Housing rental site AirBnB financing $100 million valuation of $1 billion

May 31st news, according to foreign media reports, sources, will help their house rent to strange day rental site AirBnB is nearing completion of a new $100 million round of financing, valuation reached $1 billion.

allegedly, the round of investment led by Anderson · (Andreessen Horowitz), DST to participate in investment in.

AirBnB had previously received $7 million 200 thousand from Sequoia Capital, Greylock, SV Angel, Ashton Kutcher and Youniversity Ventures investment.

AirBnB was initially launched venture capital incubator Y Combinator company launched a total of $7 million 800 thousand financing. read more

An elephant in WeChat’s death from the media’s sins and WeChat’s punishment

March 13, 2014, Prime Minister Li Keqiang a reporter asked the distance in less than 12 hours, WeChat, a large number of public account is proposed to abolish the platform attention, because of its violation of the relevant regulations or reported by the user and is confirmed, no more details. These blocked public accounts, my concern is not much, for the consumption of the anger of the masses and walk the edge of the political role, I have no any interest and goodwill, only the "elephant Association" the Yellow Zhangjin led "Table Topics" account was banned, let me feel very pity, but also somewhat puzzled. read more

China Unicom wo.cn enabled the icing on the cake, CN domain name registration is only 19.9 yuan!

domain name: the latest information for the 4G communication is about to usher in a better war began at the end of last year, China Unicom in the CN domain China sunrise period successfully applied to wo.cn in the current has been enabled for the "fertile" portal website domain name, before "compared to the fertile portal official domain name (wo.com.cn) to be short and easy to remember. Is the icing on the cake for" Wo "brand.

in addition, the Alibaba recently also moves constantly, Ali Pro Pinyin domain CN (aliqin.cn) by virtual operators Ali communications official website owned by Ali is enabled; venture capital circles and enable acquisition of VC.cn, which marks the CN domain name to rise again. read more

Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (2.23-2.28)

what is the most painful thing

This topic is about

chat in the group today, we talked about the worst line "that two classic Xiao Shenyang thing is dead, the money not spent; the most miserable thing in life is that man is not dead, the money spent" and then talk to the owners of the most painful things, some people say the most painful thing is that there is no site traffic not money, some people say the most painful thing is a website, a flow of money, the site did not, more cattle B said. The most painful is to have a website, there is traffic, money is the divorce website to his ex-wife… read more

Net win the world behind the stall net goods platform from the financial risk exposure


net loan investor Mike, the most recent investment in his net loan since the most disturbing moment. But before the net loan Juankuan run away, strong wind and big waves, Mike still with own set of net loan investment rules and shrewd observation to get out, and now, a net win the world’s net lending platform off but let Mike big shock events.

net loan investment veteran panic

net win event a great influence on us, if I go to investigate, maybe will vote, this part is not caught in luck." Mike told the first financial daily "financial" reporters. read more

Google began to allow users to block domain names in search results

March 11th news, according to foreign media reports, Google is adding a feature for its search engine to allow users to block all links in the search results specific domain name. After the user clicks on a search result link and returns to Google, the user will see a link below this result. This link will block all pages of the domain name in the future search results.

Google search and Beverly Champaneria Quality Engineer Amay Yang Thursday said in a blog, we will add the new function, because we think control you find search results to you will be in the Google search engine to provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience. read more

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce investigating major cases of network marketing to

in new network on 1 July, according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce website news, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently issued a notice requirement, to carry out combat and network marketing cases before action should be fully considered possible, make emergency plans, report to the local Party committee and government in a timely manner, the unstable factors in the bud, to prevent the occurrence of mass incidents the. To investigate and deal with the case of network marketing cases occurred in the group, under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, according to the law properly disposed of in the local, and earnestly safeguard social stability. read more

Three new board on the Chinese version of the NASDAQ is what policy bonus bonus

Abstract: from 2015 to date, the new board will exceed the market value of 5 years of Shenzhen, 8 years of SSE, 10-12 will be more than two exchange sum. Three new board hot, that is, the government, enterprises, PE/VC, brokerage and investors win-win results; all parties can find their own interests in the new three board market, will naturally create a market boom.

