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Hello, will be on the Internet every day wandering around, looking for some new data. Learn something every day. I think the webmaster is the same as me. Today, I will give you some points to promote the experience, but also the latest use of the method. Hope to have some help.

some of the high quality of SEO optimization promotion I will not say, online also has a lot of information in this regard. Here I just say in QQ ask and Baidu know to do some articles.

Which of the following

to answer questions, now drill a loophole is possible, online is introduced. I do know and ask the way Baidu said it is not worth a hair, every day I will have time to ask questions and know Baidu QQ. For example: read more

Huang Taiji hungry strategic investment will focus on the supply chain and the development of new IP

Abstract: platform and content side of a marriage

news today, Huang Taiji announced the hungry investment strategy, the specific amount of founder Huang Taiji said he Chang said, the two sides will depth in food safety, food supply chain cooperation in areas such as investment, build an ecological takeaway.

Huang Taiji since the beginning of last year focused on the central kitchen to build, in the vicinity of the center of the downtown area to choose a relatively low rent, larger than the size of the store operating space, the establishment of the terminal factory store. These factory stores can provide semi-finished products for the cooperation of the processing services and self logistics services. The first time he Chang had 36 Kr said, now takeaway platform pattern has been set, they will with these platforms, the depth of excavation in the end of the supply chain, to become the third party supply chain platform, and constantly create new IP. read more

.CN was a massive attack suspected of network Gang hit the field

China’s top domain name ".CN" is being hit by the biggest cyber attack in history. On the morning of August 25th, ".CN" by the network after the attack, the hacker attacks have lasted more than 1 days, has not yet found who is an attacker.

".CN" domain name department Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) executive director Li Xiaodong said, the biggest feature of this attack is the use of a large flow attack, the flow is hundreds of times the normal traffic, so that part of the ".CN" domain access is affected in the local area. read more

Micro-blog marketing classic case stupid NANA marketing analysis

have you ever eaten an ice cream that can be peeled like a banana (pictured below) if you’re playing social media such as micro-blog and space, you should be more or less impressed. Maybe you’re still looking for an ice cream. See this picture, when you see the ice cream in the supermarket may not be able to buy.

it is Nestle, a listing of the new ice cream, not only made the first team can peel eat ice cream, also made a classic case of the latest micro-blog marketing.

social media performance read more

Adsense growth experience of website promotion

I for the first time in a posting on the site, and is my literary talent in general, if a statement impassability also hope you will forgive me. But the sentence is my personal experience, out to share with you, hope to exchange experience. My QQ330634553

return to the subject, my site after a period of time is finally on the line, experienced during the revision of N, because I am not good at art, so a modification, again not satisfied, feel is finalized, look at the past. The location of the site is very important, but the location is also a very difficult problem, some sites are relatively easy to collect information, some sites are not easy to collect. Like the movie class, tourist class, comprehensive information are better to collect information, but my website is not so easy, I do is publish discount information website, so that information on the Internet to find it really difficult, so we need to vigorously promote, so that businesses know this website. And try to release information, the website also needs a certain degree of visibility, but if they turn back, when the site early no amount of information, but also not well-known. And I personally have a job, just in the spare time to do this, no time to collect information, the amount of information on the Internet is not large. Leading to the site still empty, are the risk to do promotion in such a premise, the majority of visitors to a web page is empty, the next action basically shut down, so, even if has been doing is to promote white pull. Therefore, the amount of information is the most basic living conditions of a web site. read more

Adsense nets first phase of the micro-blog marketing training class began to register

training purposes: with the rapid spread of micro-blog’s new media at home and abroad and widely used, micro-blog is becoming one of the most popular, the most fashionable Internet applications. At the same time, with the continuous focus of micro-blog’s popularity, many companies and institutions are aware of the huge marketing value of micro-blog platform. Through this training system, let the person / company micro-blog know how to do micro-blog, how to quickly increase the fans? How to use micro-blog to micro-blog marketing, can help companies get more promotion and opportunities. read more

Jingdong hand Q shopping portal will be distributed 1 billion yuan on the red line tomorrow

[Abstract] not long ago, WeChat also launched online shopping portal Jingdong, which will greatly enhance the turnover of its mobile terminal.


technology news (Le Tian) August 7th news, Jingdong announced today that the Jingdong QQ mobile phone shopping entrance will be officially launched in August 8th, Jingdong recently announced the launch of the Jingdong in August QQ mobile phone shopping festival: all kinds of red envelopes activities through mobile phone synchronization, QQ has sent to the consumer a total value of 1 billion yuan red Jingdong. read more

