Valuation of 25 billion Watsons is how to do

brand development, need to be recognized by the market, in order to further sublimation, which naturally can not be separated from consumers. Recently, Hongkong’s Ming Pao reported, Li Jiacheng’s Hutchison Whampoa  group (hereinafter referred to as and yellow)’s Watsons is listed on the stock market, the valuation of up to $25 billion (about $195 billion).

the first trump card: the strategic acquisition of

2000, Watsons Western Europe, the acquisition of British Savers chain; 2002 to the East, the acquisition of Holland Kruidvat group; in 2004, the successful acquisition of Drogas company in Latvia, marking the Watsons to enter the Baltic country market and the victory of
; read more

Liaoning launched a number of high gold content entrepreneurship support policies

China is currently the lack of innovation and cultivation mechanism, the innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy in the entrepreneurial project to open up the green channel, but also actively cultivate innovative talents. The establishment of various types of business incubation base and entrepreneurial service facilities, so that the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship in China continues to increase.

11 30, learned from the Liaoning provincial government, the provincial government office "on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship implementation opinions" was issued before the day. Which proposed to build new public record space in Shenyang, Dalian; Zhongguancun to promote the implementation of 6 pilot innovation policy in the high-tech zone; support key industrial parks, incubators, the establishment of the introduction of angel investment fund; open "loan Easy Access" and a series of "gold high policy measures. read more

Take you to understand the red light beef noodle shop to join

what do you think of a beef noodle shop? Small I feel will be good, give a person a kind of heroic sky feeling, think about what the old inn, big mouth to eat meat, drink, eat the big picture, and then restore modern scene, it is a very interesting thing. To say that the famous beef noodle shop, Xiaobian I recommend to you a red light beef noodle restaurant.

a red light on the beef noodle

red light beef noodle shop is one of the ten major food and beverage enterprises in Chengdu, the taste of our brand. The red lanterns have been CCTV4 SCTV7, beef noodle shop, CDTV2 television reported, and won the ten Sichuan Sichuan food shops, restaurants, fried chrysanthemum vice president of catering units and many other awards. Sichuan consumers have been widely recognized and supported. read more

Zhengzhou City Housing Authority convenience services

in life, a lot of departments, plays an important role for the broad masses of the people’s lives, provides great convenience. This time, the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority for the current status of a society, actively introduced a number of convenience measures to serve the broad masses of the people. So, Zhengzhou City Housing Authority of the convenience of services which?

pay maintenance fund, can be applied in advance, convenience service vehicles into the community; do mortgage, to the bank on the line; query property archives business surge, the establishment of temporary window…… Yesterday morning, the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority to carry out publicity activities outside the hall in the East, and the introduction of a new temporary window of convenience services, welcomed by the public to come to business. read more

The Mid Autumn Festival is not easy to start 4 projects recommended hot

look at the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and thought that the autumn harvest season is in progress, do you have a clue? Not afraid, afraid to do business! Golden ideas, different from other traditional entrepreneurial projects, has its own unique advantages and characteristics, to get rich quick! Xiao Bian today to give you some inspiration, take a look at the following 4 does not want to get rich to have entrepreneurial golden ideas


entrepreneurial golden ideas program?? separation agency, as with the other half say "Bye Bye" read more

How to choose a snack bar to make money

to open a good shop, we must first select the site, it can be seen, shop location problem is very important. Some people want to open a snack bar, but do not know how to choose, so how to choose a snack bar to make money? Here we recommend some site skills, I hope to help you.

snacks should identify the method and position, preparatory is essential, only to do the preparatory work in order to better business, have a good business address, is to ensure that the business has a geographical advantage, but also conducive to the development of. Do not think that the store should not be more places to enter, such as open in the community next to the snack bar is a good choice. read more

Spicy emperor is still hot pot to eat authentic food

eat food, people want food to meet a basic point: authentic. Eat spicy hot pot to eat not authentic taste how to do? It may be that you do not go to the hot pot is still spicy pot. The headquarter of careful research formula, to create authentic taste, so that consumers did not.

Huangshang spicy spicy pot stewed fried boiled stew set four cooking methods, will be the main staple food, incense pot, snacks and drinks into the menu, select more, full of spicy! Huangshang spicy pot introduction Hot pot technology, characteristics of four kinds of Sichuan Shabu to meet different consumer expectations, all diners eat praise, high turnover. read more

Spicy spicy pot to join the five do not make money

what kind of food and beverage to join the project is worthy of your trust, a company with only six months to attract more than and 300 companies to join the brand value is not worth. The answer, of course, is yes. Such a hot food and beverage project is a ringing in our ears, spicy five flavors pot, then this hot taste of the way there is a pot of taste, how about we go together to find out about it, let us know how to do it in the first place, we have to do it.

