Zhengzhou electric car brand to achieve it

in our daily life, the electric car is a basic means of transport, to provide a great convenience for our trip, China electric car number is difficult to statistics, almost every family has a modern household products. Reporters learned that, after the approval of the legislative plan in 2016, Zhengzhou, Luoyang two cities due to the development of non motor vehicle management regulations lack of feasibility, it is recommended that the "two regulations" for the research project. Then, Zhengzhou electric car brand to achieve? The following and Xiaobian together to understand. read more

Jingmen in 2015 to complete the 16 major city school cooperation activities

college students entrepreneurship has formed a certain theoretical and practical basis. Since 2015, the city of Jingmen began to implement the municipal government cooperation with the municipal strategic cooperation plan to promote the development of entrepreneurship.

2015 in June 17th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Institute of Technology; September 24th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Textile University; school October 30th, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with South-Central University For Nationalities…… read more

Woman opened a hot pot shop to earn nearly one million

now the development of the food and beverage industry has emerged a lot of brands, you want to develop your career in the food and beverage market is to find a good faith to join the project. As we all know, the big boss is Hot pot catering market, various characteristics of Hot pot shops throughout the high streets and back lanes are welcomed by consumers, all kinds of flavor and favor, bring a lot of business opportunities for the market, then open the Hot pot shop has also become entrepreneurs of the small investment project. read more

The chicken joined the way business is innovation entrepreneurship more worry

venture capital is many people choose the best way to get rich now, as so many investment entrepreneurs, investment is to make money, choose a suitable brand, a promising venture project is very important. Today Xiaobian to recommend a very good brand, it is the chicken chain of this brand, with headquarters unique products and business philosophy, innovative ideas with R & D team, launched a series of chicken products, market acclaim.

chicken joined the situation? How much does it cost? Chicken Fengyun million to join. And the chicken in the face of today’s domestic food market situation based rigid fixed sales model, and create a chicken diversified business model, in addition to the store sales, but also to open mobile dining and shelf sales in the station, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, street, community, and other public places to the Stadium, and delicious chicken to every consumer side, for the franchisee to greatly improve the income. read more

Want to become rich to abide by the principles of entrepreneurship

a lot of people are doing business in order to embark on the road to wealth, so if you want to get rich, we must carefully read the following. The following small series to introduce the need to follow the principles of wealth.

1, the most important thing is character. Immoral people are unwilling to take risks. Such a person is not suitable for engaging in responsible, aggressive and risky ventures. In any business adventure but can’t face the consequences, are not.

2, judge right and wrong is not important, it is important to get the right amount of profit, the loss of the number of errors. When there is a chance to profit, don’t hang back. When you are sure of a deal, give each other a fatal blow, that is not enough to do, to get as much as possible. At the same time, he also realized that if the operation is excessive, even on the market judgment, will suffer a big. read more

When students start bottleneck how to become a butterfly

life is bound to be at a low ebb period, for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is difficult to break through the bottleneck. So college students entrepreneurial venture encountered calm and what measures should be taken to overcome the difficulties?

entry off? Broaden your horizons:

traditional industries like hidden opportunities

News: general view of entrepreneurship which features? What has changed in 10 years?

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After the inventory can bring new vitality to store operation

holiday promotions, although each store would want to have, however, not every owner can be very good grasp of holiday sales opportunities, can accurately predict the festival, the festival has caused inventory pressure phenomenon is very common. The festival will also become the inventory of how to eliminate many shopkeepers a heart pressure. In fact, if you can make good use of these holiday inventory, will bring more vitality to the store business.

After the festival of

fast selling, we have a large number of cigarettes in the supermarket, due to the full range of reserves and reserves, so there will be a lot of different surplus and backlog. In the past I have to face these back and can not afford to retire, sell and not very popular "cigarettes" made anxious, but now, these excess cigarettes had become a "problem" is not a problem, even will bring new opportunities to the US after the operation. read more

Baotou college students settled in the guidance of the new business growth of 30%

entrepreneurial first year has passed, China’s innovation and entrepreneurship has been a preliminary progress. After a year of development, we can see from the data, the enthusiasm of Chinese college students entrepreneurship has improved significantly.