Daily topic where to go to the United States IPO is really a loss listed

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 15th news, October 1st where to go to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission submitted the prospectus, where to be listed on the New York stock exchange, under the symbol "QUNR", the maximum amount of financing does not exceed $125 million. However, where IPO plans to be questioned by the industry as a cumulative loss of up to 150 million yuan, or even to borrow from Baidu. Where to say, is currently silent period, do not respond. read more

Integration of the film industry in the next few years will continue to deepen the development of th

in recent years, the state has introduced a number of policies to support the development of cultural industries, the film industry. Especially in June 2014, the "notice" on the development of certain economic policies to support the film’s release, proposed by the special funds of cultural industry, tax preference, construction of theater set up a fund subsidies, support the development of the film industry. The development of the film industry ushered in a period of dividend policy. 2014 Chinese film industry revenue 29 billion 639 million yuan, compared with the box office in 2013 was an increase of 36.15% in the Chinese economy under the new normal, for the past fourth years to maintain a high growth rate of 30%. At present, the film industry overall prosperity, but for the future of the film industry, Bona Film Group Chairman Yu Dong in the "2014 Sohu financial reform summit said that the next 10 years, the film company will face strong capital Internet Co coerced, mergers and acquisitions, and said:" the future of the film company BAT will work". read more

Warn those who want to get rich website owners

      now the webmaster is not the old webmaster, remember in 2000 when he has a few static web page display on the network feel good scenery. Today, even if there is a so-called website other people feel very normal. More than hundreds of millions of Chinese webmasters, the site is more like ants. If you want to be a leader, you have to pay a lot of effort and cost.

      remember to open the webmaster in Chongqing, and a few webmaster friends eat together. One of my friends called me and his website, I was careful to listen to his words, asked him what a good idea. He started out as a "good 123" as an example. Say "good 123" is full of static web site to sell tens of millions, and then take the GJJ for example, said a garbage site (GJJ at the meeting said his station is rubbish station, so the friend borrowed his words.) It also received hundreds of thousands of liquidated damages. Then I asked him what he was going to do? Do you have any plans? He replied that we do a web site. I refused to hear him here, and I’m not talking to him. read more

Daily topics from the valuation of $100 million to close the anonymous social originator secret

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 30th news, according to foreign media news, foreign anonymous social networking applications Secret announced that it will close. The application was launched in 2014 and survived for only 16 months.

Secret listed in February 2014, the peak of the download amount of more than 10 million. Just after the launch of a month, Secret from Google venture capital and KPCB and other investors in the hands of $8 million 600 thousand in financing, capital side fully demonstrates the good potential for the development of the company’s judgment. In the short term there have been a number of followers to imitate the competition, such as China’s local no secret and so on, in 2014 called anonymous social software blowout. read more

Report said half of the site has been closed

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released "2012 annual China network group purchase market data monitoring report" shows that as of the end of 2012, the national total birth group purchase website 6177, of which 56% of the group purchase website has been closed". The report warns that the feedback rate is still low, the quality of service needs to be improved.

China e-commerce research center is headquartered in Hangzhou, third party e-commerce research institutions. The latest release of the report shows that in 2012 the full year, China’s online shopping market turnover reached 34 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 61%. The full year, the number of the group purchase market showed "N" trend, industry consolidation trend gradually, along with the rapidly growing popularity of mobile Internet, the fourth quarter began to rise in the number of offered. read more

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central authority for the record ho

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the administration of communication record hotline number name registration hotline 1 Hebei Provincial Communications Authority 0311-12300 0311-86699039 0311-86859958 2 028-87013129 3 Communication Management Bureau of Sichuan province Hainan Province Communications Authority 0898-66533681 0898-66533682 4 Communication Management Bureau of Shandong province 0531-82092828 5 Communication Management Bureau of Guangdong province 020-87628386 6 Communication Management Bureau of Jiangsu Province 025-85039806 7 Qinghai Provincial Communications Administration 0971-8588284 8 Communication Management Bureau of Shaanxi province 029-88333377 9 Communication Management Bureau of Hubei province 027-87796899 10 Communication Management Bureau of Shanxi province 0351-8788032 0351-8788039 11 0471-6684145 0471-6684170 12 the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Communications Administration Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region Communications Authority of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region communications authority 0771-2628411 0891-6329494 13 0771-2639992 14 in Anhui Province Communication Management Bureau of Chongqing communications administration 0551-5680622 15 023-68583779 023-12300 16 0951-12300 17 the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region communications authority of Tianjin communications administration 022-60351158 18 Communication Management Bureau of Heilongjiang province 0451-53005815 19 Communication Management Bureau of Jilin province 0431-8925397 20 Communication Management Bureau of Jiangxi province 0791-6218176 0791-6252504 21 Communication Management Bureau of Hunan province 0731-2338652 0731-2338625 22 Communication Management Bureau of Gansu province 0931-4501253 0931-4501254 23 Shanghai communications administration 021-63905006 24 Communication Management Bureau of Henan province 0371-65795110 0371-65795119 0371-65330166 25 Communication Management Bureau of Fujian province 0591-28355716 26 Communication Management Bureau of Yunnan province 0871-3557966 27 Communication Management Bureau of Zhejiang province 0571-87078277 28 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region communications authority 0991-5858733 29 Communication Management Bureau of Guizhou province 0851-1230 0 0851-5624224 Liaoning Provincial Communications Authority 024-86581199 Beijing communications authority 31 010-63310094 read more

