Xining this year to update more than and 600 buses first introduced rear bus series

March 19th, Xining bus bidding work started. Since last year, a wide range of update buses this year, Xining city continue to update the remaining more than and 600 cars old bus work officially kicked off. This year will be updated bus models have been broadly determined, following the rapid transit, Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. will introduce the first series of rear bus.

in recent years, the Xining municipal government to increase public transport investment, promote the bus priority strategies, to better protect public safety travel, the Xining municipal government will use two years of time, the implementation of a comprehensive update of the city running more than 8 years of age more than 1000 buses, and from 2014 onwards, the city’s public transportation vehicles update into a virtuous cycle.

at present, Xining city bus company a total of 1648 buses, 46 bus lines formed east yanggouwan District, South to the south, West to the city hall, bus line north to the Taiwan Garden pattern. Every year, Xining city bus company annual passenger volume of nearly 300 million passengers, and the aging of the vehicle caused by the high rate of failure to become part of the line is an important reason for the difficulty of the bus.

last year, the implementation of the history of Xining City, the largest vehicle updates in the history, the government invested 100 million yuan to update the 407 buses, the updated bus is a bright spot. Although some bus lines were updated, but still half of the bus in the aging state. In order to completely reverse this phenomenon, this year, Xining invested 190 million yuan to update the bus 622.

it is understood that the update of the bus models for the front ten meters this year, the initial series and post ten meters series. Among them, the introduction of ten meters ahead of the series of buses, the rear of the series of ten meters bus, 76 units 536. Last year to replace the new bus, the bus can introduce the rear type many people recommend replacing the new bus, the introduction of the rear ten meters series bus is Xining city public transport limited liability company first introduced in the series bus.

Xining city bus company

equipment technical director Zhao Ehai said that the benefits of the rear engine is the largest, the vehicle powertrain has the advantages of compact structure, good mobility, small vehicle kerb mass. The layout of the car tends to be reasonable, the floor of the car is flat, and the engine is separated from the compartment, so the indoor vibration and noise are small, the temperature inside the car is improved, the comfort is good, and the utilization ratio of the carriage area is high. The axle load distribution is reasonable, and can be used to repair the engine outside the car.

In addition to the

, the renewal of the design of the bus with the same last year to update the bus, the front and rear are using LED lights to facilitate the public to see the vehicle. The body will use bright colors, easy to identify. The upper and lower pedal of the car adopts two steps, which is convenient for people to get off and improve the efficiency of getting on and off. The height of the supporting rod is strictly designed according to the national standard, and is provided with a protective cover. (author: Liu Peng)

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