Xining ladder cultivating enterprise

from Xining to carry out a series of activities to help small and micro enterprises, the average monthly production of nearly 200 small and micro enterprises. However, faced with a huge market economy, these start-up companies need to help, to this end, Xining came up with a good way – ladder to cultivate enterprises of different sizes.

March 10th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission learned that this year, Xining will carry out a "ladder" cultivation have been identified for 500 small and micro enterprises, of which 300 households scale industrial enterprises in 200 households, and strive to cultivate micro enterprises for small businesses, 100 families of small business training for medium-sized enterprises. Through efforts to accelerate the cultivation of market players, making the number of small and micro enterprises each year 25% new, small and micro enterprises operating income, the number of new jobs grew by 10%.

these companies belong to different industries, how to better nurture? Xining City, the answer is very specific: around the resource advantage and leading industry, to extend the industrial chain and the new special expertise for the direction of transformation and upgrading of the field give priority to local characteristics of resources, biological medicine, textile, agricultural and sideline products, electronic information, new materials, growth type, technology type Small and micro businesses, enhance the innovation ability, to expand the scale of production, improve product quality. (author: Zhou Jianping)



The construction of cultural wall in the West District of the city to expand the new position of civ

in the West Main Street West District, a fresh cultural wall showing a civilized city public service ads outstanding works created in the ancient city of west area; Taiwan College lane, nearly one hundred meters long wall culture show wonderful moments of civilization in the West District, victory road, more than 30 blocks in the window of civilization and civilization traffic life slogan for pedestrians will watch the eyes……

is present in the city culture wall in the beautiful scenery, has become a new carrier of civilization and regional culture propaganda promotion, not only beautify the city image, but also enhance the quality of the public, reflects the new civilization. In recent years, the west area has at Victory Road Primary School District, guchengtai college lane, victory road, near the park, Lu Qing West Main Street, the Yellow River Road, Tongren Road junctions and other places made in order to improve the quality of citizens, strengthen the construction and popularization of knowledge, a city civilization traffic to the content of the culture wall is more than 10, show in the popular comic books, poems, fables, inspirational motto etc., let the walls become beautiful and "talking" "culture wall". These "culture wall" rich in content and the lives of the masses, form vivid, attracted every people in the past, make people to be educated in the subtle, mobilize the enthusiasm of the public participation in civilization, improve the quality of the general public, became the summer capital of Xining a beautiful landscape.

it is understood that the west area in a civilized city to create work, develop ideas, innovative methods of work, on the basis of the majority of people loved to actively carry out activities to create, and to take new initiatives, making efforts to improve public cultural wall civilization with rich cultural heritage of the area. Favorable conditions for large construction, great development and prosperity of the culture, these walls produced exquisite, rich in content, plays a role in beautifying the environment, enhance the image at the same time, but also can maximize the effect of education, forming a beautiful new cultural landscape.

in the construction of cultural wall, West District, according to local conditions, close to the masses, close to life, close to the times "principle, using pictures, cartoons, proverbs, fables and so on a variety of performance techniques, to create a surrounding environment and glorified, Hui people with the new landscape, imperceptibly affects every a people in the past. This popular, easy to understand the creation of publicity will be carried out for a long time, to further stimulate the people love the good home circle, to build a circle of enthusiasm. (author: Ma Zhanyu)


Xining this year to update more than and 600 buses first introduced rear bus series

March 19th, Xining bus bidding work started. Since last year, a wide range of update buses this year, Xining city continue to update the remaining more than and 600 cars old bus work officially kicked off. This year will be updated bus models have been broadly determined, following the rapid transit, Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. will introduce the first series of rear bus.

in recent years, the Xining municipal government to increase public transport investment, promote the bus priority strategies, to better protect public safety travel, the Xining municipal government will use two years of time, the implementation of a comprehensive update of the city running more than 8 years of age more than 1000 buses, and from 2014 onwards, the city’s public transportation vehicles update into a virtuous cycle.

at present, Xining city bus company a total of 1648 buses, 46 bus lines formed east yanggouwan District, South to the south, West to the city hall, bus line north to the Taiwan Garden pattern. Every year, Xining city bus company annual passenger volume of nearly 300 million passengers, and the aging of the vehicle caused by the high rate of failure to become part of the line is an important reason for the difficulty of the bus.

last year, the implementation of the history of Xining City, the largest vehicle updates in the history, the government invested 100 million yuan to update the 407 buses, the updated bus is a bright spot. Although some bus lines were updated, but still half of the bus in the aging state. In order to completely reverse this phenomenon, this year, Xining invested 190 million yuan to update the bus 622.

it is understood that the update of the bus models for the front ten meters this year, the initial series and post ten meters series. Among them, the introduction of ten meters ahead of the series of buses, the rear of the series of ten meters bus, 76 units 536. Last year to replace the new bus, the bus can introduce the rear type many people recommend replacing the new bus, the introduction of the rear ten meters series bus is Xining city public transport limited liability company first introduced in the series bus.

