nterview Feng Dongyang grassroots webmaster Chu Changcheng

the first time I saw Feng Dongyang’s name, in an article in the Lu Songsong blog, called "do SEO: pay 3000 what do you want?"

One of the clearest things

remembers is that your attitude determines your salary".

through the link below, I entered the old Feng’s blog, browse a few minutes later, I decided to put his blog added to the favorites, one is feeling his blog content many are original, two is his blog content can really bring me some help.

and I usually pay attention to. Today I have the honor to invite in the circle a little famous, grassroots webmaster "net share" column founder – Feng Niu Dongyang guest "entrepreneur", to tell you the real old Feng, share the bitter history of grassroots webmaster for you. read more

How to conduct marketing for your WEB2 0 business

Then, after a year of pain not the desire of life and death and the financing, planning and development of network application, your dazzling beta version of TMD finally almost (resentment ah)…… Now you think marketing time. Do you want the product lost 10 million users in the speed. Aha, you think, the cheapest and fastest way to do this is viral marketing – through blogs and social news stations. So you went to your favorite sites, digg, del.icio.us, TechCrunch, needless to say (of course, must say, hiahia) Read/WriteWeb. Somehow, your letter is entrusted with your infinite good wishes from thousands of email was also the wish email pinned infinite by Micheal Arrington and Richard MacManus (not introduced it) Notice, so your site behoove boarded their page, follow the trend of the leaders of the other people who like Blogger have to express their views! Wow kakaka, this is what you want (Money Power & Respect name, Yo Yo)! And so on and so on (music stops), you find that, after the past few days, your site into a complete silence. No one to talk about you, the site of the activities of infinity approaching zero, the new Bo body darling (corresponding to the media) Web2.0 program is something else.

        the nightmare of all entrepreneurs, isn’t it? But, unfortunately, China men’s national soccer team this (in fact, I want to say is menacing, fleeting) scene in Web2.0’s normal. Represents the following Alexa flow chart can perfect the case, this is a very famous example of this article to read TechCrunch. read more

How to develop network marketing for small and medium sized enterprises

with the further penetration of e-commerce into our lives, network marketing as the key to open the door of e-commerce, small and medium enterprises to learn network marketing is particularly urgent and important. At present, due to the popularity of the concept of network marketing and investment into the Internet market competition more and more enterprises, its marketing costs have become increasingly high. Small and medium-sized enterprises in consideration of the network marketing, all related to the problem of a shortage of funds. So in the talent and material costs continue to rise today, small and medium enterprises should be how to carry out network marketing? read more

Sheng Lin how to process web site promotion

personal website site promotion overview

haven’t wrote the article, is the time for half a year more than half of the silence makes me a deeper step of website promotion has a deep understanding, today is here to share with you my true feelings and I do website promotion a little promotion experience. Wrong also hope that we correct, we come together to promote the website.

simple for you to talk about website promotion

speaking of website promotion, website promotion that made people have had such trouble: how do I get my website ranking? Why not included my website? How do website optimization and so on, first I want to tell you is that as our website promotion staff should have a sense of calm. Website promotion is not a day two days of things, website promotion is urgent not to come, also hope not to come, sometimes we pay a lot, but the site to promote the final results may not make us satisfied. Website promotion pay a lot but did not get the desired results, we need to talk about "in the face of such confusion". read more

Koala net recruiting Marketing Manager

koala net (http://s.kaola.cn/) is looking for a marketing manager

Various ways of operation and promotion of

1, familiar with the site, all kinds of traffic promotion plan according to company needs independent planning website promotion plan and carry out
2, responsible for various technical promotion activities or have related resources
3, responsible for the site SEO, site execution and tracking
4, educational background, work experience requirements more than two years, with the community operation experience is preferred,
5 has a good personal website is preferred read more

Solid church was 70 million C round of financing the largest single financing of Chinese Medicine

news May 16th, the day before, Gu Sheng Tang announced by the United States with a history of China Peace Fund led, with the investment of $70 million C round of financing. This is by far, the largest single amount of financing in the field of Chinese medicine.

previously, solid Sheng Tang has received from the world’s largest medical industry risk investment fund NEA (NEA) tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, as well as SDAU capital (formerly rich as Asia) $30 million B round of financing. Coupled with this financing, solid health church has accumulated a total investment of over $100 million. read more

