Coffee shop operating profit point

business for each and every one is a long and bumpy journey, so is the food and beverage industry in the coffee business, but compared to other food items of the cafe to return the funds for longer periods of time. Moreover, the domestic coffee consumption habits are still being developed, coffee audience is not very large. The coffee shop wants to survive, it is necessary to look for potential store profit point.

must know employees is the founder of coffee franchise profits, so the operator must always focus on staff training, the training covers many aspects, in the arrangement of employees to participate in training, the best employees to choose training courses, weaknesses complement, strengths optimization, training should focus on practicality, more professional knowledge, more professional sales skills, in order to deepen customer trust in you, and you have to end the transaction. read more

Cold drink shop investment attention

now a lot of central city temperature has suddenly soared to 30 degrees, high temperature, cold start in their sales, this time, if the investment is cold, nature is a popular choice, then invest in cold stores, need to pay attention to what?

select cold stores to join, must conscientiously and collect the relevant data of the investigation, not blind to see some exaggerated advertising, and some digital advertising, make a decision. There are three major issues must pay attention to:

franchise brand: read more

Elevator voice advertising brings creative opportunities

When the

bus we see or hear of every hue of advertising, and the elevator speech advertising is very fresh, it also brings great business opportunities for the people, the achievements of a general rich life.

One day

2010 in March, Ma Pengyuan took the bus to the road in the city, get off before heard "XXX refrigerator to remind you to WITHUB time". This is the voice of the Linyi public transport station advertising, with the discovery of new things and the sensitivity of the media, he put this form of advertising in mind. read more

How to join Taiyuan Wanda happy lemon

now know Wang Jianlin, Wanda Plaza, the most popular consumer, almost is to open a fire, had never seen such a hot business, of course in a small shop in the Wanda Commercial Brand naturally not too inferior, for example, then we have to say Taiyuan Wanda happy lemon.

Taiyuan Wanda happy lemon, delicious drinks, leading fashion, excellent brand, strong competitiveness. Choose to join the happy lemon, not only to choose a good brand, but also the choice of cooperation with the strength of the enterprise. Now become Taiyuan Wanda happy lemon franchisee, backed by the strength of the enterprise, in the full support of the headquarters, to create your wealth! So, Taiyuan Wanda Wanda Taiyuan happy lemon? Happy lemon procedure what read more

Eight open shop must know the trick

a lot of people have the intention to start a business, and now the network is very developed, open shop does not need too much capital investment, it is very suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Open shop need to pay attention to what matters? The trick here is eight open shop must know:

A, do not repeat the information release: don’t think that the information released and more people see the chances will increase. When the customer enters your shop to see a lot of duplication of information, and ultimately can only bring the opposite effect, will cause the customer’s sense of distrust, that you are in a random message. read more

Cute ice cream ice cream joined by everyone praise

has the characteristics of delicacy join the project choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the lovely snow gelato project, open her own lovely snow gelato stores, undoubtedly, is very business choice!

lovely snow gelato can not only produce monochrome and color ice cream, but also make rainbow ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, pasta gourd waterfall ice cream, ice cream, ice cream and other jungle Edelweiss more than and 10 different shapes of hundreds of ice cream, let consumers eat is awfully, firmly grasp the consumer taste. read more

Sichuan to the introduction of new projects

this era has been able to develop so prosperous as it is now, there must be new social forces. Because it can support the theme of the society or the younger generation, although no experience, but they failed capital, have accumulated experience time. Who is not all from scratch, nothing is not terrible, terrible is that you do not have an understanding of the heart. This principle can be applied to all aspects of life, such as food and beverage industry, the traditional old brand nature more representative, but if there is no fresh blood into the older generation, things will only faster. Sichuan in the franchise industry in the following the rise of investment projects. read more

More than 2 women in Chongqing to embark on the road through policy support

female entrepreneurship has been a hot topic in society, however, influenced by the traditional trend of thought, many people are not optimistic about female entrepreneurship. But the construction of human civilization can not be separated from the women’s pay, female entrepreneurship will become, should also become an important part of China’s future innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Teach novice how to become a good brand women’s agent

brand women’s agent has a good brand effect, thus attracting a lot of entrepreneurial beginners to join, but even if there is the strength of the women’s brand, want to do a good job agency business is not easy. Beginners choose foreign trade brand agent to be ready.

beginners will shop a problem is to supply, many people do not know where the store is good, want to find a good reputation, well-known suppliers. So how to choose a good brand of women’s clothing?

1, as the women’s agents have to learn to observe, to do more stores to promote marketing and publicity. Because the consignment is no risk, so there is no corresponding pressure. If you want to do brand dealers need to expand, they have a strong sense of urgency, always give yourself pressure, pressure is the driving force, often to the forum to see the experience of others, and common progress and brand agents. read more

Kawangka tea with Entrepreneurship

delicious healthy Kawangka tea, in the US, is always very popular with. Streets, as long as it is able to see the place, there will always be a lot of people in the long queue. Do not guess, it must be Kawangka milk tea shop. So, to join the Kawangka tea project, what are you waiting for?

good and healthy products is the foundation, only to ensure that the quality of the product taste to have the market, it is only effective development. Kawangka is such a tea brand, Kawangka R & D team brings together the food industry professional elite, adhere to the 60 days a new, in order to ensure each stores have strong and sustained competitiveness and fresh vitality! read more