Shanghai’s leader, should have asked for a century.

entrepreneurship, from hell to heaven, passing the world! From Ma’s entrepreneurial experience, you may find the answer!

someone asked me, you have excellent youth in Beijing, you pay a lot, but rarely return, worth it? I said, don’t ask me worth, just asked if I wanted to, if not to be afterwards, how to calculate the

going north is a business paradise or hell?

if you like him, send him to the north, wide, deep, and if you hate him, send him to the north, for it may be hell or heaven.

institutions are new three board fixed increase market main force. Over the past year, they have brought in hundreds of billions of dollars.

1995 Ma Chinese pages officially launched, Chinese than to the Internet there are 3 months, by means of the Internet in Zhejiang Ma is known wurenbuxiao. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang, in the development of Hangzhou can be said to be the maximum ma.

choice data, to participate in the new board set by institutional investors, investment companies, securities companies, public accounts and other 20 categories, among them, given the increasing participation is the largest number of securities companies, a total of 1918 times, investment amount of 8 billion 325 million; followed by the investment company, engaged in 1830 growth, investment amount of 37 billion 642 million yuan.

, in 2008, when a leader in Shanghai said at a meeting in the city, "why do Ma people like this have not grown up here? They may be a lot. We have a problem."."


is the financial industry institutions to invest more than 3 of the industry, the total investment of 13 billion 727 million yuan. But apart from the Hualong securities 9 billion 600 million financing, institutional investors invested 9 billion 390 million yuan, institutions in the financial sector investment amount can only be ranked eighth. Hualong securities is the largest investment in institutions last year, 40 institutions contributed 9 billion 390 million yuan, of which the amount of contribution of external institutions to 8 billion 533 million yuan, the strength of the agency can be seen.

so, what are the institutional investors accounted for half of the country, the new board set by the market? In the new board increase in fixed amount more institutions, and what? Read Jun found ten institutions set by the king.

participate in the new board set by institutional investors, investment companies, securities companies, public accounts and other 20 categories, among them, given the increasing participation is the largest number of securities companies, a total of 1918 times, investment amount of 8 billion 325 million; followed by the investment company, were involved in the 1830 given by the investment amount of 37 billion 642 million yuan.

dream! ! ?

if the Ma to Shenzhen for work or business, what would happen? My judgment is that the game! Of course, in this world, if not, only the consequences and results of

How does the startup team locate content paying products, first of all, to understand the status quo

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan


can be seen from the figure, the premium content users have purchased 38% from 49.7% for moderate satisfaction, satisfaction, and 12.3% paid content are not satisfied with the attitude, that can find free access to knowledge.

users who have been rewarded, they are often attracted by the unique insights / benefits of knowledge / articles, and spend more than 80%.

Among the

has access to the latest, most comprehensive and valuable knowledge has been a constant demand. Students get the most basic but full range >

can be seen from the figure, only 55.3% of Internet users have paid for knowledge behavior, including download / subscribe data documents accounted for the highest proportion, this form is mostly in the major library, magazine newspaper platform. Followed by pay participation in offline courses / training / lectures for 46.7%, followed by online courses / training / lectures penetration rate as low as 40%, however, pay participation in personalized counseling and pay listen to voice, the lowest penetration rate.

  every day I brain turn ah, turn all dizzy! Because whether it is watching TV, or in the toilet, or see the NetEase news, I have to take these things and Wangzhuan together. As I love English as a few years ago, I sleep every day talk is in English, I was not mad ah, ha ha. The next idea is, 9, when Kaka saw the NetEase news, " is really in trouble, and it’s bothering you a lot of time.". So I can’t always open later. Also affect the computer speed, every morning up to see the news, go to the NetEase to see, by the way to see the hottest news. Is that a few NetEase see the news headlines, several why, because there are several hundreds of thousands of millions of people watching this news every day, then what can I do? Because 163 of the bottom of every news is GG advertising, where the ads show me very interested! Because there are always some experts will show the advertising there, 163 of the advertising conversion rate is good, put the advertising there, Internet users will think

NetEase is yourself, so a relatively high degree of trust, the news is.


    may stage here that advertisement is not shown, because you see my article published in the 9KAKA, that is just what happened, so you are going to see is it possible to see,

found in NetEase news in new, oh!!!