Small and medium sized enterprise network marketing strategy three steps

according to the encyclopedia, the so-called small and medium enterprises and large enterprises in the industry is compared to the size of personnel, asset size and the size of the business are relatively small economic units. This type of businesses generally do not have enough funds to promote the company’s brand, and the brand of small and medium enterprises promotion is certainly not the most critical, what is the most important problem of small and medium-sized enterprises must be profitable?! the only solution to the problem of profit, the enterprise can survive in the fierce market competition, after in order to have a further development. read more

Discussion on the knowledge of online store Publishing

more and more people now in the online shop, whether you are using an independent shopping system program with B2C or pat in the mall, such as Taobao, Baidu, the establishment of C2C network auction platform on network shop needs a good means of promotion, can increase the browsing rate of shops. The browsing rate of the store is as high as that of the traditional entity store. Is not afraid of deep alley, that is the past, don’t wait to know this, now the rabbit also learn tree than three, will not take the initiative to Huangbuzelu that a tree hit you guarding. Physical store traffic is not large, the amount of online shopping is not large, it is determined by the conversion of your trading orders. read more

Sheng Lin how to use the Post Bar website promotion

talked about website promotion, most of the webmaster is not strange, but we have to promote the site and how many really understand it?

I want to really understand the webmaster website promotion is still very limited, I remember is almost in about 2000, the first batch of real owners just born, the webmaster more is the maintenance of the website, the website promotion is not related to the concept of. With the rapid development of the network, the development so far, now more and more webmaster website marketing (promotion) direction. I am also a new network promotion Commissioner, I was only last year to contact the concept of network promotion. Learning website promotion to the present, has tried different promotion methods, from different promotion methods summed up the different promotion experience to communicate with you. Today, we are here to talk about the promotion of the network post bar promotion! read more

SEO what are the commonly used statistical forms

What are the

SEO commonly used statistical tables? I believe that many SEOER have their own web sites in a set of data tables of statistics, can make statistics website data, so that a good analysis and understanding of the site the next step to take what operation. In general these tables will give you some It differs from man to man. today, Colin common website statistics table. Hope to help some novice, if you also have their own unique form, welcome to share.

1, SEO commonly used statistical form – Web site statistics table read more

Enterprise free website promotion method

enterprise website promotion, network marketing is part of marketing, is the core of e-commerce, and promotion is the most key of network marketing, many companies have a special website, set up electronic commerce department, to carry out trade on the Internet, how to promote the enterprise website, have what good method, network marketing college teacher and Yang Tao share experience.

first, enterprise website promotion search engine

1, search engine login

According to

analysis a large number of small web traffic comes from search engines, some more than eighty percent website traffic from search, web site can log on the search, the majority of customers can be in the Baidu search search network enterprise website. read more

The wedding photography die a pat contrarian seeking to complete the B round of financing

news June 14th, Internet start-ups find wedding photography finished tens of millions of dollars B round of financing, the new Laguna media CEO Wang Ziwen lead investor, fund it real and Huang Xiaoming Minca investment capital with. Since the second half of last year, the field of Internet wedding photography has experienced a wave of cold wave, find shot why can become an independent school


hunt was founded in December 2014, founder and CEO is Sun Peng, since its inception has been committed to the use of the Internet team and technology to simplify the traditional wedding process. In April 2015, for the first time to interview Sun Peng billion euros and reported for Beijing Paris wedding got 5 million yuan of angel financing news; November 2015, Europe was once again found billion finished it real fund 10 million yuan A round of financing. read more

Ten big mistakes

A blog is a form of the site, so the site easier to use some of the guidelines also apply to the blog, but the blog is a special type of website, some unique characteristics they will produce some completely different usability problems.One of the greatest benefits of

blog is essentially free from it you "web design", you write an article, a button, it is posted on the Internet, do not need those graphic design, web design, interaction design, information architecture, any programming and server maintenance are not required the. read more

Shen Tong involved in e commerce low key sword big blue train ticket e commerce

with the rapid development of the domestic e-commerce, traditional enterprises, online companies have diving e-commerce. Zhongguancun online smooth transformation of electronic commerce shunzhou; vertical information platform IT Yesky also launched a trial operation. The thermal version mall; express industry "ule" big line, SF EXPRESS also has a month online, most of the department store scale for the development of the situation.

