Expert advice Wuhan entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to do content

to do the content of entrepreneurs, in order to have an absolute competitiveness, to win a huge opportunity for themselves. The development of intelligent technology, not only bring convenience to people’s lives, but also provides entrepreneurial direction for entrepreneurs.

VR& AR applications are video games, event broadcast, video entertainment, health care, real estate, retail, education, engineering and military. According to Goldman Sachs analysts concluded that VR and AR have the potential to become the next important computing platform, as PC and smart phones. VR and AR market size will reach tens of billions of dollars, and may be like the emergence of PC as the rules of the game to subvert the.

the event opened up a piece of VR& AR experience exhibition area, fun shooting game, let you enjoy the real adventure in the jungle; no decoration of the house, let you see the station directly after the decoration effect in the middle of the room…… In the interview, Yang Lei, founder of Huashan capital and other chiefs believe that in VR& AR industry to achieve technological development and innovation, Wuhan, Optics Valley has great potential.



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Four less than breaking up spilled gasoline burning lover was sentenced to 7 years

now has become a social affair, one of the main social reasons, a serious harm to the social stability and the stability of family and mistress have also become a thing of the past, the fourth fifth is a community wide concern.


this year Valentine’s tear force to the more recently, Songjiang Gong was his lover Miss Wu gasoline on fire, resulting in deep burn area of more than 50%. The reason for the fact that Miss Wu was dissatisfied with their breakup fee, less than Mr. Gong’s other lover.

it is reported that Mr. Gong and Miss Wu met at a gathering of friends, two people living together soon. When he learned that Mr. Gong has a husband, Miss Wu said don’t mind, Mr. Gong promised to give her 20 thousand yuan per month for expenses. In this way, the two men remain married for up to 4 years. After his wife was aware of the relationship with Miss Wu and Mr. Wu will be proposed to break up with Miss Wu, the two sides agreed to Mr. Wu Gong 400 thousand yuan fee. Who knows, Miss Wu know that there are four small Gong, and the other party broke up as much as 1 million. So they staged a fire lover’s tragedy, Miss Wu bought gasoline, with a lighter, came to the home of Mr. Gong, the gasoline poured into Mr. Gong body, fire quickly, Miss Wu himself also stained with oil burning, two people down the stairs.

? See this news, the harm should make a lot of people to re-examine the affair, an affair is not only harmful to the family life of peace, but also a threat to his own life, so it is intolerable.


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Fujian ATM machine to scan the code can not forget to bring a bank card withdrawals

in the life of the code is one of the things we often do, and now the money can also be carried out through the scan code. Scan code withdrawals, so that even if the majority of people forget to bring a bank card do not have to worry about. Following the phone bank booking withdrawals, not connected to the realization of quick withdrawals, the Bank launched a number of banks in the wake of the scan code withdrawals. People do not need to bring a bank card, the ATM screen to scan the two-dimensional code, you can easily achieve no card withdrawals. So far, no card withdrawals increased to three.

reporter yesterday saw a number of bank outlets in Cangshan, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and other banks have launched the scan code withdrawals function. ATM home page on the two-dimensional code withdrawals options. People do not need to insert the bank card, as long as the two-dimensional code scanning with the mobile phone bank and enter the transaction password withdrawals. The withdrawal process is the first open mobile phone client, choose an appointment for two-dimensional code withdrawals, set the amount of money and save the reservation information, and then to the nearest outlets before ATM, according to the "two-dimensional code withdrawals" button in the self-service page, using a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, then follow the prompts to enter the transaction information and transaction password, this process all withdrawals the end.