=700 ‘/upimg/allimg/070414/2302170.jpg’; " height=700; src=" http://upload.admin5/upimg/allimg/070414/2302170.jpg" width=700 onload=" if this.width>’700′ this.width=’700′; if this.height& gt;’700′ this.height=’700′; " border=0>;

Here is a screenshot of


products are scarce, and content payments are a corollary of the proliferation of free content. In the era of rapid information update, how efficient access to information content value has become a difficulty, now pay, pay, knowledge quiz pay and share experience has become a new mode of information interaction, it appears to meet the consumer demand at the same time also create and guide the new demand.

2. looks at consumer satisfaction and the main drivers of knowledge paid

content paid, literally understood, is to pay for knowledge, complete pay to get more comprehensive reading content, the form of expression for text, audio, consulting, video and so on.

this shows that most users are willing to pay for the contents of knowledge value, the expected value of active pay the value beyond the free content, the user needs in this huge uneven information age selection of high-quality content.

1. content pays, although the form is diverse, but the penetration intensity is not high.

is the common article reward way exists in the WeChat / micro-blog / self media platform, the proportion of 26.4%, a reward is the user to read the whole article gives some recognition and spontaneous act of paying.

How fast and efficient

is the current status of the content of the payment, the summer Kwai electricity supplier Xia Xiaokui Xiaobian share four points with you:

paid driving force mainly concentrated in get targeted professional knowledge and insights, the proportion is as high as 74%; save time and energy costs and the accumulation of experience so as to enhance the self ratio of 50.8% and 47.3%, to expand contacts and friends accounted for only 12%.


There are several ways to do Wangzhuan you know Have you made any moneyDiscussion on profit model of

The keyword

second Wangzhuan is known as Amoy. Amoy active place I believe many senior people know that A5 had this section, convenient Amoy and businesses to exchange, to obtain the maximum benefit. Some do well Amoy a monthly income of 100 thousand yuan is completed can be done, such as the store monthly sales accounted for Amoy turnover reached 20%, ranked first in the number of transactions in the 2000-3000 month of Amoy, so light a shop to get the Commission reached 50 thousand yuan, the monthly income of 100 thousand yuan just two stores can be a good job. I have done before a period of time of the guest, is through the simple send some new micro-blog promotional information, or the corresponding section in the portal released some of the more attractive post, with model pictures and links to read people click into the purchase, you can get a commission. But each guest at the category is not the same, such as some relatively good women, beauty, and some are good at bags category, not necessarily all of the operating methods are suitable for each class, because the traffic is limited, only enough accurate positioning of the crowd, the conversion rate will be high. It’s like drilling and stretching. Everyone will

Wangzhuan in today’s Internet era is very fashionable, if engaged in the Internet industry have not heard of this, or do what is not associated with a little Wangzhuan, OUT. Many people have achieved monthly income of 6 figures through a computer and a cable net, which is inconceivable to many wage earners, because many people can not reach this figure in one year’s income. Therefore, there are several Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? How to play well? This is indeed a lot of grass root has been a topic of painstaking research, and some have surfaced.

by www.360kao super white feeds.

, c have some understanding of the education, examination and training industry. What are the major exams in China each year? What kind of things and information do the examinees need? We all need to know fairly well. See this, we can also understand, and this is certainly not a person can complete, so you need a team, well, here we talk about profit model.

4, profit model three: conducting offline lectures and training. This is the highest profit kind, we can sort out the information, contact the teacher, contact users for offline training and lectures. Some people in real ricken spend 300, but refused to spend 30, because he feels it is virtual, not true.

in China with the growing popularity of the network education and training websites also have a very big market, China’s large and small test including qualification examination such as too many to count, the computer level examination, judicial examination, CPA examination, certification exam exams such as Cisco exams, so with the development of distance education in our country. How to develop the education and training should go to the website? How to profit model? Here are some of my humble opinion:

above is my brother to education training website profit model of some thinking, is not very mature, I hope you can correct me.

