Spring Festival, the public to buy vegetables have benefits spree

The Spring Festival is coming, I sell special purchases for the Spring Festival entered the peak period, 28 supermarket stores, 21 communities, 29 stores set up the price of six vegetables and 42 counters, vegetables direct the car directly into the community, 120 sales outlets of supply, to ensure that people buy affordable and desirable danggucai, municipal government money insurance for price stability measures for the public to get an affordable and desirable holiday spree.

straight fill limit for everyone to bring benefits read more

Sound blessing to send a deep concern for the party members of the Provincial Committee of warm peop

"71" on the eve of the provincial Commission, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun, Provincial Standing Committee Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing, Hu Changsheng, and visit the old party members and party hard, send holiday give their blessings and greetings, together to celebrate the 95 years.

Wang Jianjun has come to the township of Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Garang village, river two even Yin Zhen Tong Jia Cun, Xining City, West District, visit the old Party member Liu Zengshou, Yin Jingru, Zhou Chao, ye Mei party hard. Wang Jianjun told the old party to take care of the body, and encouraged them to "fade" retirement, carry forward the fine tradition and continue to play the heat, he encouraged local development give advice and suggestions; difficult for Party members to keep unwavering faith, establish the confidence to overcome difficulties, the development of production and improve the quality of life. Wang Jianjun pointed out that the party and the government will never forget the contributions made by the generation of Party members to Qinghai’s economic development, social stability and national unity. To continue to care about the difficulties of Party members, to help them solve the practical problems encountered in production and life. read more