Sanjiang source remote video monitoring to achieve normalization

recently, He Yuejun of professional and technical personnel of ecological environmental monitoring center of Qinghai province through the "ecological" window of the remote video monitoring system of Qinghai Tibet Railway five beams north bridge monitoring points, monitoring to hundreds of Tibetan antelope migration through the channel, by Naihu Zhuo moved back to the Soga – Qu Manasi nature reserve. This rare video image was recorded in time. This is a microcosm of the ecological window remote high-definition real-time video monitoring system to achieve a dynamic regulatory source of Sanjiang. read more

Underground pipeline information management will start

All kinds of city pipeline facilities the main road, often repaired, water, gas, electricity, communications and other pipelines and followed the road leading to the dug out, filled in the dig, forming "road zipper phenomenon". In order to improve the application level of city’s underground pipeline management information system in November 10th, Xining underground pipeline construction project information management system through the acceptance, the future of underground space in our city information achievements will be fully integrated into the "digital Xining", "Xining zipper road will completely change. read more

Xining 210 thousand housing provident fund deposit

recently, the reporter learned from the municipal provident fund management center, as of now, Xining housing provident fund management center has paid 2646 units, the deposit of staff of 210 thousand people.

it is understood that in order to provide fast and convenient service, the provident fund management center from perfect service facilities of the waiting area, rest chair, electronic display screen, water dispenser, writing station facilities and equipment provided in the service hall, and placed a housing provident fund work guidelines and other promotional materials in the striking position. The procedures carried out and norms, in accordance with the meticulous management requirements, clear the responsibility of each post, so that all aspects of the work to achieve a seamless, strict procedures, and put an end to the examination and approval of the phenomenon, improve work efficiency and service level. read more

Along the Silk Road, a 11 seat Fine Sand Lake scenery will be unveiled

to further demonstrate the Qinghai Lake Milton scenic natural and cultural resources, enrich the connotation of tourism scenic spots, shaping tourism brand, "along the Silk Road, enjoy the beauty of lakes" as the theme of the sculpture will be unveiled. It is reported that the event attracted from Beijing, Shanghai and other places in the Qinghai Lake international sand sculpture artists, sculpture and earth art sculpture creative season.

Qinghai Lake international sculpture and earth art tourism season "as a cultural festival brand of Qinghai Lake, has been successfully held seven sessions, this year the Qinghai Lake Milton area in June 6th will be held in the" 2015 Qinghai Lake international sculpture and earth art tourism season launch ceremony. The reporter saw in the sand production scene, a distinct theme sculpture has been basically formed, with "Xuan Zang", from "Zhang Qian", "ancient Kroraina to the western regions"…… These are the sprinkler curing sand reach the acme of perfection last. It is reported that this event will showcase 11 sand sculpture works, including 1 Main carving, 10 auxiliary carving, and the new three pieces of land art works, these works make full use of the abundant tourism resources Milton scenic, reflect the green ecological culture, plateau tourism products, showing the Qinghai Lake natural beauty and cultural beauty, harmonious beauty the tourism image. read more

27 billion 400 million let people live in affordable housing

The housing project is to benefit the people of good works and popular works. Over the past five years, the province’s finance to do everything possible to raise funds, to promote the construction of various types of affordable housing in urban and rural areas, a total investment of more than 27 billion 400 million yuan for the implementation of the project provides protection.

Only 10 yuan a day evening Festival tickets

To promote the development of winter tourism in our city, people can find the fun of traveling in winter, snow Happy Valley evening activities continue to chase kite ditch staged in Kangle hills this year. At the same time, in order to facilitate the public to buy tickets, the Xining evening news to maintain the Xining Evening News Agency (South Gate Street, 43, Xining evening news, the Ministry of advertising telephone number) on the basis of the sales point, the addition of a new agent sales point 30. Sales point becomes more, but the evening news to the public holiday package has not changed, the public can still enjoy the purchase of tickets to buy a three discount. read more

