The Qihoo 360 in the safety in the name of the bundled brand marketing



mountain hanyueLet us look at the

since the start of the year, 360 in the brand marketing what things to do.

March 11, 2014, Microsoft Chinese announced a close cooperation with the well-known security vendor 360 company, which launched the 360 security guards XP fighters continue to provide security protection for Chinese 200 million Windows XP users, while providing a convenient windows8 upgrade program. In April 14th 360, AUX officially launched on cooperation in intelligent air conditioning, 360 vice president Shen Haiyin told the media that: 360 to cut through a router, home internet. In April 15th 360, with the domestic well-known insurance company Taikang Life reached a strategic cooperation, announced the official launch of the "safe sail" project launched the "stay fly" products, the first national free aviation accident model, year insurance amounted to 1 million yuan, to provide security for the 1 billion 300 million Chinese airlines, which is inspired by the Malaysia Airlines incident do. In April 28th, 360 mobile phone guards and film "overheard 3" creative team held a joint strategic cooperation conference, announced its cooperation with the film "overheard 3" launched a full depth, while the official launch of 519 mobile phone security, public action, but also with the film, in the exclusive launch of two anti – Privacy anti eavesdropping, interception function call eavesdropping. June 21st, in the Transformers 4 China premiere, the 360 is Transformers’s only designated security partner in the. read more

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Ming share two kinds of induced images again

Ming in the Ming: introduce three kinds of simple and practical guide to click on the picture by everyone like. The Ming just found two kinds of good to do the induction of the picture, so also in the first time to introduce to you, I hope you can help the webmaster website promotion. Make sure you don’t need a lot of art. At the same time to get a good click effect.

This picture is the key of

$50 prepaid card has a certain appeal to all users, and set the problem to ensure that is interesting and easy to ensure that most people know the answer, can click on the answer or desire, your problem is enough to attract people, can make most people want to know the answer. This is the crux of the problem, artists themselves play. There’s no art. Immediately the answer in the text can best engage in a link. This can make some curious people move. read more

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Grassroots webmaster how to make a pot of gold

with the popularity of such programs now CMS increase, the construction of a web site easier and more, claiming that the webmaster is also more and more, but can rely on the site to live less than 1%!

A lot of people directly under the

CMS, a template to do a website, or any construction site a site to find, hoping the website can make money, how could it do people each is a millionaire.

network to make money, not the site is difficult, but business thinking. Next, we’ll talk about how to use the site to make money. read more

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Tiexue founder Jiang Lei Community electricity supplier tactics

Tiexue trump is doing business by the military community collection of high viscosity user, if the brand went smoothly, Jiang Lei grabbed naturally or half unconsciously, another magic weapon: vertical electricity supplier bargaining power


in recent years, the network founder Jiang Lei portrayed by the media as the boy genius like: 16 years old walks Tsinghua University, founded the military network, 20 walks Shuoboliandu, dropped out of business. Today, Chinese Tiexue ranked ten independent military sites list, jagged military products has become a military Chinese largest e-commerce site. read more

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Housing rental site AirBnB financing 100 million valuation of 1 billion

May 31st news, according to foreign media reports, sources, will help their house rent to strange day rental site AirBnB is nearing completion of a new $100 million round of financing, valuation reached $1 billion.

allegedly, the round of investment led by Anderson · (Andreessen Horowitz), DST to participate in investment in.

AirBnB had previously received $7 million 200 thousand from Sequoia Capital, Greylock, SV Angel, Ashton Kutcher and Youniversity Ventures investment.

AirBnB was initially launched venture capital incubator Y Combinator company launched a total of $7 million 800 thousand financing. read more

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An elephant in WeChat’s death from the media’s sins and WeChat’s punishment

March 13, 2014, Prime Minister Li Keqiang a reporter asked the distance in less than 12 hours, WeChat, a large number of public account is proposed to abolish the platform attention, because of its violation of the relevant regulations or reported by the user and is confirmed, no more details. These blocked public accounts, my concern is not much, for the consumption of the anger of the masses and walk the edge of the political role, I have no any interest and goodwill, only the "elephant Association" the Yellow Zhangjin led "Table Topics" account was banned, let me feel very pity, but also somewhat puzzled. read more

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China Unicom wo cn enabled the icing on the cake CN domain name registration is only 19 9 yuan

domain name: the latest information for the 4G communication is about to usher in a better war began at the end of last year, China Unicom in the CN domain China sunrise period successfully applied to in the current has been enabled for the "fertile" portal website domain name, before "compared to the fertile portal official domain name ( to be short and easy to remember. Is the icing on the cake for" Wo "brand.

in addition, the Alibaba recently also moves constantly, Ali Pro Pinyin domain CN ( by virtual operators Ali communications official website owned by Ali is enabled; venture capital circles and enable acquisition of, which marks the CN domain name to rise again. read more

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Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 2 23 2 28

what is the most painful thing

This topic is about

chat in the group today, we talked about the worst line "that two classic Xiao Shenyang thing is dead, the money not spent; the most miserable thing in life is that man is not dead, the money spent" and then talk to the owners of the most painful things, some people say the most painful thing is that there is no site traffic not money, some people say the most painful thing is a website, a flow of money, the site did not, more cattle B said. The most painful is to have a website, there is traffic, money is the divorce website to his ex-wife… read more

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Net win the world behind the stall net goods platform from the financial risk exposure


net loan investor Mike, the most recent investment in his net loan since the most disturbing moment. But before the net loan Juankuan run away, strong wind and big waves, Mike still with own set of net loan investment rules and shrewd observation to get out, and now, a net win the world’s net lending platform off but let Mike big shock events.

net loan investment veteran panic

net win event a great influence on us, if I go to investigate, maybe will vote, this part is not caught in luck." Mike told the first financial daily "financial" reporters. read more

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Google began to allow users to block domain names in search results

March 11th news, according to foreign media reports, Google is adding a feature for its search engine to allow users to block all links in the search results specific domain name. After the user clicks on a search result link and returns to Google, the user will see a link below this result. This link will block all pages of the domain name in the future search results.

Google search and Beverly Champaneria Quality Engineer Amay Yang Thursday said in a blog, we will add the new function, because we think control you find search results to you will be in the Google search engine to provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience. read more

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