Why were the original content sites K

, the webmaster, SEO, everybody, everybody. At present, the Internet to Baidu K station storm caused by the impact has not completely disappeared, at the same time, many webmaster also feel very confused, and their hard work of the site, a inadvertently disappeared without a trace. Of course that includes a lot of garbage collection sites, such as sites are pseudo original or a violation of information websites are too many to count but many hard to do, the original site was K off is very difficult for people to accept. Here to share with you, I engaged in SEO for many years, as well as the circle of webmaster, after a large number of analysis of some of the reasons. read more

Talking about the method of using QQ to publicize websites

site built, it is necessary to start publicity, publicity for a lot of ways, and today I simply introduced the point I used QQ publicity to specific methods. Use QQ to search advertising, is a very direct and effective method, can directly search for QQ users, and then add him as a friend, then give him the explanation, to persuade it to join, you can also add QQ group promotion, the effect is very good.

1, find a single user promotion using QQ,

is the first landing QQ, open search function, this will be everyone, in the search dialog box, select advanced search, select your location of the crowd information, you can find a lot of online users. In the add each other need to verify your information as a friend when input "for network to make money plus interest in the verification of information, non just don’t add", and then identified, so that the other party to see your information on the network, if you are interested in making money he will pass and then you can give him the explanation, this way is very effective, and tested read more

Weifang three major portals of feudal lords vying for the throne

for a long time without writing experience, has been busy in the work now, now I am personal webmaster, but it is not the website of Internet Co in Weifang fight a lone battle, has turned around, eventually joined a website, improving in this study, only to be mixed from something, not for the personal webmaster like die very miserably. The following brief analysis of the local big portal, to do portal webmaster friends learn from.

Weifang Raiders Alexa world website rank: 292223

"Weifang Raiders" life information platform, which belongs to < Weifang chase net Network Technology Co., Ltd. >. Is a set of network technology services company website construction, website promotion, e-commerce, website operators, server rental, software development in one, since the establishment of the company with advanced technology, Internet technology provides strong support for advanced business philosophy for customer, the company has cooperated with sina, china.com portal depth. Competition network adhering to the spirit of truth-seeking and innovation, respect for talent, pay attention to technology and services, development has been trusted by the vast numbers of Internet users and customers. read more

What did the hype about throwing a brick baby girl bring to the website

two days, countless people in Guangzhou for a murder Marvel: a baby girl was born just one hundred and three days, eighteen days is a twelve year old boy playing in a high-rise rooftops accidentally hit in the head by throwing bricks. In this regard, the police helpless, relatives are difficult to get compensation.

"throwing bricks to kill the baby girl" incident, reported by Tencent and other media, aroused widespread concern in society. People in the hundred days baby prematurely leave the world, parents distraught and becoming a social problem at the same time, a city of high-altitude parabolic "head of security" threat to people again aroused heated debate. No matter what you think of the event, the media, such as the Tencent, won a huge victory. He succeeds in using the mentality of the public to say something about the things that he cannot see. read more

Website design analysis leather city design summary of the line under the restoration

on the basis of clothing and apparel market, the leather dimension of the market strong marketing. To guide the buyers from the material dimension, with leather for leather to create quality Duitou, to push the deal, the leather market reduction line scene.

from the business needs of view, leather city will be built into a relatively independent, to leather as the core, leather (tide element) as a push hands high-end features market. Because fur and leather audiences are mostly female, women have become an important label in leather city design. read more

User experience is the cornerstone of the brand growth of the electricity supplier website

2011 is the year of the outbreak of the electronic commerce, the electricity supplier in this emerging industry after 10 years of precipitation finally ushered in the golden period of a large number of capital injection, whether personal or traditional businesses are crazy to invest in this market.

with the entry of capital, the rapid development of electronic business platform, category refinement, the evolution of the pattern is constantly changing the pattern of this field. In the increasingly fierce competition environment, the establishment of brand is of great importance to small and medium businesses without capital advantages. read more