Government to start the implementation of the purchase of public services

This year the city will be through government procurement and other forms, originally borne by the government itself a part of the public services to qualified social organizations, enterprises and institutions to fulfill the government according to the content and quality of their services to pay. As an important part of the city’s comprehensive deepening reform – the government has begun to implement the purchase of public services.

endowment is the people who have been very concerned about the topic. In May 29th, a reporter from the City Finance Bureau of social security department learned that this year with the government purchases of public services to promote the pilot, pension institutions funded by the government to buy will make our city meet the conditions of the old people enjoy more standardized pension services. At the same time, this year, the city plans to invest 23 million of financial capital, the purchase of labor and employment training services, so that more employment targets to improve employment skills.The

"and the past is different, the purchase of public services, in addition to the government to pay outside, will also buy the service scoring". According to reports, the purchase of the main will be organized to evaluate the performance of the government to purchase services, an important reference for the evaluation results will be for the government to purchase services budget and government procurement of services to the social forces to undertake the subject.   read more

25 years of Xining south mountain greenery sowing green

is now walking in the north and south of Xining two mountains, people are pleased to see that the former barren hills were covered with green, soil erosion has been curbed, doubling the number of wild animal, beautiful picture of harmony between man and nature of the surging in the plateau city, economic and social benefits, ecological benefits significantly. Qinghai province to promote afforestation, ecological civilization construction of a landmark project.

1989, the Qinghai provincial Party committee and government to make the decision to implement the north and South Mountain greening project in Xining, followed by the establishment of the north and South Mountains 117 green areas, by the 168 units and individuals responsible for contracting barren hills and green. Over the past 25 years, the majority of cadres and workers in Xining region and the military and civilian requirements of the completion of the northern and southern mountains of the one or two phase of green projects, and achieved fruitful results. As of 2014, with a total area of 279 thousand acres of Xining City, North and South Mountain, a total of afforestation completed a total of 209 thousand and 300 acres, planting large seedlings of more than 10 million plants, afforestation survival rate of more than 85%, the completion rate of the project planning rate of 100%. Seedlings dominated by exotic tree species to mixed forest species of Qilian spruce, pine, juniper, Qinghai poplar, Populus hopeiensis, clove, Rosa, tamarisk and other more than and 20 varieties. At present, the broad-leaved tree has been formed as the framework, the shrub cover, the mixed pattern of coniferous and broad-leaved mixed. Forest coverage rate of 75%. read more

Poor way to warm up the trend of the mouse point, farmers easily Unicom Market

Dried beef, yogurt, Chinese wolfberry, walnut, Kunlun snow chrysanthemum…… These products with Qinghai brand reputation through the network sales at home and abroad. From the beginning, do not understand the network marketing channels, to now easily use major business platform to promote their own products, tens of thousands of farmers in our province through the electricity of poverty alleviation projects, to get rich, "net" market.

open, a large number of sales of wild Nuomuhong black wolfberry shop, Nuomuhong farm third brigade horse shop was conspicuous. "The only sell Nuomuhong black wolfberry" slogan, was able to attract customers, plus the number of planting, harvesting, drying photos of the scene personally, more convincing, and his family’s orders have been successfully reached 8453 pen. August 20th Tanabata Festival the same day, the horse also cooperate with Taobao, Tanabata free single activities, gathered more popular. As early as five or six years ago, such a success and harvest, the old horse is unimaginable. When he was young and strong, and every family to pick Chinese wolfberry, do sorting. It is to see the development prospects of the electricity supplier giant, with good policy support, from the beginning to buy a computer, to reach a successful first order, along the way, in addition to the more difficult, is the joy of harvest.

now, I like this horse through the electricity poverty alleviation training, successful open shop sales of specialty farmers in the minority, but this group of figures are constantly refresh. It is reported that this year, our province through the establishment of accurate identification mechanism, with the national synchronized completed the 1622 poor villages, 204 thousand households, 736 thousand people the accurate identification and archiving riser. Because the electronic commerce industry is not affected by time and region, shelf, climate and other restrictions, and the development of rural e-commerce not only fit the city customer demand for high-quality agricultural products and crafts products, and is convenient for rural residents of online shopping, online payment, online consultation, online booking and other daily needs, therefore, "agriculture". Brand shop more and more, more and more professional. read more

