Attorney General Administration of industry and Commerce Ali white paper how did the legal effect

Abstract: in fact the Alibaba and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has long been the "reconciliation", not "turmoil". The prosecution of the prosecution and the right to know Wu Ji and Alibaba do not matter.

note: about Alibaba PK SAIC events since the beginning of the update. Titanium media said in an article "the State Administration for Industry and commerce again informed Taobao selling, and respond to Taobao propaganda called" not overinterpret directional monitoring results of "Cai Chongxin" white paper: " " flawed, aimed at Alibaba, sustained progress in tracking events for the complaint "in the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The focus of attention in January 28, 2015, SAIC announced the "on administrative guidance on the Alibaba’s January 30th white paper", later renamed the "white paper" has no legal effect. In this paper, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Court lawyer Wu Ji, is from the beginning to pay attention to this point embarked on a long journey "mingaoguan". read more

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Take away will become the next taxi industry Wang Huiwen said no


] in the view of core tip Beauty Group Vice President Wang Huiwen, takeaway war is a protracted war, and the homogeneity of the group purchase is different, it does not rely on subsidies to win, the final is likely to participate in the competition pattern of giants.

, vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen sincerely believe that the rules by the victor formulation, he said, "If today, the Qing Empire is still the world’s most powerful empire, the Western men will be proud of braids. " read more

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The rich became negative entrepreneurial veteran about a year to pay 300 thousand of the tragic hist

this article is summarized by the following 3, is a diffuse cloud platform founder Dr. Lin Rui’s speech at Xi’an Electronic and Science University. Dr. Lin Rui is the second time to start as early as 98 years, he began to venture, has been 16 years, he has experienced a year lost 300 thousand, debt business failure.

pit friends together to read his entrepreneurial sharing, there are many worthy of our common learning.

first: the correct treatment of the entrepreneurial process of failure and success read more

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618 or will become a new business model emerging electricity supplier watershed

618 year fight flavor, not to battle the day has smoke four. As with the previous online shopping carnival, the electricity supplier in the field of "cat" and "dog", "Lion" and "tiger" and other traditional electricity providers still bared at a low price tussle is different; in 2016, the sea level near a giant "blue whale" quietly surfaced.

this head whale, it is to create entity + Internet new electricity supplier mode of flying where the electricity supplier. This year 618, fifast business alliance linkage 3000+ store, held a hundred thousand shop crazy year celebration events, 618 electricity supplier in full swing, flying where the business alliance led to a strong rise of the potential commercial entity, against the traditional electricity supplier, 618 spoiler. Perhaps, the new electricity supplier model strong incoming, will mean the end of the old era of traditional electricity supplier. Why do you say that? read more

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Lanting Pavilion set potential PO foreign trade electricity supplier can usher in the development o

technology can Tencent reported on June 7th

today is a historic day for foreign trade B2C. Lanting Pavilion Ltd (LightInTheBox Holding Co.) today evening officially landed on the NYSE, the first day to close at $11.61, compared with the issue price of $9.5 rose by 22.21%. The highest intraday price touched $12.69, higher than the issue price of $33.6%.

Lanting Pavilion set potential this plan to issue 8 million 300 thousand shares of ADS, the transaction code is LITB". The issue price of $9.5 per share, obtained by the IPO financing of approximately $78 million 850 thousand. read more

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Zhan Chenghong traditional enterprises can achieve e commerce we wait and see

"our company has been developing for many years, but in the past year, it is difficult to self financing, into a difficult plight of survival, on the verge of bankruptcy."

our company has just been established, the annual earnings are growing at a rate of 200%."

There is a world of difference between the

of these two enterprises at present environment, but they reflect the real situation of different enterprises within the industry at present China. Success is the result of multiple adjustments according to the changing environment, only a few people can grasp the key issues, fewer people can realize that the fundamental solution is the network marketing. read more

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B2B e commerce marketing new applications two sales

according to the principle of marketing, every new customer development cost is to maintain an old customer’s 2-6 times, and Riker Hyde and Sasse’s theory even proposed: reducing loss rate per 5% of the customers, profits will increase 25%-85%. Combined with the principle of economics, to ensure product quality, reduce the cost of the enterprise is an important way to gradually expand market share, is to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, so as to maximize the profit.

who is in charge of the survival and development of enterprises? read more

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Jingdong crowdsourcing on the line to encourage the square dance aunt express delivery

NetEase science and technology news May 14th news, recently, Jingdong O2O products – Jingdong home formally launched crowdsourcing logistics new model, the model was officially named Jingdong crowdsourcing".

is reported that Jingdong crowdsourcing is the extension and expansion of Jingdong home business, with the aid of social mobility, service more consumers. At present, due to the timeliness of the O2O itself has the characteristics of enterprises to promote continuous innovation to enhance the service experience. When the volume of business increased or increased sharply, with the distribution of power to complete the social networking platform is particularly important. read more

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The suning com 6 big attraction for vertical business

recently has begun a large-scale category expansion, red child is in the bag, where customers, Le bee, and purchase has contact with, is likely to enter the strategic level. After this round of acquisitions and cooperation, has been greatly expanded in baby clothes, beauty, shoes, bags and other categories of SKU, then is likely to be in the food, medicine, tourism and other fields, Home Furnishing, group purchase online auto supplies, open a new round of acquisitions or looking for Strategic partners. At present, for various types of vertical electric organic attractive. read more

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The last sitting roller coaster cross border business is ushered in the 2017 first pot of gold

2017 Spring Festival approaching, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival is all not open around the topic. In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the way to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival appeared new changes: business has become one of the most important shopping way. Among them, the cross-border electricity supplier with foreign special purchases for the Spring Festival has become a new consumption trend. The Spring Festival this year, there is Ali, Jingdong, NetEase, ocean terminal platforms such as collective war Festival special purchases for the Spring Festival which can be seen in 2017, cross-border electricity supplier in the field of competition will become more intense. read more

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