Xining city bus company

equipment technical director Zhao Ehai said that the benefits of the rear engine is the largest, the vehicle powertrain has the advantages of compact structure, good mobility, small vehicle kerb mass. The layout of the car tends to be reasonable, the floor of the car is flat, and the engine is separated from the compartment, so the indoor vibration and noise are small, the temperature inside the car is improved, the comfort is good, and the utilization ratio of the carriage area is high. The axle load distribution is reasonable, and can be used to repair the engine outside the car.

In addition to the

, the renewal of the design of the bus with the same last year to update the bus, the front and rear are using LED lights to facilitate the public to see the vehicle. The body will use bright colors, easy to identify. The upper and lower pedal of the car adopts two steps, which is convenient for people to get off and improve the efficiency of getting on and off. The height of the supporting rod is strictly designed according to the national standard, and is provided with a protective cover. (author: Liu Peng)

Xining blocked college entrance examination entrance examination network will be opened

Xining college entrance examination has begun. In the student’s qualification examination, the District of Xining city were resorted to the real blocking migrants". In addition, this year, Xining will officially open the college entrance examination qualification network, the platform is expected to examine the qualifications of 16 thousand candidates for college entrance examination.

audit mobile police inquiry terminal equipment

January 12th, in several North District admissions, Chengzhong District, West District Zhaoban Zhaoban baomingdian, arrived early at the entry point of social candidates queuing. "School record form, examination report card, Graduate registration form, copy of ID card……" Staff one by one check candidates file. In order to be able to get the number before the end, some parents arrived early in the registration point waiting.

To ensure the

qualification review account is accurate, the staff of the West Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Xining city with the use of the mobile police inquiry terminal equipment, review the account at any time to doubt the identity in the online comparison.

participate in the audit department numerous


West District tax, tax and other departments into the high school enrollment qualification examination work leading group. In the urban district admissions tax, local tax departments into the basic members of the unit, the labor department and the street office also incorporated into the audit of member units, the move in area and west area is the first time in Xining city and the province high school qualification examination.


online dialogue Zhaoban candidatesIn addition to the previous social

announced admissions advisory telephone, this year for the first time in the east east district Zhaoban online education entrance examination set column, this platform includes enrollment policy, enrollment information, candidates forum program, candidates can check on the website for the college entrance examination Chengdong district working process, attention to matters of registration, registration qualification examination results publicity etc.. Especially the candidates forum, candidates in the online message, ask questions, admissions staff will promptly answer on the internet.


The high temperature in the vicinity of the Qinghai Lake area of less precipitation tends to decreas

9, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, according to the latest climate trends predicted that in October around the Qinghai Lake high temperatures, rainfall is less, so it is expected to further reduce the area of Qinghai Lake. Provincial Meteorological remote sensing monitoring center senior engineer Liu Baokang said that although the area tends to decrease, but is normal.

The world’s most high-end CT settled in Qinghai Red Cross Hospital

  Qinghai Red Cross Hospital reporter in March 22nd from the high-end energy spectrum CT seminar was informed that currently the world’s most high-end CT gemstone CT officially settled in Qinghai Red Cross Hospital, which marks the province level in the leading ranks of radiation medicine.

it is understood that the gemstone CT used as GEM detector materials, it is with a "microscope" based on the traditional CT, can be found in the early lesions of small lesions, conventional CT can not be found, can be described as "piercing eye", so that doctors can make the early quantitative and qualitative diagnosis of tumors, especially suitable for tumor early detection and diagnosis. Gemstone CT is currently the world’s most high-end CT, can reduce the radiation dose of more than 90%, the real CT will check into the field of health screening and physical examination, physical examination, early screening and health of patients has important significance.

seminar, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and armed police hospital medical experts and the province’s two levels above the hospital radiology director on the high-end spectrum CT technology to carry out academic exchange activities. (author: Li Xin)


Provincial bus card upgrade

Yesterday, the reporter from the Xining public since September 3rd, Refco Group Ltd was informed that the city bus group has released a new version of the CPU bus cards for about 20 thousand, adult card and student card in the post and new office, M1 bus will stop issuing the original card, all updates for CPU card. Old card replacement. Issuing new cards, M1 now holds the public bus card can continue to use, city bus group will implement a new two card merger operation mechanism.

