Li Kaifu entrepreneurship is not only smart to start a comprehensive quality

"there are smart people in every industry. I know a lot of smart entrepreneurs. The wise are points in almost any industry, but Li Kaifu thinks that a successful entrepreneurs not to be smart, but also need to have "accept the risk, stress and uncertainty? Willing to focus hard? Have the courage and determination? Whether the fast learning + + strain?" a series of comprehensive quality.

at the same time, entrepreneurs need to humbly accept suggestions and improvements, as well as ways to get the trust of team members. read more

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Taobao is the size of the seller in place of Matthew curse more deeply sad

Taobao is not the past Taobao.

in the past, when many middle school students are still around to apply for QQ number, then Taobao in China is only a little-known online small market, the growth is bound to be full of frustrations and challenges. Taobao performance is very calm, the use of free strategy deeply touched the impulse of Chinese retail nuggets, Taobao set up shop quickly become a trend in the civilian grassroots. Now, after the completion of the rise of Chinese style Taobao, the number of sellers up to about 3000000, has been expanded from the small market to cover half of China’s Internet users of the super market. The so-called grow up, wings will become hard. Now Taobao although not to burn the bridge after crossing it like that cold, but the balance was a big seller to tilt, especially the 78 new rules since the line is caused by small sellers concerns last week’s "99 Hangzhou contradictions" protest again opened up individual sellers with Taobao. Many small sellers can not help but sigh, Taobao is no longer suitable for personal entrepreneurship, the future may be even more unfavorable. read more

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Jingdong double eleven day sales data report 1 days of mobile phone Kuangxiao 200 thousand units

double 11 did not arrive, Jingdong cool shopping spree has been ahead of the first 11 days. From 1 to the beginning of this month, buy 3C, Jingdong letter Jingdong 3C double promotion has been a strong start, the first day of the event will get good results. In November 1st a day, the total sales of mobile phones has exceeded 200 thousand units. The same as the 3C star category IT digital products are equally impressive record, such as a surge in sales of IT storage products within a day to create 298027 units. Jingdong 3C to sales figures confirms the hard hard power double 11 declaration. read more

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