lead: as of June 1st, three new board listed a total of 2492 enterprises, only from May 22nd to 29 days a week there are 35 companies listed on the new board. The reason why "enterprise madness" pursuit of landed three new board, the new board is mainly affected by the policy support, and compared to A shares listed on the lower threshold, help enterprises to broaden the financing channels, and the market maker system was born, more for the new board hot new wings. VC/PE is also actively seize the Chinese version of the Nasdaq, the Hong Kong Pacific Fund is more than Xiong Baoxin said to be three". read more

China Internet consumer report red net ecological electricity supplier leveraging variable suction G

Phoenix Technology News

news December 9th, in the first financial data ceremony held yesterday on the first financial business data center (CBNData) released first "2016 Chinese Internet consumer ecological big data report" (hereinafter referred to as the "D9 report"). The report shows that China’s 710 million Internet users will become a potential Internet consumer.

net red electricity supplier (data map)

It is reported that

, the joint Internet Co 15 gather report data sources, including Taobao, Tmall, UC, travel, by flying pig, rookie network, pea pods, dragonfly FM, beauty group comment data research institute, opal film, covering electricity consumption and social consumption, entertainment consumption, leisure consumption, content consumption share, financial consumption, consumption, consumption and consumption of Real Estate Internet infrastructure in 9 Internet industry. read more

Wei Wu Feng Web site share behind the network value

share? Or collection?

a few years ago, there is a "network" service is fire, the large sites are involved, including Sina, and like the traditional station, including blog China that the bright younger generation. The Native American version of this service is a website named del.icio.us (Chinese name for Delicious Bookmarks, later renamed delicious.com). Provide this service in general: if you see an article that feels good, you can start a button to collect the article. Feeling and adds it to the browser favorites are similar, but in fact there are two points: first, different people use general favorites is a collection of Web sites, rather than "(think of your collection of hundreds of pages to Favorites extremely messy), second, the west is in the east of the favorites on the local computer, if you change a computer, you can not see it. read more

Angry Tonto tube than rogue rogue Telecom

I am a telecom agent, following the bitter experience with me, remind do the hosting agency business friends attention, in the managed industry there are some very rogue, garbage "big company", and I hope that we can from the telecom tug of war, to understand some of the so-called "unspoken rule" to avoid being cheated.

trap 1: good to talk about the price disinvited, kill you top

I was a customer in Telecom office hosting, a one-year contract will expire soon, I want to customers due to the development needs of the bandwidth from the original 100M share change into 5M exclusive, and I Telecom sales contact, then the price on the good, I took the check to sign the contract and they, they let me stamp, then they take the total company stamp, etc. they cover chapter let me give them a check, I agreed, so they call back. read more

The Ministry of public security and other nine ministries against pornography on the Internet will b

                July 30th news, this morning, the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice, to crack down on Internet pornography crimes, eliminate pornographic websites interests of the chain, the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department, foreign affairs office, Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of health and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Administration of radio, the State Food and drug administration, China Banking Regulatory Commission decided that from August 2009 to October, the organization to carry out regulation to combat Internet pornography special action in the country.The read more

Ten years together to create a classic Discuz series of classic products review

"webmaster" magazine twenty-eighth content recommendation

ten years to create a classic Discuz series of classic products review

webmaster friends, remember Discuz! Official website of those 5 years ago, the old ID old faces? Remember Discuz! 1, 1 and Discuz! Discuz! 5.5 "long" what? In the past ten years, Comsenz in the head of the company along the way, the launch of a number of classic products, has become the community power, leading the trend of the development of the community. In the upcoming Comsenz ten anniversary of the "stationmaster" magazine especially looking back over the past ten years the number of classic Discuz! Products, and those who always accompany so webmaster friends, I would like to accompany and support for more Discuz! Discuz! The webmaster expressed heartfelt gratitude. read more

Qin fire fire and so Internet marketer was arrested repeatedly issued false news on the Internet

network Reds Qin fire fire Qin Zhihui

Qin fire fire in the subway micro-blog powder.

