Square Oliver: “The coronavirus gave me more fame than Madrid”

first_imgHow is the goalkeeper level there?Well, there is a very good base, because by regulations they take care of the position for the premises. Foreigners can reach all demarcations except the goal.How was that first moment when you heard about the coronavirus?Well, it was being in Spain, on vacation, on New Year’s Eve. We received a message from a partner. Nobody answered. We gave zero importance.And they returned to China …We even made a clinic with 1,300 children. There was a tournament with teams from outside. And it was the day after finishing when they suddenly closed the city.One day to another?That’s how it went. Without an airport, trains, or subway… They gave us guidelines on what we couldn’t do and what we had to stay at home.How does one fit the body?At first we were very calm. You looked at the street and there was no one, yes, but we had food and we were fine. And we said: “Time will pass …”.And later?The Spanish Government acted fast and they took us out of there. We only live two moments of some tension. The first was at the airport. First we were four and a half hours in a bus waiting for permits. And the moment we entered the thermal arches that measure you the temperature was stressful. To have given a few tenths for any reason would have meant staying on land. The other hard moment was when they gave us the test results, already here in Spain. That day, yes, people were quieter, there was some nervousness …If I gave one, they all gave …And we talk like that, huh? Imagine the four hours we were on that bus, with people from other countries that were there, all together …Come on, in the end the coronavirus has given him more fame than Madrid …Insurance (laughs). We have gone everywhere! This has been like winning the Champions League, another adventure …What will happen now?We are pending. It cannot be returned. In China everything is stopped, even children go to online class. We will have to wait. It left it boiling … What more memories do you have?Figo got me his first white goal, in training! (laughs). They are anecdotes. Actually, I had to leave with the exchange of Florentino for Lorenzo Sanz. Illgner wanted to hurry the year he had left, Bizzarri also didn’t want to move and there was a stopper with the arrival of César. And I left at the end of August. So I agreed with Figo, yes …How did it end in China?I was working in the U-15 Chinese National Team with Alfredo Santaelena, and at the end of my contract this opportunity arose with the Wuhan Shangwen, which is an ambitious and beautiful project. How many days have they been held in total?Eight in Wuhan, one travel and 14 more here. I wanted the sun to shine on my face.You left the quarry in Madrid …I am from Raúl’s fifth. We take four or five days.Who else did you agree with?With Guti, Álvaro Benito, Rivera, Javi Guerrero, Mecca, Dorado … There were very good people.And how was it?I have a good memory, because I was enrolled in the list of the Champions League the year of the Eighth, so that is also mine.Yes?I belonged to Castilla but I was enrolled among the 25 officers because Illgner was injured all year and Bizzarri was a long time in the U-20 World Cup in Argentina. So I shared goal with Casillas.We talked about 1999-00.That’s. Since December I trained and traveled with the first team. Iker and I had a record, that of being the youngest first goal.How was the Casillas he met?Well, a phenomenon. I knew him when he was a child, and he was the only one who came up with the ones we were older. Manuel Amieiro, who was our coach, used to tell me: “Go, warm me the child …”. And see if I heated it well (laughs).last_img