for the courier industry involved in e-commerce, the industry generally believe that although the courier company to enter the e-commerce has its own advantages, has own nationwide floor terminal, terminal distribution logistics facilities, but in the process, payment, refund, transaction processing, customer service and other controversial unfamiliar areas still exist big problem, need to efforts to improve. Recently, one of the domestic logistics companies, STO has quietly begun to enter the pace of e-commerce. Although Shentong keep low-key work, but the electronic commerce business involved, really make people feel "big blue". read more

With five years of time to do something to reveal what is worth buying let the user say power

takes five years to do one thing – to describe each item, and to give a value that is not worth buying. This is the online shopping information recommendation site, what is worth buying very proud of the point. But make it more clout, these contents are not only doing the website editor, mainly from the thousands on thousands of users.

over the past five years, what is worth buying has received a total of 1 million 600 thousand broke the news, the editor in the review of the articles on the contribution of the article after the release of the 48 thousand of the 70 thousand. read more

Attorney General Administration of industry and Commerce Ali white paper how did the legal effect

Abstract: in fact the Alibaba and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has long been the "reconciliation", not "turmoil". The prosecution of the prosecution and the right to know Wu Ji and Alibaba do not matter.

note: about Alibaba PK SAIC events since the beginning of the update. Titanium media said in an article "the State Administration for Industry and commerce again informed Taobao selling, and respond to Taobao propaganda called" not overinterpret directional monitoring results of "Cai Chongxin" white paper: " " flawed, aimed at Alibaba, sustained progress in tracking events for the complaint "in the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The focus of attention in January 28, 2015, SAIC announced the "on administrative guidance on the Alibaba’s January 30th white paper", later renamed the "white paper" has no legal effect. In this paper, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Court lawyer Wu Ji, is from the beginning to pay attention to this point embarked on a long journey "mingaoguan". read more

Take away will become the next taxi industry Wang Huiwen said no


] in the view of core tip Beauty Group Vice President Wang Huiwen, takeaway war is a protracted war, and the homogeneity of the group purchase is different, it does not rely on subsidies to win, the final is likely to participate in the competition pattern of giants.

, vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen sincerely believe that the rules by the victor formulation, he said, "If today, the Qing Empire is still the world’s most powerful empire, the Western men will be proud of braids. " read more

The rich became negative entrepreneurial veteran about a year to pay 300 thousand of the tragic hist

this article is summarized by the following 3, is a diffuse cloud platform founder Dr. Lin Rui’s speech at Xi’an Electronic and Science University. Dr. Lin Rui is the second time to start as early as 98 years, he began to venture, has been 16 years, he has experienced a year lost 300 thousand, debt business failure.

pit friends together to read his entrepreneurial sharing, there are many worthy of our common learning.

first: the correct treatment of the entrepreneurial process of failure and success read more

618 or will become a new business model emerging electricity supplier watershed

618 year fight flavor, not to battle the day has smoke four. As with the previous online shopping carnival, the electricity supplier in the field of "cat" and "dog", "Lion" and "tiger" and other traditional electricity providers still bared at a low price tussle is different; in 2016, the sea level near a giant "blue whale" quietly surfaced.

this head whale, it is to create entity + Internet new electricity supplier mode of flying where the electricity supplier. This year 618, fifast business alliance linkage 3000+ store, held a hundred thousand shop crazy year celebration events, 618 electricity supplier in full swing, flying where the business alliance led to a strong rise of the potential commercial entity, against the traditional electricity supplier, 618 spoiler. Perhaps, the new electricity supplier model strong incoming, will mean the end of the old era of traditional electricity supplier. Why do you say that? read more

Lanting Pavilion set potential PO foreign trade electricity supplier can usher in the development o

technology can Tencent reported on June 7th

today is a historic day for foreign trade B2C. Lanting Pavilion Ltd (LightInTheBox Holding Co.) today evening officially landed on the NYSE, the first day to close at $11.61, compared with the issue price of $9.5 rose by 22.21%. The highest intraday price touched $12.69, higher than the issue price of $33.6%.

Lanting Pavilion set potential this plan to issue 8 million 300 thousand shares of ADS, the transaction code is LITB". The issue price of $9.5 per share, obtained by the IPO financing of approximately $78 million 850 thousand. read more