5, four profit model: users need data on a CD or printed, online sales.

2, a profit model: the development of VIP members, provide excellent teaching materials for users to share, and in addition to VIP members can enjoy the information, should also have excellent free information sharing, it is also a process of training the customer.

a to strengthen the user experience, to do the most important thing is the user experience, which is also a good foundation for website profit. B do SEO, traffic is the basis of a web site, we must have traffic guarantee.

I know the first is to do Witkey wangzhuan. The first is for submission in zhubajie registered account, then the price is relatively low, 500 words 2.5 yuan, have to deduct 20% of the Commission, it was 2 yuan, if the withdrawal will be charged 1.5 yuan each of the charges, so to be able to earn was pitiful. This is why as a part-time Wangzhuan, registered in the pig for more than 2 years to reach the level of five pigs. But although do Wangzhuan only two years time, but I have to focus on online cooperation, such as in the pig above the cooperation of the user with the , can be removed from the line of cooperation, the Commission of 20%, and the rate is relatively high, can be Alipay daily, so the efficiency will be a lot of high. Because cooperation is a long time, so in credit is no problem. The author in 2 years time, earned nearly 60 thousand yuan, are using amateur time to complete. In addition to open shop in the pig, Taobao also opened the shop, dedicated to the user to write articles, this way has more security, it is also another important source of remuneration.

3, profit model two: online training and lectures, relying on video and audio, online training and lectures.

1, first of all, before making sure the profit model, we should make the following changes in our website:

He and old mother like to insist on not listed, not financing, but can do annual tax 170 millionTaob

then, Wang Shouyi’s old man came to Zhumadian with his son, Wang Yinliang, and settled down. They are still in accordance with the past in the home when the method to run, because thirteen incense halal condiment Wang Shouyi brand of good quality, good name, reputation is protected

taobao Amoy arena is a SNS optimization effective attempt of taobao, although not perfect, Ma has also been explained to build Taobao ecosystem, "word-of-mouth marketing" can not be ignored, micro-blog interactive marketing advantage that Taobao SNS advanced the concept of thinking, Amoy arena crashed, too focus on shopping experience, new things always give people a lot of room to fall into a reverie once you have lost, can not get the kind of urgent psychological, shopping community needs, from Amoy arena, including Taobao or Taobao and Taobao 800 billion passenger face the temptation of goods, everyone wants a piece!
"the Internet is changing all the time!" Yesterday, still say to do so, the largest platform Moumou community website, portal owners Moumou, now already disappear without a trace site has been covered with weeds. How do Taobao customers face the challenges of more and more competitors, as well as the continuous renovation of Taobao’s own rules, changes, and how to cater to Taobao SNS? The user experience is always the fundamental things, word-of-mouth marketing, user experience is the transformation of the way, the best is good, we will seize this point, do not deviate from the following changes. The development of
now most Taobao guest website, basically through the website and consumer dialogue and guide consumers to click

that being the case, selling spices is the best way out at the moment. Wang Shouyi said, according to the seasoning recipe, using 20 kinds of pure natural herbs spices, according to the tastes of modern people, further improved, the preparation of a new seasoning, named "sweet thirteen".

Wang Shouyi believes that all things "letter" for the first, in order to win the reputation of Wang Shouyi, specially in the pack on the seasoning covered with "Thirteen incense" four seal and Wang Shouyi’s own name. The seal cover has size, can Baotuibaohuan, credibility is the guarantee, and walking route puerile, 1 horns and 1 pack. Through this way of operation, "Thirteen incense" was soon welcomed by the masses. At that time, the "Thirteen incense condiment only in Tongxu County and near the bottom, four floor, Cui Jiao, Taikang County town on a South Gate and several stalls selling, no transport, rely on two legs through the streets, regardless of seasons, winter and summer, Wang Shouyi never stops.

