Xining blocked college entrance examination entrance examination network will be opened

Xining college entrance examination has begun. In the student’s qualification examination, the District of Xining city were resorted to the real blocking migrants". In addition, this year, Xining will officially open the college entrance examination qualification network, the platform is expected to examine the qualifications of 16 thousand candidates for college entrance examination.

audit mobile police inquiry terminal equipment

January 12th, in several North District admissions, Chengzhong District, West District Zhaoban Zhaoban baomingdian, arrived early at the entry point of social candidates queuing. "School record form, examination report card, Graduate registration form, copy of ID card……" Staff one by one check candidates file. In order to be able to get the number before the end, some parents arrived early in the registration point waiting.

To ensure the

qualification review account is accurate, the staff of the West Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Xining city with the use of the mobile police inquiry terminal equipment, review the account at any time to doubt the identity in the online comparison.

participate in the audit department numerous


West District tax, tax and other departments into the high school enrollment qualification examination work leading group. In the urban district admissions tax, local tax departments into the basic members of the unit, the labor department and the street office also incorporated into the audit of member units, the move in area and west area is the first time in Xining city and the province high school qualification examination.


online dialogue Zhaoban candidatesIn addition to the previous social

announced admissions advisory telephone, this year for the first time in the east east district Zhaoban online education entrance examination set column, this platform includes enrollment policy, enrollment information, candidates forum program, candidates can check on the website for the college entrance examination Chengdong district working process, attention to matters of registration, registration qualification examination results publicity etc.. Especially the candidates forum, candidates in the online message, ask questions, admissions staff will promptly answer on the internet.


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