Prior to this, the Bank of Fuzhou, the industry has no card withdrawal business has been a mobile phone bank without a card booking withdrawals and non connected fast withdrawals. Scan code withdrawals and prior to booking withdrawals, without the use of bank cards physical media, you can reduce the risk of bank cards are copied. In addition, compared with the original non card booking withdrawals, scan code withdrawals to manually enter the reservation code steps, the process is more convenient and quick withdrawals.

need to pay attention to is that the current number of banks have a certain amount of two-dimensional code withdrawals limit, such as China Construction Bank requires a total amount of withdrawals can not be more than 5000 yuan. Another two kinds of non card withdrawals are also limited, the majority of banks to provide mobile banking booking withdrawal limit of $1000, not connected to a quick withdrawal that Apple pay single limit of $10 thousand. Therefore, large withdrawals also need the cardholder to bank outlets counter.

through the above information reports we can see that in today’s increasingly economic development, science and technology are constantly changing. Fujian ATM machine to scan the code to withdrawals, forget the bank card does not matter, so you can easily get money, no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring a bank card.

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Investment in environmental protection charcoal stores to create good performance

we all know, join a good entrepreneurial projects, shop for the site is very important. Investment in environmental protection charcoal stores, of course, important also shop location. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the environmental protection charcoal stores, easy, quick, no best project about entrepreneurship! So, how can we have a good performance?

environmental protection charcoal franchisee must be selected address after further investigation, mainly on the following aspects: the store itself, the landlord, price and so on details! Officially begin to store rental work, must understand clearly, not only in the period before the rental cost is a huge investment, it will affect the future charcoal stores each month environmental operating costs, higher monthly rent for operators will also be a psychological burden.

is now a lot of environmental protection charcoal franchisees are particularly worried about the competition, once the industry stores more and more, will produce the aggregation effect, easy to expand, gather popularity, other consumption stable, environmentally friendly charcoal franchise business do better.

investment in environmental protection charcoal stores, choose a good place to set up shop, then, is to make the shop! Good project, join the selection has a lot of advantages, the headquarters to join the advantage is also very much. As long as before joining the shop, do a good job of preparation, then no trouble entrepreneurship is a very simple thing!

Fuzhou tourism industry since May 1st announced the first quarter of 4 red and black list 8

in order to improve the level of service in the tourism industry, to prevent the emergence of the "Qinghai prawn incident", Fuzhou tourism industry has carried out special rectification measures, the action is meaningful.

according to the Fuzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau yesterday’s news, the tourism industry in Fuzhou in the first quarter black list has been released, there are 4 tourism enterprises on the list, but there are 8 travel agencies on the "black list" list. This list will be publicized for 3 months from May 1st.

it is understood that the "51" on the eve, led by the Fuzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, the municipal market supervision bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly sent 4 Supervision and inspection group to carry out special inspections of the first quarter of the city’s tourism market order. Inspection teams to check the travel agency 30, A-level scenic spot 5, star hotel, 7. Judging from the situation, the overall tourism market order is good, but still found some problems.

, the travel agency, found the following problems: not in accordance with the "Fujian Province travel agency group management regulations" group archives archives management team, team files are not complete; annex the travel contract is not standardized, individual travel expense items of supplementary agreement, voluntary purchase supplementary agreement does not require passengers to sign, or entrust others to passengers the signature does not require a power of attorney; tourism vehicles single use is not standard, some car did not fill in the license plate number and driver information; part of propaganda are using absolute language violations.

class a scenic spot, found the following problems: fire facilities are not in place, monitoring records did not meet the requirements of the 30 day; training and education records are not standardized; restaurants do not apply for the relevant license. Star hotel is a civilized table propaganda atmosphere layout is not in place, fire inspection records are not standardized, not in accordance with the provisions of the development of anti-terrorism plans and drills.

for the problems found in the inspection, has urged the rectification of the relevant enterprises in place, and a written feedback rectification." Fuzhou Tourism Bureau official said, in the next quarter will be part of the review of the review.

according to the "Fuzhou tourism industry" red and black "list publicity system", Fuzhou City Tourism Bureau to be gongbang publicity on business integrity demonstration enterprise; the integrity, non-standard business enterprises, or enterprises to have stopped operating the black list of publicity.