The history of

to solve the livelihood of arduous pioneering, and eventually from the dark to bright

in Wang Shouyi’s rich experience, people may find that the old godmother has a lot in common: 32 years to different approaches but equally satisfactory results in an industrial field, fake zero tolerance, product quality excellence, not listed, financing, loans, credit and debt, is almost a mold carved out the".

products have been developed, but people at that time were difficult to solve the problem of hunger and satiety, not to mention buying spices, how to open the sales market, Wang Shouyi became the first problem to be faced with.

thirteen incense can be traced back to 1959. When the outbreak of the great famine, Henan has become the hardest hit, the day for the whole family, old and young livelihoods and worry about Wang Shouyi, and dug out the ancestral recipe. Prior to this, Wang Shouyi has found a secret sauce recipe in diet, he was on the seasoning was studied, but that is their use of spices, sometimes sent to relatives and neighbourhood, but did not expect the acclaimed.

said it’s easy to do, difficult to put the small seasoning to the industry first, become a well-known national brand, the hardships behind it far beyond ordinary people imagine.

relies on only 100 yuan of initial funds, in a humble field for 32 years, hard 3 dollars of seasoning into adult 1 billion 600 million big industry. Adhere to only one field of seasoning, although each box is only 8 cents meager profits, but a year to the country pay taxes 170 million yuan.


Sogou stop support notification for old code on search box fragmentsUnwilling, confused and obsessed

, born in the south of Jin Zhixiong, has a pragmatic spirit of doing business and pays attention to economic returns and returns. So although both startups are all

What did they bring to the

respected Union website, Hello! Since the upgrade

if entrepreneurship starts like a gamble, then the process of starting a business is like sucking opium. Flying in the prices and prices, the middle class is also very careful as living in a big city, they venture seems to be a way to achieve financial freedom and dreams of the fastest, but also many people a spiritual opium, as if still in business, those beautiful illusions about the future will never disappear.

but when the bubble is broken, it will always be a reality. Feet on solid ground can survive in this world.


more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

? "

, who has 6 years of entrepreneurial experience, is clearly the former Jin Zhixiong. 6 years, he has served as the founder of game companies, manufacturers recall had to give up the steady income, causes to plunge into the tide of entrepreneurship, Jin Zhixiong’s answer is unapologetic: "I was young, is directed to the listed enterprise. In addition to ideals and feelings, financial freedom and economic income should not be neglected. If it is purely for ideal and feelings, why not to do NGO? "And he added:" only with this idea of business people, investors might not dare to put their money to you, because the company is to consider the benefits of investment, no return to do

The initiation of

According to IT orange data, as of January 2017, a total of 1390 start-up companies closed down. During the craziest years of entrepreneurship, a small number of successful people were rushed to the top of the wave and attracted much attention. What is overlooked is the "losers" who have been chasing the waves and are still engulfed by waves. They are silent as if they had never appeared before.

as we approach the entrepreneurs who look for new opportunities after continuing their careers, we know what entrepreneurship means in a person’s career.

in the process of starting again? What are they looking for in their hearts,

recently, we were surprised to find that the past two years, there have been 980 founder startups looking for new jobs in the 100offer, and "too tired", "chilling" and "old" these words are from the end of business after they hear the words.

most people entrepreneurial ideas, is in young when caught up with the mobile Internet outlet, according to the decision factor to bear inner restlessness of it. And the initial heart of entrepreneurship has two versions of reality and ideal. The real version is for the company to appear on the market and realize financial freedom. The ideal edition is for the sake of self fulfillment and influence others.

first, the initial heart of Entrepreneurship: financial freedom or self achievement?

2016, the cold wave is raging.

