Sound blessing to send a deep concern for the party members of the Provincial Committee of warm peop

"71" on the eve of the provincial Commission, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun, Provincial Standing Committee Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing, Hu Changsheng, and visit the old party members and party hard, send holiday give their blessings and greetings, together to celebrate the 95 years.

Wang Jianjun has come to the township of Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Garang village, river two even Yin Zhen Tong Jia Cun, Xining City, West District, visit the old Party member Liu Zengshou, Yin Jingru, Zhou Chao, ye Mei party hard. Wang Jianjun told the old party to take care of the body, and encouraged them to "fade" retirement, carry forward the fine tradition and continue to play the heat, he encouraged local development give advice and suggestions; difficult for Party members to keep unwavering faith, establish the confidence to overcome difficulties, the development of production and improve the quality of life. Wang Jianjun pointed out that the party and the government will never forget the contributions made by the generation of Party members to Qinghai’s economic development, social stability and national unity. To continue to care about the difficulties of Party members, to help them solve the practical problems encountered in production and life.

in the old Party member Lining and the difficult Party member’s home, Zhang Jianmin asked about their life and family situation with concern. He said, the old party made a great contribution to the development of Qinghai, we must care about the old party members, party hard at the same time, they are not afraid of hard efforts to carry forward the spirit of dedication, promote the development of Qinghai, let the people live a happy life. The party and the government have the responsibility to care for and take good care of the lives of the old party members and the party members who are in trouble.

June 27th, Wang Xiaoyong went to Xining City Public Security Bureau, visit condolences outstanding communist party member, deputy director of the Xining City Public Security Bureau forensic physician Xiong Zhongbang, went to the Nanshan Road, No. 35 hospital visit condolences outstanding communist, Xichuan province twelve Supervisor District prison prison warden Pan Zhenhua. Wang Xiaoyong thanked them for their outstanding contributions to Qinghai, for the majority of Party members and cadres to make a model, set an example. Hope to take good care of the body, continue to be a good staff assistant, to contribute to the economic and social development of Qinghai.

on the afternoon of June 28th, Wang Xiao visited the condolences to the difficulties of Party members and old party members, Zhang Maoying, Mr, and others, respectively, on the eve of the visit of the Chinese Communist Party of China and the United states. Wang Xiaohe old man talked about the 95 anniversary of the founding of the party to the tremendous changes in life, to the old party members and the party’s contribution to the country to pay tribute, and wish the elderly health and longevity, happy life. Wang Xiao said, should pay more attention to care about the difficulties of Party members, with deep feelings to help solve practical problems, to do more timely assistance for their practical work, good, the party and the government’s care and warmth to the hearts of the needy members.

June 27th, Zhang Ximing came to visit the Qinghai daily, 99 year old journalist Chen Jun. The old man listened to Chen Jun about 67 years ago in the founding of Qinghai daily and eventful, Zhang Ximing said, "you are a walking dictionary of the Qinghai daily, is the precious wealth of Qinghai press!" He pointed out that his old spirit of dedication is the province’s party members and journalists to seriously study the party organization should always pay more attention to them, solve the difficulties encountered in life. How to create conditions for them to put the old, old party newspapers and journalists;