Coverage of the province’s affordable housing in the forefront of the country

To set up a multi-level security system — to expand the scope of the sandwich layer to the family per capita area and quality will be increased strict allocation procedures to avoid human housing

live dream is the dream of every one of the masses, how to improve the housing security system has become a hot topic during the two sessions held in the province. Affordable housing will continue to expand the scale? How to ensure the progress of the housing? Affordable housing can live better, what is the future development trend? Provincial CPPCC members, the provincial housing and urban construction department director Kuang Yong one answer. read more

Beichuan River to change the path of the new millennium track

Beichuan River, is a single river turned into a double river! At 10:30 on August 25th, the Beichuan River comprehensive treatment of the first phase of the project is an important node project – built and successfully passed the river, marking the first phase of the comprehensive treatment of Beichuan River to achieve a phased.

"twins" in the building in the river

[] is the old inland river, mainly to build the ecological and landscape river. In order to make Beichuan the water clear up, the city is building a bridge near Kang covers an area of more than and 20 hectares of settling basin, on the river for the first round of purification with pure natural way, and then let the water flow into the river. At the same time, the river is also constructed wetlands, but also for further purification of the river.

"into" the smooth new home

[] "the scene witnessed water water!" 10:30 on August 25th, the commander on the scene makes people see the water, with the blue hydraulic lifting dam type rolling down, can not wait to cross river dam, to the people rushing to the river, she is not rushing, flowing merrily, like to visit the new home. In less than an hour, 5.6 km of the river was filled.

[] tour outside the river in flood control at the same time, outside the river will also build some landscape water. Not only to build a green belt around the river, walking corridor, will also build their own;

read more

December 12, 2012 homophonic love to love to love, Xining yesterday ushered in a small peak marriage

nowadays, after 85, 90 to become the main force of marriage, young people in the selection of a good day, more love for a special date, such as December 12, 2012, which set off a small marriage registration boom.

on the morning of December 12th, in the Xining City District People’s government hall, wearing a couple of Li and Liu, in a pair of couples registered for marriage, particularly eye-catching. Under the guidance of the staff, the two filled in the marriage registration form, and soon got a marriage certificate. Holding a marriage certificate, two people smile at each other. Xiao Li said: "today is December 12, 2012, homophonic to love to love to love," that is, the network said ‘love day’. Last month, we decided to register for marriage." read more

Li Peng, President of the Qinghai intermediate people’s court held a new meeting in Xining

Li Peng, the new president of the meeting with the president of the provincial intermediate level meeting stressed

  in July 14th, the president of the provincial intermediate court held in Xining. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the provincial political and Law Commission Li Pengxin and the conference delegates discussed and talked. Liu Xiaoyang, President of the Provincial Higher People’s court.

Li Peng stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the national political system leading cadres spirit seminar and the president of the high court of the spirit of the meeting, fully implement the provincial eleven session of the four plenary session of the spirit and the law enforcement authorities "study and discussion" spirit seminar, to further promote the people’s court "study and discussion" activities in depth. read more