Webmaster, be careful why your website can’t make moneyTencent’s public enemy to endorsement the gol

I have a website promotion website before, and later sold, then some related key words many optimization to sh419 home, even the first one, because I busy the rest, sold the site, after a period of time I go to check the site before prompted by a sudden impulse, it is to let I have a funny, webmaster stuff I optimized removed, the good ranking in sh419 will fall down, I said here is not your professional SEOER does not matter, but you should also know the basic knowledge of some optimization

There are countless websites

since June 15, 2011 to now, Tencent officially announced that "open" has been three years. According to the data provided by the Tencent, as of now, entrepreneurs in the Tencent on the open platform of the team has more than 3 million; by the end of 2013, the Tencent has accumulated an open platform for developers to create revenue 5 billion yuan; expect to 2014-2015, the Tencent will be an open platform for developers to create revenue 10 billion yuan.

is the founder of the 9A webmaster, I have been trying to study how to master station, how to optimize, how to promote, more important is how the site, there have been a lot of things, learn a lot, here to share with you, hope to the webmaster webmaster to visit 9A why! Your site is not profitable? Here I stand in my way to give you several points:

Lin Songtao accepted the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, for the opening, the Tencent actually thought that has not changed, not open to the Tencent to maximize revenue, but the establishment of eco industrial system. Giant is difficult in a vertical field, a big, for entrepreneurs, the future opportunities for entrepreneurship lies in the vertical field of mobile Internet innovation."


, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry Shang Bing said that the mobile Internet has become the first engine for basic telecom enterprises’ revenue growth, with a contribution rate of 1.29%. Mobile Internet industry chain more segments, business applications increasingly rich, innovative business models, driven by the entire Internet industry and industry pattern of accelerating change.

according to data released by the Internet Conference, Internet users are now 632 million, with a penetration rate of 46.9%, of which mobile phone users reached 527 million, and the total number of websites exceeded 3 million 500 thousand.

open platform "go up"

a website without the necessary pre conception, it can be said that this website does not exist the so-called soul, there is no suitable location, I like many webmaster, is slowly over, I do not know what is the original, see article said that the net station the most money, I just do. After a few days, and the article said another website is to make money, and immediately for the station, then get the N a lot, but almost no one succeeds, I found myself always have their own clear goals, so each site after doing all plans, perhaps someone took Ma’s words I said to refute the plan changes, Ma said that he did not plan, but the positioning family website has not changed, so do not listen to the speech and celebrity

and Tencent open platform is currently providing support for entrepreneurs, but also began to gradually form a "O2O logic", that is, online and offline together: online Tencent to provide social access

4 years ago, the "3Q war", behind the various noisy actually bring far-reaching impact on the Internet China. Ma Huateng realized, can not continue to work behind closed doors, but more thinking in the field of Internet based products in the field of investment, began the penguin ecology system layout.

second, the site should have the right optimization, the benefit will not be advanced, but at least know some optimization foundation,.

on the Internet, but also countless webmaster, I think most of the webmaster site is to profit, many people hold this idea into the upsurge, after a period of time, they found, they do not operate the site since then things have thought, they found we make money really is very difficult, so some of them choose to give up, is why they fail analysis of what I say, at the same time to still insist on or have some thinking webmaster. Because writing is not good, may not be able to reach the level that will hit the nail on the head, forgive me!

a lot of people engaged in the promotion is closed in shipbuilding, each big website to read a few articles written by others to share the experience, he thought he would go back, do it, such a person is a 250, I >


"we’ve been observing the ecological changes, 2011-2013 our focus on PC, we also observed the development of mobile Internet, since 2014, the biggest change is that we embrace the mobile, the application of treasure system, which is a key node of mobile strategy." Lin Songtao told reporters.


first, the site did not conceive, blindly follow the trend, enter the so-called "profiteering industry circle", "

third, do promotion, want to learn more, think more, the most important thing is to adhere to,

annual Chinese Internet Conference held in Beijing.

, at this conference, once the Internet, "people’s enemies", Tencent, continue its layout of the open strategy. In August 26th, Tencent SNG social network business group vice president Lin Songtao said, the future open platform for developers to bring two Tencent will exceed ten billion revenue, and announced a strategic cooperation with COSCO Boao in October this year, will be held at the end of the "2014 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference held in Boao, the purpose is the Internet economy as the new" economic "representative.