Mobile applications a game between user privacy and business interests

Tencent Francisco (Qindao) Beijing on August 4th news, according to foreign media reports, as more and more enterprises begin to provide highly accurate services through online activities and customized tracking and monitoring user’s buying behavior, they also came to a dilemma that how to balance the fork in the road, commercial value and user privacy.

mobile network is ubiquitous, and has the characteristics of real-time, it is more powerful than the network function, providing us with a new perspective to look at their own way of life and work. Mobile has created a new dimension, produced including the location, speed and direction, and the location of objects and people’s proximity and interaction mode and tone change mode of hundreds of new parameters, they can be used to track and analyze the user behavior. read more

Network promotion need to know the three basic points

      used to be some personal webmaster or into the network company to do the promotion of cooperation in QQ or MSN friends asked me how to promote their website or company’s website. At the beginning, I would also like to think about their site, and then I have to tell them the three unified points. As long as the depth of understanding of these three points, basically know how to promote this network. The first point is better grasp, second points need to spend some time to investigate and analyze, the third point will need their own time accumulated experience.                   considered myself a little network since the promotion of experience, in fact, as long as the previous 2 points clear, then do third, even if the promotion experience is not very rich. But it is also more effective than blindly to promote the work will be more efficient.
A: read more

The thirty-second CNNIC report of the fourth chapter Internet applications of Internet users

Tencent science and technology news July 17th news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today in Beijing, the thirty-second China Internet development statistics report. The report shows that as of the end of June 2013, China’s netizens reached 591 million, Internet penetration rate of 44.1%.

below is the report of the fourth chapter: Internet based resources

one, the overall Internet application status

in the first half of 2013, China’s Internet users to maintain the status of the application of the Internet in 2012, the development trend is relatively stable. Instant messaging as the first Internet applications, Internet users continue to rise; e-commerce applications continue to maintain rapid development; e-mail, forums, /BBS and other traditional Internet usage continues to decline. read more

Re shot! Tired million yuan to sell the domain name 292.com and 277.com

renamed China (eName.cn) November 30th news, recently broke nearly ten million yuan price with digital domain name 00.com and in the main big tired, the day before the average price of millions of the price series sold 3 digital domain 292.com and 277.com domain, attracted numerous investors’.

figure: tired Lord million sold 292.com and 277.com


domain name 292.com and 277.com in addition to its simple and easy to remember, suitable to build various types of Web sites, but also are understood as "love is love" and "beloved wife" homophonic, especially suitable for dating websites. read more

The rebate rebate network and the core difference lies in whether the charges

recently "Fujian 100 mall", "the Wenzhou business alliance", "Pacific direct purchase" and a number of illegal sites under the banner of "rebate" quanqian activities frequently traced to the largest online shopping, let’s first venture investment return is one of the "rebate network platform" and the third party rebates shopping guide industry innocent gun. The day before the "rebate network" the official micro-blog issued a questionnaire which is renamed, rumors outside the rebate network was discredited, in order to get rid of negative influence to its industry. Therefore, the "rebate network" CEO Ge Yongchang in Beijing in June 19th the media conference for the first time to respond, and tell users to distinguish true and false rebate mode its essence difference is whether the charges. read more

Live online hormone economy change from show to star

[Abstract] online show mode is no longer satisfied with making ambiguous, and greater ambitions betting on a star".

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on November 6th

originates in the human nature "hormone economy" let YY voice, six rooms, 9158 landed the first bucket of gold online show mode. The business circles, copy the mature business model has become a shortcut, high revenue and video show from the mobile terminal to appear more and more entrants started fighting for a piece of cake. read more