Heavy humanities and ecological civilization to build a new city

October 13th, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Wang Ping led the relevant departments responsible comrades, in-depth Sea Lake District of new research and social management. Wang Yubo and his entourage went new Minmetals Plaza, Wanda center, Qaidam green mansion, Yinchuan housing Salzburg, Lake hospitals and other key project site, in-depth area has been completed and put into use green supermarkets, wetland park, Lake Tonghai bridge site, the solution of the district planning and construction work, master in the new population and social management to carry out the work. In the subsequent meeting of the lake district planning and construction management work site office meeting, Wang Yubo stressed that after seven years of planning and construction, improve the lake district facilities and functions, the image is constantly improving, but also accelerate the accumulation of popularity. At present, the new Lake Lake area is in a critical stage from planning and construction to the construction and management of the key areas of social responsibility is more important. Department of District Management Committee and the relevant regions, according to the "pay more attention to the humanities, pay more attention to the ecological, pay more attention to taste", do a good job in the planning and construction work at the same time, take the initiative to study and continue to strengthen social management, continue to build livable industry, should be the new city of ecological civilization, people are advised to travel. First, we must continue to increase the intensity of the new district planning and construction, the full completion of the objectives and tasks of the annual investment construction, to ensure that the municipal government to the people of the city to submit a satisfactory answer. Two to continue to improve the supporting infrastructure, so that the new district every year, new changes, so that the public can feel the new year visitors. We should continue to pay attention to road and bridge construction, smooth road, new city road network convergence, ensure new car Shun Shun; in accordance with the requirements of city landscape design, construction of each bridge, highlighting the new quality, taste; natural ecological wetland park planning to build 1.2 square kilometers, reflecting good green District concept. Three to speed up the improvement of social management system. To speed up the work of land management. The government of North, West District, Department of public security, civil affairs, urban management, environmental protection should be actively involved in the formulation of long-term mechanism, social management, clear responsibilities, implement the responsibility to strengthen management, continuously enhance the new attraction and aggregation. Four to continue to build a new ecological civilization city. Strengthen the construction site management, build civilized construction will affect the construction of the public in the lowest; purification of street sanitation, strict street door set various types of advertising and enhance the new level of property management. To let the new brick, every tree and Bush a lane street to highlight the City builders and managers of humanity and the pursuit of work.   read more

Actively take the initiative to promote the work to a new level

over the past few days, the provincial units of cadres and workers held a general meeting, thematic studies, etc., conscientiously study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping attended the delegation in Qinghai. We agreed to take the spirit of learning Jintao’s important speech to follow, centering on the goal of a comprehensive well-off society and the national synchronized, with a beautiful new life to people of all nationalities live, accurately grasp the focus of work, active as our province continue to promote the work to a new level. read more

Destroy the Huangshui river monitoring section grade V

June 4th, the Xining Municipal People’s government held a news conference, informed of the environmental quality of Xining in 2012 and environmental protection work in Xining. 2012 Xining environmental air quality improved, air quality days reached 315 days, Huangshui River Basin (Xining section) no worse than grade V, but the traffic in Xining city region on both sides of the night noise seriously exceed the standard.

The water was slightly polluted

major rivers in the city water quality has improved. From the 2012 monitoring results: 11 monitoring sections in 9 monitoring sections to regionalization of water environmental function target, which I – III grade 6, grade IV water quality section 4, grade V section 1, no worse than grade V appear. Huangshui River water quality overall was slightly polluted by organic pollutants, water pollutants, ranked in the top three is mainly nitrogen, total phosphorus, five day biochemical oxygen demand. read more

Efforts to solve outstanding problems in reform and development interview with Ge Yongfa, director o

"around the new ideas, new achievements, improve the problem solving mechanism has new breakthrough innovation, financial ability four aspects to enhance the new goals and tasks, the financial system to solve the problems of fiscal reform and development as the core, carry out a comprehensive emancipates the mind big discussion activities and has achieved solid results, director of the municipal finance Ge Yongfa when it comes to the city’s financial system continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate scientific development work as saying. read more

FIRST Jiang Wen led Bozhuan nomination

Since May the FIRST Youth Film Festival announced by Jiang Wen, chairman of the jury, Bao Dexi, Yan Geling, Dai Jinhua, Chang Chen, Huo Tingxiao, Du Yuan served as judges of the "top brick group" jury lineup, we have been looking forward to what kind of youth movies will eventually reach the "perfect" judge hands into the final judgment. It is reported that in June 27th, the ninth annual FIRST Festival Organizing Committee held a meeting to review the main competition, Zhang Zanbo and other 7 members of the review after a debate of heated debate, the final confirmation of the 11 awards nominations, 31 film talent shows itself will accept jury, judge, and will be in Xining in July 27th for "crystal brick". read more