, on the "black list" of enterprises in Fujian Province Spring International Travel Service International Limited (not on time feedback rectification), Fujian CITIC International Travel Agency (not timely feedback rectification), Fuzhou City, Hongqiao Travel Agency (closed), Fuzhou Honghui Travel Agency (closed), Fujian Baiyun Travel Agency (closed), Fuzhou city China Travel Agency (closed), Fuzhou CITIC International Travel Agency (closed), Fuzhou Asahi sea travel agency (closed) 8;

Foreign marriage ring on the top ten brands

both at home and abroad, although there are a lot of differences between the traditional ideas, but the attitude of marriage is virtually the same, will be very important. And the marriage is the essential thing in the process of marriage, so what brand of marriage to quit? Here is a list of ten brands of foreign marriage on the ring, we can refer to!

foreign wedding ring on the top ten brands: Cartire Cartier

1847 France, France watches, jewelry manufacturers, the world’s top jewelry brands. King Edward VII, known as "the emperor’s jeweler, the emperor of jewelers," the famous brand, in more than 150 years, created a lot of dazzling works of beauty. These works, not only the creation of jewelry watches boutique, but also has a high value in the arts, it is worth pondering, often due to the celebrity, and was cast a layer of legendary. From the great necklace Prince of India custom, to have the tiger shaped glasses and the Duchess of Windsor often go hand in hand, and the great scholar Cocteau is full of symbols of the College France saber, Cartire tells a story.

foreign wedding rings ten brands ranked second: Tiffany Tiffany

1837 in the United States, the United States, silver jewelry company, one of the world famous luxury brand, the blue box is the symbol of American fashion succinct unique style. Tiffany is the symbol of American design, has been designed in the stunning beauty of the original works as a purpose, with love and beauty, romance and dream as the theme known for nearly two centuries. Tiffany’s jewelry lovers can voice meanders, and the original silver, stationery and table utensils Xinchishenwang is more. Classic design is the definition of Tiffany’s works, each masterpiece can be passed on from generation to generation, the charm of eternity. Tiffany diamond ring is expensive, is one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

foreign marriage to quit the top ten brands list of the top third: Bvlgari Bvlgari

1884 in Italy, after Cartire, Tiffany after the world’s third largest jewelry brand. Its jewelry reflects the classical style of Greece and Italy, each of which has been carefully crafted by designers and craftsmen. Bvlgari in the production of jewelry in the design of the essence of color, the original use of a variety of different colors of the gem with the combination, and then use different material base to highlight the dazzling color of the gem.

foreign marriage on the ten major brands list: Van Cleef & Arpels VanCleef& Arpels


1906 France, adhere to the use of high quality gemstones and materials, to the exquisite mosaic techniques, >

Catering industry into a young army entrepreneurial hot industry

in today’s society, people tend to have some relatively clear direction, for some young entrepreneurs, in recent years, the food and beverage industry has become a hot industry.

"catering industry has experienced two years after the adjustment, this year has finally appeared to pick up." Held in the days before the first national catering industry innovation youth entrepreneurship competition ", President of Chinese Cuisine Association Jiang Junxian said that the restaurant industry has become a hot industry youth entrepreneurship army, catering industry is ushering in the integration with the internet.

Behind the


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Five mark – the whole business

has a lot of retail business, but it’s not easy to thrive. After all, the retail industry is now increasingly competitive. In short, in recent years, the rapid development of retail convenience stores, in the fierce competition in the market, how to do a good job in business, big business? I think that if you want to continue to be prosperous business, must be more than usual work, a good five off.

product quality is the first pass

in order to occupy a place in the fierce market competition, the quality of goods is the most important factor in store management. Therefore, retailers must resolutely eliminate fake and shoddy goods, defective products, pay attention to the FIFO, always check the goods production date and shelf life, keep goods clean and high quality goods to win the trust of consumers, only in this way, the retail shops will cultivate a group of loyal customers.