The Ministry of Railways to

in the 7· 23 motor car accident victims in Italy sissy agreement compensation 30 million euros (equivalent to two hundred million), Zhang Haidi, the son of Li Shuangjiang has Japanese nationality is not their own…… These sensational "insider information" after micro-blog and issued by the "opinion leaders" reproduced, all of them have become the hot topic of the network. But who would have thought that these claims are all from the network Reds Qin fire fire, Li two split four ", coined? Yesterday, the national public security authorities to concentrate on combating organized manufacturing network spread rumors and other illegal crime special action kicked off. The rumors are not limited to the wise, but beyond the next rumor "look up to as the standard the Qin fire fire, Li two split four" and others, on suspicion of affray crime and the crime of illegal criminal detention by Beijing police. Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security after Fu Zhenghua took office, set fire to the first network crime. read more

Second session of the Anhui general assembly and the Anhui Internet industry forum to participate in

      participate in the guidance by the Hefei Municipal Propaganda Office, Anhui Internet Industry Association (www.ahunion.org), sponsored by Anhui Yanhuang network (www.china35.com) contractor, Anhui local eight well-known sites: Hefei hotline, Hefei group purchase, Hefei real estate transaction network, Anhui, Anhui recruitment network group purchase for a long time, 52PK game network, marriage network, Xin’an talent network jointly organized the second session of the Anhui conference and the Anhui Internet webmaster industry forum, recently has officially begun for the province’s Anhui webmaster and Internet enthusiasts registration. read more

To be listed again Why is it so hard to fake Taobao

news October 8th, American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) days before the call to the office of the U.S. trade representative to the Alibaba and the company’s Taobao platform included in the "notorious markets list. It is understood that the Alibaba in 2012 were excluded from the office of the U.S. trade representative in the notorious markets.

letter, AAFA stressed that the Alibaba in the crackdown failed to meet the requirements of USTR, eliminate fake sales platform. The letter also quoted the China Administration for Industry and commerce, the research report said that up to 67% of Taobao’s goods for counterfeit goods. read more

Biography mall mall mall was A tens of millions of institutional investment

14 news, according to insiders in the circle of VC, the domestic cosmetics online shopping mall has been successful in recent years to obtain institutional investment, the amount of tens of millions of dollars level.

in this regard, Tencent science and technology to call Mickey CEO Ma Qiang, the other said it would not comment.

Mickey network was in April this year to get tens of millions of angel investment level. Informed sources said that this round of financing for the new round of A round of institutional financing. read more

1 minutes to 24 big Internet cafes view essence

review: November 19th, the first World Internet Conference opened in Zhejiang Wuzhen. How to have a large coffee to predict the future of the Internet? What is the novel? A minute to know the essence of view.


bottlenecks: integrity, urban and rural, entrepreneurial environment?

Ma Huateng

Tencent Inc holdings chairman and chief executive officer

overall, China Internet or a gap with the United states. One of the bottlenecks in the development of China’s Internet infrastructure is the Internet is a soft – entrepreneurial environment. read more

YAHOO stripped Ali is planned

June 17th, according to Bloomberg reported that YAHOO aspects of the original plan will be stripped of Alibaba shares, the issue is currently being stripped.

it is understood, CEO Marisa · Meijer recently held in San Francisco science and technology conference, Bloomberg said, YAHOO Ali will not peel "temporary", affected by this, YAHOO shares rose 2.3% was the highest. In an interview, Meijer said, according to plan YAHOO will hold Ali shares allocated to the shareholders of YAHOO, and this plan will not be affected by any potential regulatory policy changes. For the previous tax policy changes, YAHOO also said that this change is not for YAHOO. read more

The total number of.ORG domain names 163 thousand the first week of December to add 201

IDC network (idcps.com) on December 18th reported: according to WebHosting.info data, as of December 9, 2013, China’s.ORG domain name registration, a total of 163054, ranking sixth in the world, the first week of December the new 201. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the world’s.ORG domain name registration data.

  (Figure 1) TOP10 statistics of the total number of.Org domain names in the world (as of 2013-12-9)

according to figure 1, the total number of.ORG domain names in the top ten countries are: the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, China, Spain, Italy, Japan and Holland. read more