2015 years, Baotou college students entrepreneurial guidance center newly settled enterprises 59, an increase of 30%. It is understood that, as of now, 163 college students incubation enterprise, with independent intellectual property rights of the 13. read more

How to make money to open drinks shop

how to make money to open drinks shop? Faced with this problem, many franchisees have come up with their own secret of success. Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help the novice to do a good job in preparation for the operation, to guide the novice to make some adjustments. If you want to make money easily, then choose the brand is a good choice, hurry up.


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Car beauty industry profitable investment

for the majority of entrepreneurs, the choice of a market project, in order to long-term profit. Automotive beauty industry, we are not unfamiliar, the appearance of the car and the installation of a thorough cleaning and protection are often done several items of automotive beauty. The automobile cosmetology field, the initial investment car beauty shop of the large span, less one hundred thousand yuan, more than 60000 yuan.

Investment recovery >
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Happy Valley Internet plus marketing mode

food and beverage industry "Internet plus" you catch it, if not, if you are learning, you may wish to Happy Valley to learn clever marketing model transformation.

happy valley through the deep understanding of the "Internet plus" the trend of the times, to create a new "free shop takeaway delivery" business model, mobile phone, WeChat will open to the restaurant, to allow consumers to participate in booking, ordering, orders, payment links, stride into the Internet plus dining times read more

Cocoa tree dessert to support what

dessert joined the project in the selection of cocoa tree dessert join? Cocoa tree dessert can be given to investors to support what projects? What are the advantages of this brand? Look at the following Xiaobian for your specific description:

cacao dessert was established in 2006, from Southeast Asia, a unique production process, authentic and delicious taste authentic! The cocoa tree dessert will be the creative Asian desserts, Hong Kong Style desserts, Cantonese style dessert features perfect fusion, continuous innovation, breakthrough innovation, developed in line with the trend of the times and low in sugar and fat, healthy and delicious and rich nutrition, ages, seasons hot new dessert. read more

How to style KTV stores to improve the strength of the software

style KTV stores need to do their own work, improve the competitive advantage, can attract more attention to the franchisee. The hardware is better, should be attractive, at the same time, the software services have to keep up, otherwise, it is difficult to form a strong comprehensive strength, it needs to pay attention to what? Come and see.

discount type KTV stores must first have a VOD system, can be considered as the object, but when the choice should pay attention to some of the elements, the first is to have a system to ensure the operation will not crash; especially the song request is very high, the general back singing is the pursuit of fashion one song update schedule, which is to attract customers capital. read more

Ningbo 896 college students cultivate talent pool

the current Internet domain most in need of entrepreneurial talent electricity supplier, but there are also disjointed phenomenon between universities and society, talent is not market enterprises need the university talents training and Chinese entrepreneurial talent also needs to be improved.

"as a marketing staff, to analyze the potential demand of customers, the customer does not cooperate, learn hard and soft." The evening of November 25th, Haishu District 896 entrepreneurship Park lights, 40 from the Ningbo Institute of education, students are still learning marketing knowledge, this is a training camp in Haishu for the delivery of e-commerce talent and build. read more

The cost of joining jade wonton


catering business giants contains a huge wealth of business opportunities, so many years of operation but also many well-known food brands surfaced, for example Roasted Duck circles Beijing Roast Duck, Hot pot world sea fishing, snacks circle Jade mouth ravioli chaos, these are polished by time evolved into the now well-known restaurant brand. Jade wonton after years of accumulation of R & D, have their own unique brand, the Jade Jade mouth mouth under the wonton wonton shop to join, Qingdao special snack training, special snack stores and other projects, the wonton brands continue to expand to all areas, so that more customers can enjoy the unique taste of jade wonton. The existing store selling a variety of flavors of wonton, a number of varieties of products. Love Jade mouth wonton customers can go directly to the store dining, jade wonton shop will be high quality service, customer satisfaction. read more