Do Taobao guest website please think twiceBreakdown of the four common points of the site do not mak

there is an idea that can not be absolutely: "bigger, think again how to make money.". If you want to run a website that can really make money for you, be sure to think about how to make money and then do it again,



is a popular Internet rampant place, over a period of time there is a hot word gush, then there are countless websites to do this kind of hot, get together in one place, I want to say is that the popular concept of website is doomed to difficult of success

6, just like navigating a station. Can you do hao123? Can you use an unknown navigation station as your browser home page,

from the webmaster point of view analysis:


Tolstoy once said: happy families have the same happiness, each unhappy family is unhappy! Put this sentence into the site of the process, is the website that can make money for each method, and will not make money site has the same reasons! < /p>

site to make money, please remember this principle here: small areas, big market! Silent money making! High-profile publicity, low-key money!

2, the promotion of Taobao customers, how many things are really affordable? Which goods are not added to the advertising fees,

3, the quality of the product is good,

reason three: don’t know how to make money with websites

2, if the user knows a little about it, then he might buy something from your website and think your site is good. But most of them will find that there is no choice of the items on your website, such as: "no price is low to high."". "According to the sales arrangement" and other commonly used buttons, as well as advanced search box, etc., because of the nature of Taobao passengers, these are not allowed to use the function of buyers.

one reason: blindly follow the trend, easy to believe

in recent days, Taobao’s Web site has been seen everywhere. Even I want to also go to do a Taobao guest website, Xiao Ning carefully analyzed the feasibility, and later found that Taobao guest is not feasible, want to do new Taobao guest webmaster, please think twice before you act.

wants to make money on the Internet, you have to understand the Internet marketing! Many websites do not make money, because they do not understand network marketing, network marketing is not good enough!


when all Taobao shoppers know Taobao, they will no longer trust Taobao sites, and Taobao customers will no longer exist. Taobao will never let Taobao customers flood, if Taobao customers are everywhere, and >

do network marketing, does not mean to do a website and then put it in there, waiting for the user to call or online advice, need to have the skills to lead the user to your site, there are at least 1, the trilogy: good content, will be able to increase the weight of the search engine, more important is to improve the visitors to the website reputation, website content is a very important factor. 2, in addition to the content, you also need other people’s website links to your website address, so that high quality content is necessary, and then add a link to your website, released to some large blog community, if the content of your site is attractive, I believe many people will. 3, e-mail has been a magic weapon of network marketing professionals, collect the mail to the mail, the main link is to collect the mail, generally localized e-commerce website marketing strategy by e-mail, collect e-mail addresses are mostly local websites and the community. This is similar to the lottery, big customers, small customers more. Can also be regarded as a good marketing method.

3, if he is a veteran of Taobao and didn’t know the guest, he will first think of the liar is now so much, your station is not the legendary fishing website? Just named a certain shopping guide, how it will let me enter the password? There are people do not pay attention to. Direct access to Taobao from the link on your website.

1, if the user is new, then he will not even use Taobao, maybe he jumped from your station after Taobao, Taobao research. Then remember, Taobao has nothing to do with you.


4, if he’s an old hand and knows Taobao. Then he won’t buy the goods you recommend. He has no reason to pay more for your commission.

5, will you update the website every day? Do customers like to watch the same website,


there are a lot of websites in China today, and most of them are very silent. Because once you make money, and also very high profile, it will quickly attract a lot of competitors come in and make the market rotten.

in the end the guest kind of website? Who are the ultimate benefit of Taobao customers? Have you found just enter a Taobao customer website, is to enter a Taobao phishing site? Simple analysis below I one-sided Taobao guest website:


reason two: do not know how to do network marketing

4, the general sales of good sellers do not go to Taobao customers to promote products, and many of the promotion is not good at selling. Expensive.

from the user’s point of view:

1, Taobao’s website is really so good to promote it? Taobao is a commodity, is for users to buy. And website promotion is not the same, website promotion is to let people see on the line.


money must be considered, especially personal webmaster, short of money is necessary, we have no money to drop, no money to wait, must immediately see real money, must be immediately fulfilled, because many webmaster, all in the lean, when no savings, can quickly take.