Welfare! Tmall officially released 2014 double 11 price list

"double 11" in sight, I believe that many people have to buy one in eager for a fight, a pen. The official Tmall micro-blog has just released the 2014 double 11 the most complete explosion of promotional list contains 17 tabs, 1500 variety of double 11 hottest commodities, that can bring some help "cut the hand".

from this list, this year 11 of the explosion models of promotional products including electrical appliances, beauty, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, underwear, shoes, sports shoes, women bags, outdoor sports, life, travel, home improvement stores, baby car, culture, medicine and other Home Furnishing multiple classification, each product provides detailed name of commodity, price, market price, double 11 commodity details and recommendations. read more

What explains the UNIQLO leave Jingdong

not to fall, has been eventful, in recent days, the first is the fitting room, then the event’s Jingdong and a writer of contradictions, and finally to leave the Jingdong in UNIQLO, as if the whole world was filled with the Jingdong and the Jingdong in UNIQLO’s taste, the shop is only 3 months, why choose to leave, leave it also explains what


continue to introduce well-known brands of Jingdong and careful selection of electronic business platform’s

for Jingdong mall, the expansion of the road from 3C to multi category is already self-evident, from GAP, New Balance, PUMA, Kapa, Elle, Jingdong is trying to introduce well-known international brands. In cooperation with UNIQLO, said Jingdong had deliberately opened in Shanghai, an area of 10 thousand and 600 square meters warehouse service alone, only to pay more attention to the service Jingdong UNIQLO, UNIQLO this remarkable. read more

Ali SAIC Yuezhan repercussions of Suning play through marketing

[Abstract] Suning today bursts of 6 page advertisement is directed at the Alibaba signs, and fierce.


technology news (Sun Hongchao) January 30th news, around a fake report, Alibaba and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently frequent chunqiangshezhan. Ali and competitors are not idle, today, Suning played for this marketing occasion.

today issued the "Yangtze Evening News, Suning bursts of 6 page advertisement is directed at the Alibaba signs and vehemence:" keep healthy, people always have a dream, but never steal "," dare to face, Li Kui Li Gui, the second stage is not to separate the mistress "and" go the right way the user is God, not money "and" don’t get lip, not play showy "and" rules on track, Cheng Fangyuan, outside the law without privileges "," modified fruit, do not earn the money to earn money". read more

Micro business will have a brilliant future against death

I don’t know since when the micro business seems to have become the common enemies of hatred. See the "derivative" two words, my heart will be unable to restrain the emotions to emerge scraper, advertisement and other cheating harassment, are all detained on the micro circle of friends malicious marketing hat. Some people even put the sellers circle of friends is equivalent to WeChat electricity supplier, concludes that social electricity supplier WeChat based on death. I think that in this logic to explain the micro business, not only hasty and narrow, if you want to do a comprehensive understanding of micro business, first derivative. read more

QQ online shopping how to succeed in innovation

said "QQ online shopping", everyone might not know or is used, this is actually a Tencent’s derivatives, and not related to the previous QQ mall, pat on the platform independent electricity supplier, an independent B2C platform, although its original position in the high-income white-collar crowd. But a long time to receive the effect is not so obvious, what reason is this? What needs to be improved in


one, how to treat QQ online shopping?

We all know that

Tencent is doing Internet technology started, the development of more than ten years accumulated a large number of user groups, and in a way to enter the electricity supplier industry effect is not so ideal, and Jingdong, Dangdang veteran business platform can not be compared, what is the reason? In my personal point of view: the so-called 70% belongs to the electronic commerce business, 30% belongs to the electronics, especially in the early development of the business accounted for the proportion is larger, and such as Tencent Internet Co although there are powerful technology as gene, but the lack of traditional business gene, before the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum "Baidu has ah" is a a typical example. read more

What is the biggest loss of small businesses Taobao

now on Taobao news constantly, and "small merchant network siege after the event, people have speculated that Taobao should abandon the small businesses", and the biggest question is "Taobao blamed on small businesses xiemoshalv", "Taobao is one-sided betrayal of small businesses, small businesses have lost the survival ground. Few people ask, from small businesses, what is Taobao loss? Do small businesses for Taobao is just a pile of rubbish, just throw it away?

a, abandoned small businesses, Taobao will lose the most fundamental competitive advantage read more