join the hot pot of five flavors do not make money? read more

Network card ten brands list

familiar with the computer should know that the quality of the network card, the use of the computer will have considerable influence. The card is the network components in data link layer, is connected with the computer interface and the transmission medium in the LAN, not only can realize the connection between the LAN and the physical transmission medium and the electrical signal, also relates to the sending and receiving of the frame, the packing and unpacking, medium access control, data encoding and decoding and data cache the function etc.. read more

Sun Lin junior high school male 1 years to make up the annual salary of 200 thousand hot pot Store M

business is a lot of people have had the idea, but not all of them will go to really realize it, some people can feel to do poineering work become reality, finally saw the harvest, to talk about today is a young man to start their own business success story, interested please look after go on! ~ renlaifeng keen catering

2009 Spring Festival, Sun Lin back home rest. Because did not earn any money, Sun Lin feel frustrated, coupled with cousin cousin have read the University, Sun Lin feel no face. Once the Spring Festival, he set out on his way to Wuhan, vowed to mix some tricks, he chose the restaurant, love the lively he likes this line. read more

How to join the brand selection card

Chinese fast food and Western style fast food has its own characteristics, but also has its own shortcomings, Chinese fast food because they want to meet the needs of Chinese people, and how fast there is no fast food and other forms of Western fast food hamburger. The shortage of Western fast food is the first problem of dietary nutrition. Of course, western fast food restaurant investors are not stupid, know how to improve in order to be based on the Chinese market, in such a development trend, the development prospects of Western fast food is still bright. read more

Tea shop how to name the name of a creative tea shop name

fashion tea, is the favorite of young people, open a tea shop, small business, easy operation. Now there are a lot of friends want to open a tea shop, milk tea shop name? How to make a good name for your shop? Today Xiaobian to introduce you to a few creative tea shop name.

1. fingertips tea

2. ice

3. forget

4. a cup of milk tea

5. aftertaste milk tea

6.1:1:1 milk tea

7. gold milk tea

8. thousands of miles outside the tea shop

9. love milk tea

10. Summer Fragrance milk tea shop

11. warm

12. love cup tea read more

Henan green building brings green benefits

in the face of the serious air pollution adhere to the principle of sustainable development is an imperative thing, although many places all know, but in Henan this situation, actively made relevant measures. Henan green building brings green benefits, at present, the province has a total of 22 million 220 thousand square meters, green building evaluation criteria for the 147 projects. Both environmental protection and energy saving advantages, improve the life quality of space, green building is gradually adorn the Central Plains of china. read more

Open a special dessert shop to pay attention to these problems

to open a dessert shop, it is necessary to step by step, in accordance with the plan to operate, you can save a lot of trouble. So, want to open a special dessert shop, need to pay attention to what? Xiaobian this will take you to see.

1. site selection

as long as many people place. The best in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, such as concentrated. Passenger stations, docks and restaurants near unfavorable, because of the high rent shops, and people come and go, not hungry belly, no intention to patronize the dessert shop. read more

Management of the operation of tea shops

tea is a lot of people love, not only taste rich, more nutritious, and carbonated drinks in general than there are many benefits, with the recent rapid development of the beverage industry, currently on the market a variety of tea project too busy to attend to all investors. For many of the tea shop operators, how to make their own tea shop in this fierce competition in the market to get a better development, it is necessary to grasp the way of operation. The following summary on the tea shop business notes and suggestions, we can refer to the use of. read more

Join the chain of survival to circumvent the franchise dispute

joined the chain industry opportunities, but will encounter many problems. Want to join the chain industry to survive, to avoid joining the dispute, a reasonable solution to join the most important contradiction.

franchise this format is currently fast and continuously to the multi industry, cross regional development direction. In this trend, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of cohabitation, some of the poor quality of high priced products are set in all imports, international patents, international certification and other aura. read more

What are the four elements of a good name

Many factors of successful

open a shop to the variety, investors also have very strict requirements, and a good name is undoubtedly a very key point. In short, whether it is to join the shop or self-employed when the boss, to the store or the company to get a good shop name is a very necessary thing. A good name of the store can play a natural propaganda effect, can play a business or a memorable effect. So how to get the name of the shop? Please follow the veteran entrepreneurs to tell you about the name of entrepreneurship. read more

Recommendations for opening a cold drink shop

cold drink shop need to pay attention to what business? Many franchisees want to get more business guidance. In fact, this kind of problem has always been the people often talked about, as long as a little attention, you can learn a lot of knowledge points, Xiaobian summed up some experience, I hope to help businesses do investment management business.

selected entrepreneurial directions: Master Hu a cold store in downtown Shi Liu Xiang told reporters, although not the same age level people will visit the cold store, but the main consumer is still young. Usually adjacent to the campus (the best is a technical secondary school) perhaps the flow of local people, is a good place to open this store. The Chinese people often visit the park in the summer, but also to open such shops. When the hot climate, a good place to open this kind of Wujiang River is small. Just choose a good location, summer cold drink shops do not have to worry about no business." Master Hu said. read more