Brand or platform small and medium nternet entrepreneurs go from here

is written in the front: Reflections after the twists and turns

has been engaged in their own small website from March last year, some website profit is not because of their operation ability, may be just luck or excuse, just like the saying "just standing on the air, pigs can fly, I just accidentally stood in the small tuyere pig. But more websites don’t make money, and now think of some nonsense. Especially this year, the momentum of development is no matter before the agent is very good and the profit model has been verified by a well-known education and training sites, small sites themselves or after, there are fatal twists and turns. These twists and turns, let me gradually began to reflect on their original work has not started their own small web site, is not a right choice, but also began to think how to avoid some twists and turns. Among them, there are about small and medium Internet entrepreneurs platform and brand thinking, so write down and share with you. Because of my poor writing style, weak expression, some places did not say clearly, I hope readers forgive me. read more

A Baidu Ping push back Sitemap function realization

through the study of a series of Baidu’s recent announcement, more than two bucket notice problems, one is the Baidu Sitemap tool opened the first round of invitation test, Sitemap tool can help improve the website included; another is Lee on the original recognition problem when it comes to hope small sites can through the Ping mechanism of Ping to Baidu, so that you can distinguish between the initial time from the original author.

Web site management system

and the most popular non dream is, many webmaster in the group complained. Backstage can not automatically generate Sitemap, does not support Baidu Ping. According to this situation, more than the bucket improved slightly modified under dedecms background, the perfect realization of the two functions, then released under the tutorial: read more

A rookie webmaster growth N do station experience summary

, a rookie webmaster, grow N, do station experience summary,

has been a station for a long time, a brief summary of this long time,.

1 doesn’t look at the GOOGLE/baidu/yahoo cheat guide. What kind of cheating will have traces, but it’s only a matter of time. No.

has been found at the moment

2 daily updates are required homework, even if only 2 updates.

3 does not look at the "day into the thousand knife" noisy articles. We are not network speculators, we do not participate in their speculation, or by their articles into their design may be non malicious. read more

Are you really ready to build your website

enterprise website construction are you ready? Perhaps the network company will tell you what to LOGO, slogan, company profile, contact information, products and so on for half a month time the site is good, but as a business manager you are really ready for the enterprise construction site? Perhaps you would tell me to for Internet companies, they can make all the. The idea of building a web site all over the web is dangerous.

below, we will carry on the thorough analysis to this question, will explain that the enterprise construction website needs to do that preparation work. read more

7 years T people my online business experience

this is my 7 year career it, real experience! 2001 I was a student and a classmate when I bought a domain name and virtual host, website called the fifth elements, the domain name ym99.com; because there is no computer he and I worked in the global Internet cafe three days and nights, finally put the construction of the website that time! Do traffic is very simple, is the best way to quickly get the bulk mail traffic, but we should also remember that time basically dial-up telephone line Internet cafes often lead to jam! The boss doesn’t know is because the mail by our group, here Despise Yourself! Mail sent, basically every day can bring traffic to the read more

Dew talk about two sessions during the webmaster can do related things

two sessions opened today, we as the webmaster to do, but is able to borrow two sessions, to make more of their own site flow up, and today I’ll talk about how to make use of the two traffic related matters.

1. Construction of two sessions related topics

What is the topic of

, that is, to build your own web site and not related to the content of the website to improve the flow of the website. Of course, if you do a good job, that is, during the two sessions, your ad on the topic will also bring you a lot of returns. This is only to see which of us to grasp, the opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared. We are looking at which major websites do not have two sessions of related topics, you may say, small sites in a topic to engage in it, there will be traffic?. This depends on which of you to operate. Not that big websites have large traffic, small sites do not have traffic?. read more

A rookie station trip

is a rookie, can not deny that I was a little small shrimp a myriad of Hainan, from May this year, I gave up a good job wages. Into the IT world that I don’t know about ABCD. From the time I started giving up my job, I was filled with a love of the internet. Plunge into the network industry, the thing that thinks in the mind at that time, now think of really childish, thought that as long as put in, there will be the harvest. But I was wrong, completely mistaken. When I really entered the online business. I found everything was not so easy as I imagined. Out of the investment more than 10000 yuan all hit the bailer. And there’s no bubble. read more

Live websites are so rampant

live website rose last summer, remember it was a live bar and zero bar, of course, now these two sites are still the hottest live sites. Because the Premier League broadcast rights by China Tiansheng bought mainland fans accustomed to free before the ball, no ball, this is a piece of the market, like live it also caught the market, but with the passage of time, more and more live sites began to spread