200 cities in the United States to implement the one day Sanda service

sales revenue and same store sales for five consecutive quarters to maintain double growth to the United States is no longer conservative determination. Beijing Daily reporter learned yesterday from the United States, the United States will launch a "one day Sanda in 200 city nationwide at the end of the year (morning, afternoon, evening of), accurate delivery, send installed sync service, in 2016 expanded to more than 400 city. This also indicates that the future focus of the United States will be transferred to the online. read more

Amoy Business School the establishment of an independent shop seller for Taobao

to the construction of independent shop started in Shanghai Business School (ShopEx) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: ShopEx), recently established a new Department – the department specifically for Taobao in the seller service. The business group of customers, but also naturally divided into "Taobao" and "Taobao" two parts.

this change from last year, Taobao launched the "Amoy plan". In this plan, Taobao decided to gradually open cooperation, specialized division of labor by the brain to promote e-commerce ecosystem. So, from dozens of IT, channel, marketing, logistics and warehousing service providers quickly joined the Amoy team, the business school is one of them. read more

Ma left new line retail strokes kill love change

China cultural heritage of the classical idiom to describe the change of the traditional retail industry: thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years, Wuji become the phoenix.

Internet era is seen as the mainstream of the traditional retail industry has recently been optimistic. In the A stock market, the retail sector overall rise in December 7th, of which 7 stocks daily limit, including Hualian, Sanlian company, Sanjiang shopping, buy happiness, BBK, Baida group and Rainbow Department store.

coincidentally, before this year 12, the U.S. online retail giant Amazon announced in Seattle opened the line convenience store "Amazon Go", the store features a customer from the checkout line trouble, "Li Li go take". Amazon said that if the market reaction to the Amazon Go good, it plans to open more than 2 thousand stores in the United States, the whole entity. read more

Electricity providers have released two quarter earnings Dangdang earnings huge loss of 580 million

recently, Jingdong Mall (hereinafter referred to as Jingdong) surrendered after the United States listed the first earnings report, Jingdong in the second quarter of 2014 net loss widened to $580 million. Prior to this, the industry rivals vip.com, Dangdang also announced second quarter earnings, are profitable.

investment adviser senior researcher Xue Shengwen told Nanfang Daily interview, said the amortization of intangible assets and equity incentive cooperation with Tencent, Jingdong is an important reason for the loss. Electricity supplier industry gross margin is low, and even losses will not affect the capital investment enthusiasm. Electricity supplier is a trend of development, the current electricity supplier companies are competing for the market stage, the future once the pattern of stability, profitability is inevitable." read more

Li Kaifu entrepreneurship is not only smart to start a comprehensive quality

"there are smart people in every industry. I know a lot of smart entrepreneurs. The wise are points in almost any industry, but Li Kaifu thinks that a successful entrepreneurs not to be smart, but also need to have "accept the risk, stress and uncertainty? Willing to focus hard? Have the courage and determination? Whether the fast learning + + strain?" a series of comprehensive quality.

at the same time, entrepreneurs need to humbly accept suggestions and improvements, as well as ways to get the trust of team members. read more

Taobao is the size of the seller in place of Matthew curse more deeply sad

Taobao is not the past Taobao.

in the past, when many middle school students are still around to apply for QQ number, then Taobao in China is only a little-known online small market, the growth is bound to be full of frustrations and challenges. Taobao performance is very calm, the use of free strategy deeply touched the impulse of Chinese retail nuggets, Taobao set up shop quickly become a trend in the civilian grassroots. Now, after the completion of the rise of Chinese style Taobao, the number of sellers up to about 3000000, has been expanded from the small market to cover half of China’s Internet users of the super market. The so-called grow up, wings will become hard. Now Taobao although not to burn the bridge after crossing it like that cold, but the balance was a big seller to tilt, especially the 78 new rules since the line is caused by small sellers concerns last week’s "99 Hangzhou contradictions" protest again opened up individual sellers with Taobao. Many small sellers can not help but sigh, Taobao is no longer suitable for personal entrepreneurship, the future may be even more unfavorable. read more

Jingdong double eleven day sales data report, 1 days of mobile phone Kuangxiao 200 thousand units

double 11 did not arrive, Jingdong cool shopping spree has been ahead of the first 11 days. From 1 to the beginning of this month, buy 3C, Jingdong letter Jingdong 3C double promotion has been a strong start, the first day of the event will get good results. In November 1st a day, the total sales of mobile phones has exceeded 200 thousand units. The same as the 3C star category IT digital products are equally impressive record, such as a surge in sales of IT storage products within a day to create 298027 units. Jingdong 3C to sales figures confirms the hard hard power double 11 declaration. read more