why upgrade bus card?

but with the vigorous development of the popularization of IC card, we now use the M1 deficiency card has gradually emerged. Small capacity, unable to expand the application, poor security and other defects have made the M1 card can not better meet the needs of passenger travel. In order to better serve the passengers, according to the Ministry of housing "adopted a number of measures to promote and accelerate the upgrading of city card system CPU card to replace the M1 card of the notice", and the requirements of the Ministry of transportation construction of urban public transport on interconnection, city bus group decided to stop issuing the existing M1 card, instead of offering a higher safety performance and capacity larger and more flexible, but also more extended performance advantage of CPU card.

need to change the bus card number?It is reported that the current

Today, Xining launched the Spring Festival February 24th end of a period of 40 days

Today, the country into the spring festival. In order to ensure the smooth development of the Spring Festival in 2014, yesterday, the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation held in Xining 2014 Spring Festival work conference, the deployment of the Spring Festival in Xining.

it is reported that this year’s spring time began in January 16th, the end of February 24th, a period of 40 days, given the fact that the flow of the province is lagging behind the actual peak, in 2014 the province’s road transport work will be extended to the year of March 26th.

Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation requirements during the Spring Festival to ensure the safe operation of the city bus order, organize a large number of mass transit activities such as Kumbum Monastery lantern festival. City Transportation Bureau will be strictly distributed line bus travel permit and direction. At the same time, the city traffic bureau requires each passenger station to do the "three" security work, to strictly enforce the provisions of the passenger station and freight charges and the passenger vehicle passenger transport enterprises, must strictly abide by the system of mandatory rest at 2 pm to 5 pm.

during the Spring Festival, Xining city yunguanchu taxi will strengthen the inspection efforts to alleviate the taxi difficult". Xining yunguanchu will also intensify the fight against illegal acts and illegal acts.

in addition, yunguanchu will also aim at the train station and the bus station to carry out the inspection rectification work. (author: Zheng Sizhe)


Xining City Bureau of the personal income tax certificate delivery to start work

Recently, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau commissioned by the Postal Department of annual income reached 120 thousand yuan more than the personal income tax taxpayers issuing and mailing tax payment certificates to start work smoothly

recently, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau commissioned the Postal Department of annual income reached 120 thousand yuan more than the personal income tax taxpayers issuing and mailing tax payment certificates to start work smoothly. The city is expected to have 1800 annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan will be received by the Xining Local Taxation Bureau issued and sent the record of the annual tax situation of the "personal income tax payment certificate" 2011.

issuance and delivery of individual income tax payment certificates, inform the tax situation, is the objective need of the personal income tax system reform and optimize the tax service, it is an important measure to further promote the withholding detailed declaration, enhance the quality and efficiency of the personal income tax levy. "Personal income tax payment certificate" is not only the taxpayer in accordance with the law of good faith tax payment certificate, but also the best personal income and credit certificate. This work is the implementation of the implementation of the "scientific development and build a harmonious tax service requirements, in response to the needs of taxpayers, tax service is an important measure to achieve the win-win of both sides and the beneficial attempt.

this year, individual income tax withholding detailed declaration will be fully implemented, and constantly improve the personal tax files will promote the "personal income tax payment certificates issued" delivery of work into the normalization mechanism.



The province’s civil aviation special service action kicked off

5 month 26 days, Qinghai Airport Co. Ltd. "sincere service the situation over the plateau" service action launching ceremony held at Xining Caojiabao Airport, the scene through video, scenario simulation mode, introduces the service brand, service product, service display read the declaration and commitment, showing the Qinghai Tibet plateau characteristics of "sincere service" project, marks the province of civil aviation special service prelude to action.

Important areas of the

service industry as the economy of our country manufacturing industry from production to service-oriented manufacturing industry in transition, "the truth" from ticket sales, luggage transport, special services, focusing on passenger demand, and constantly improve the service functions, enrich the connotation of service, the plateau specific truth, passion and warmth to the masses of passengers the service, to create a comfortable environment and travel experience for customers, with sincere service to promote the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional hub airport "and the development of service industry in our province. At the same time, from May 26th to December 31st, Xining airport will be launched for transit passengers tailored "transit enjoy excellent offer products that transit at the Xining airport, visitors can enjoy free meals, free flight information using the first-class cabin lounge, free take the airport bus, free or half price hotel accommodation, shopping and other preferential discount activity.