I also got a live site shortly before the webcast website, saying that white is embedded in the page of each player’s game signal code, and then go to the publicity, let more people come here to see you, earn IP and PV. Publicity is also a Baidu post bar. If the previous live sites very profitable, so live sites innumerable now, too many people to engage in live sites, so Chinese how many people watch the game. Each live site points is gone, the flow rate is not high, unless you live sites in some places is quite distinctive, can attract others, it can be said that the live forum is very good, he can attract customers, we have nothing to play such a long time, a twenty preach 100, famous website, live it to reveal the reason there is his domain name is consistent with the Chinese memory, can be said that a remember, here reflects the advantage of domain name. read more

How do you manage websites for overseas products let users push you back

Neil Joglekar is the founder of ReelSurfer website, ReelSurfer is an online video clips sharing platform. Neil Joglekar and ReelSurfer’s other founder, Christian Yang, were invited to attend a lecture at the entertainment technology center at Carnegie University in Meilong to share their stories about the entrepreneurial process. Let’s take a look at how ReelSurfer makes the product.

Neil Joglekar says startups need to pay great attention to user feedback:

do what users need, and I think this is the most important condition for starting a business. No one except you, your team, your family, will pay attention to whether you are starting a business or not. You have to keep competing with other companies to get the time and attention of the user. read more

Forum spam replies simple summary

some time ago, the forum spam is very crazy, mainly published on post reply form, N years ago posts have been turned out, the forum The atmosphere was foul..

has changed a lot in the following steps:

1, the registration link name changes, garbage registration significantly reduced, garbage users shrink.

2, delayed posting, registration can not immediately post, spam users flinch.

3, post verification, the number of garbage reduction, the previous frenzied dozens of replies generally become 1-2 posts. read more

How to do a monthly income of hundreds of thousands of baby shop

again you may not be familiar with, smooth and elastic taste amazing how to eat delicious, so a lot of people are going to try to open a shop again, but not every shop who can make money, today we say is a very shop in the boss, a monthly income is hundreds of thousands, don’t believe how a baby store can have so much income, come take a look at how people are operating.

The small shop is famous


in Chongqing, Yubei District Jin Kai Avenue Blue Lake County community, there is a seemingly insignificant roadside shop, named Yu Han boutique private kitchen, Mo look at this shop is only 100 square meters, has long been known. read more

do not believe Baidu included new sites really so difficult

small talk about new sites, not included in the several details:

1 first, the site must have at least a certain content, of course, the content is not copy, at least it should be changed beyond recognition, a lot of friends are standing, it is difficult to include, you think it is GG ah?. You are endless copying from day to night, you are not tired, tired, tired eyes, the key is the computer is tired, why do you need that? From the content, here you are a little failure,


secondly, templates do stand, you really have to learn. You’re always using other people’s visitors, and you don’t even have to look at your content. I’ve told me a lot of templates I’ve seen before, okay? I don’t see them.. If you take this measure. The appropriate change template, OK or template synthesis. So you won’t keep visitors at all. read more

Forum promotion tips and tips sharing

promotion methods have many, personal feel the best effect is BBS promotion, here to share the potatoes in BBS promotion of some personal skills and experience. I hope to inspire and help the new hands.

here take guest station promotion as an example, a day after the original and the chain work done, most Amoy owners choose to speak here under the promotion of forum, novice webmaster confused problem.

every webmaster 2 – 5 original 10 – 30 months after the completion of the chain release is completed, will go to the forum for the promotion, but most of the webmaster will encounter one of the most common questions, delete posts, posts without hard moderator is deleted, how to solve the problem of read more

5 direct traffic analysis methods for direct traffic secrecy

direct traffic is a mysterious black box in Web analytics. I’ve always thought so, at least until today. Because you can never tell which traffic sources include collection, popups, IM, and other traffic sources. And also can not search traffic and recommended traffic as the direct flow of segmentation. Therefore, when the direct traffic changes, we can hardly find the reason through the traditional segmentation method, and can not provide effective suggestions and measures. So, can we really do nothing about the direct traffic? No, this article will analyze the direct traffic in 5 ways. Maybe these methods can also help you unlock the secret of direct traffic. read more