"people not trustworthy, integrity has become the basic principle of business, the customer is God and let cheating? But in fact, many businesses for the immediate petty profits, fiddling, at the store credit promise and then deny in succession, damage, damage to customer’s self-esteem, lost their trust "sesame lost watermelon", "self defeating", finally the shop front door The loss outweighs the gain., deserted, had to put up the shutters. Throughout our business, are good reputation. No credit guarantee, even if you put "loss on sale" of the battle, I’m afraid consumers will not appreciate.

convenience level is second off

customer shopping generally like to buy nearby, and according to the relevant theoretical research shows that more than 70% of the customer’s purchase behavior is in store temporary decision. Optimize the shopping environment can not only attract more customers, but also to stimulate the customer to buy, of course, is also an effective way to enhance popularity. Therefore, the retailer must be arranged to sell the comfortable shopping environment, the overall style and layout of the entire retail store, small to each kind of goods placed, must meet the customer shopping psychology.

to common consumer products such as shampoo, soap, beverage, placed in the middle reach of the shelves, but the kids love biscuits, jelly, toys etc. should be placed on the shelf at the bottom, in order to select children. Every commodity in the retail store should be clearly marked price, so that customers at a glance, do a good job budget".

is a warm service

in the shops, the fierce competition today, retailers must establish a good sense of service, customer first. Many retail stores that only some high-quality goods sold to consumers Everything will be fine., actually this is not enough, if you bad service attitude, in a "class struggle" in the face, staring at ">

College students to start selling hand cake easy to grab money

a lot of students just out of school because the job is difficult to find, have chosen to start this road. We have a lot of good things for college students to start a business, business opportunities in the side you have not found it? Now the food and beverage industry has a large market, which contains a lot of business opportunities. 90 students of Pu Yu third when grasping cake small boss, 2 years of chain stores have been opened all over the University city.

this less than 10 square meters of the shop owner was a newly graduated college students. Yu Pu big when it began to grasp the cake boss, in two years, the development of 4 outlets, 1 processing plants and 8 stores, annual revenue of $2 million 500 thousand.

"we used the pursuit of speed, people began a 6 loaves of bread." Yu Pu said that in 2011 to do the first store when this shortcut did not win the favor of customers. He went to Chengdu to visit the snack street, found similar snack bar boss always keep slow state. Even outside the shop has long queues, not panic. And come to the customer, waiting for their food.

of Pu Yu returned to Chongqing, began to ask the master once only 2 loaves of bread, and sometimes make a cake. This is a very good way to respond to the marketing, the cake to maintain the best taste, but the line of the guests more, the average daily sales of 400 cakes.


In order to realize the transformation of gorgeous beauty industry – business to join

look at the face of the world in our country, entrepreneurial choice to enter the beauty market, no doubt, is a very good choice, but also has a strong choice. How to join the beauty industry? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

first, the franchisee has a profound interpretation of the United States and persistent pursuit of

what do you love, only love obsession like for their love of things, perhaps is redoubled. Franchisees have to love beauty, the United States has its own profound interpretation, will stand firm in the beauty industry, to be creative, both to retain the advantages of traditional beauty industry, but also always stand in the forefront of fashion.

two, consider the most promising beauty brand

according to their previous investigation and analysis, combined with their own financial connections and other issues, choose their own beauty brands to join. Now the market beauty products successy, the franchisee to Huiyanshizhu, the characteristics and analysis of crowd products compared to identify the opportunity to join the preferred.

three, early to build their own visibility

for a new franchisee, customer resources is the key to their wealth. Only in the early stages of their own products to create brand awareness, in order to seize the heart of beauty. To achieve the two aspects of online and offline promotion, the combination of these two aspects, the brand awareness can be improved.

we all know that the beauty industry to join the choice, is a very good choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is a very good business opportunities. With the strength of the brand to join the project, make money business opportunities unlimited!