85 after the young couple venture by Beijing open market lacquer shop

life is all we know about painting, whether in ancient times or modern lacquer, use is very extensive, but also more conspicuous! Mention of lacquer, you know how much? As a Chinese extension of lacquer art in recent years passed, from which we are near or far? If say much, because it’s too long process, from raw materials, production to use modern shaorenwenjin; if in fact, lacquer products never left our daily life, even to a small bowl.

old white and small met in college, with the art of professional learning lacquer production. Professional choice of some "accidentally" means, two people do not understand what to paint. But the grandmother in front of the old white there are antique street, from the junior high school began to stall often in some small stuff. read more

At the 2015 summer stall skill teaching

summer, and in the evening the best time to start the night market, many small entrepreneurs have begun to stall. Business owners if done well, a lot of profits, so like how to be successful?

1: to spread the goods, product novelty, difference and similar baidenan products;

2, supply: as far as possible from the manufacturer to take goods in large quantities, quality assurance, the price is still low, cheap and fine is the key to attract eyeballs;

3, stock, and manufacturers will bargain purchase, accumulation of experience, much to the wholesale market around, natural style influenced by read more

Gold wine advertising why give up emotional appeal

for Shi Yuzhu’s products, it can be said that the market are very familiar with, because of the unique advertising operations, so that they are households. But after melatonin, gold partner, gold wine market, the result is not so significant, which is closely related to nature and its advertising campaign. Among them, it was the beginning of the use of emotional appeal, the effect is not bad, but why give up later?

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131 multinational technology transfer project is expected to settle in Jiangsu

enterprise development can not be separated from the superb technology, so the introduction of technology can not be ignored, 131 of the multinational technology transfer project is expected to settle in Jiangsu. Last week, the first China – Central and Eastern European countries innovation cooperation conference and the Fifth International Research Cooperation Forum and the International Conference on technology transfer in Ning ended. 14, the provincial government held a special press conference to introduce the relevant circumstances and results. Reporters learned that during the general assembly, one on one to negotiate docking more than and 300 multinational technology transfer projects, of which 131 are expected to achieve cooperation intentions. read more

How do the cold noodle business

catering project is entrepreneurship gold project, cold noodle restaurant industry is a low cost and high profit is the traditional snack items, widely welcomed by the people, there are a lot of people like the country, especially female friends.

management mainly includes two modes: cold noodle shop, shop affordable level, investment management pattern is different in different.

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What is the reason for the sale of products

What is the reason why

products are not sold? From the general direction, the reason for selling may be because the product is not good, the service is not in place, there may be pricing problems. Here is not a detailed description of these three points, mainly from the pricing problem for you to analyze the reasons for the sale of the product, look at it!

1. overpriced

What is the reason why

products are not sold? If the enterprise product pricing regardless of market specific circumstances from the requirement of the enterprise to pricing, will cause the product to the shelf after consumers refuse to put and not sell the situation. read more

Join the breakfast porridge how ruminate

as everyone knows, the grain is well-known consumer products of modern health, then you know the grain are refers to which of the five kinds of cereal? Commonly used in modern Chinese, generally refers to the grain of rice, wheat, soybean, corn, potato, also used to other than rice and flour as food grains, and grain also refers to food crops, grain crops and so collectively. Grain is one of the necessities of life, to ensure the health of people, loved by the people.

How about the

grain ruminate porridge for breakfast? How many projects do you want to join? What does it have to join? read more

SOE reform program introduced concern

recently, one thing we should concern the domestic ice is the reform of state-owned enterprises, in recent days, a new round of SOE reform plan is introduced, let’s look at the specific content of the reform of state-owned enterprises.

the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued the "guiding opinions on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). This is a programmatic document to guide and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era, and will open a new chapter in the development of state-owned enterprises. read more

To open a noodle shop to feature any good business skills

is a unique, innovative delicacy is now has been well received by consumers, especially the characteristics of noodle stores is the preferred business a lot of entrepreneurs, but also a lot of consumers preferred delicacy characteristic Noodle Eating, therefore has a characteristic noodle tremendous development opportunities in the market, want to operate better, get more revenue from, to better grasp the corresponding management skills:

1, miuccia. Can not hire people try not to hire, can reduce costs, and make their own direct contact with customer, understand customer needs, timely on their work, to improve services, can narrow the distance with the guest and gradually establish a relationship between friends. read more

Open shop is not difficult to address the need to pay attention to

open physical stores need to pay attention to many problems, such as site selection is a very important part, if you want to open the store, you have to pay attention to the location of a lot of. This is to look at the location of the store to pay attention to what!

1, the store can be selected to meet the business objectives. For example: to be able to operate the restaurant business than other types of high value, because not all shops can get environmental protection, industry and commerce, fire and other departments agreed. read more

You need to join the success of several successful factors

      is very important for dessert to join the project, and entrepreneurs in any industry this industry on the market of entrepreneurs dream of things through this project to create a better. However, for some entrepreneurs, in order to better entrepreneurs in this industry wealth, then entrepreneurs must grasp the success factors of this industry. Next, what are the success factors we have a detailed talk about rich dessert stores


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The investment shop entrepreneurs to win the competition need what tricks

competition is a very normal thing, for the current business market in the business for the current market, it is difficult to find a no rival industry, a street, a neighborhood you will find that there are three or four laundry, five or six convenience stores, seven or eight hair shops, more than and 10 restaurants, twenty stalls…… No industry without competitors. So, how to set up venture entrepreneurs to win competition?

The best strategy for

is to plan and develop its own competitiveness and strategy against other competitors at the beginning of the business. read more

Why are Chinese fast food so popular

food and beverage industry know the total share of food in the fast food market, Chinese fast food items exclusive ninety percent, even before the western fast food will be launched for China taste Chinese meal, that the Chinese fast-food consumer market demand is big. If you also want to open a Chinese fast food restaurant, in order to be a good business, brand choice is critical, then the Chinese fast food franchise which good? Xiao Bian recommended for you to fast off Chinese fast food. What is the Chinese fast food? Look at the following introduction you know. read more