A true Braille watch seeks funding on Kickstarter

first_imgIf you are blind or visually impaired, even the simplest task such as checking the time on your watch can be cumbersome and sometimes inaccurate. Current solutions include a watch which flips open to allow the wearer to feel numbers in Braille on the face of the watch in conjunction with its hands. A more accurate solution is a digital watch which announces the time, but it’s not practical in many situations and could disturb those around the wearer.That’s why David Chavez, an award winning product designer in San Francisco, has come up with the Haptica Braille Watch. The watch simply lists four numbers in Braille which will allow the wearer to know the time discretely and with better accuracy. Since the watch allows the wearer to check the time so discretely, it is even being marketed to those who are not blind or sight impaired since it only requires knowing how to read the numbers 0-9 in Braille.Chavez hopes to raise $150,000 through Kickstarter by March 4th to get the Haptica Braille Watch developed, sourced and ready for sale. Those who donate $25 will receive a t-shirt with a raised Braille print graphic on it and a special numeric Braille wristband so the wearer can practice reading the numbers on the watch. $250 or more will also get you an actual Hapitca Braille Watch while $500 or more gets you the watch and one or more donated to a charity for the blind. Contributors who donate $5,000 and up will also get a signed copy of the Why Design Now? exhibit catalog which features the watch.Read more at KickstarterKickstarter WristbandKickstarter WristbandKickstarter T Shirtscreen-captureBrian’s OpinionI’m a big fan of this watch design for two reasons. First, it has the potential of enhancing the lives of those who are blind and visually impaired in a big way. Second, it is not only beneficial to the blind and visually impaired, but for the able-sighted as well. That’s a great connection to have, especially since able-sighted wearers need to learn Braille to use the watch.I’m really surprised someone hasn’t though of this watch previously. Perhaps they have, but the technology didn’t exist or they didn’t have the vision to see it through like David Chavez seems to be able to do. Of course, Chavez can’t do it on his own, he needs the help of those who also share his vision.Unlike a new iPad case or iPod nano watch accessory, there is a greater good when it comes to making this Braille watch a reality. Let’s all do what we can to move it forward.last_img read more

Colorations pour cheveux des risques pour la santé

first_imgColorations pour cheveux : des risques pour la santé ?Dans son dernier numéro, le magazine 60 millions de consommateurs a de nouveau tiré la sonnette d’alarme en réitérant ses tests sur les produits de coloration pour cheveux. La majorité contient toujours des substances potentiellement toxiques.Sur les 18 teintures capillaires analysées par 60 millions de consommateurs, 17 contiennent des substances potentiellement toxiques. C’est ce que révèle le numéro d’avril du magazine, qui a décidé de tester une nouvelle fois les produits de coloration dont la composition inquiète depuis plusieurs années.À lire aussiAntihistaminique : qu’est-ce que c’est ? A quoi ça sert ?Si ces teintures assurent sans aucun doute une bonne coloration, le “problème majeur provient des substances potentiellement toxiques” qu’elles contiennent, indique le magazine qui précise également qu’au cours des tests, il a “recensé jusqu’à 15 ingrédients préoccupants dans une seule référence”. Parmi ces substances, sont particulièrement cités l’ammoniaque, le paraphénylènediamine (PPD), le formaldéhyde, le toluène-2,5-diamine-sulfate ou encore le 2,2-methylènebis-4-aminophenol HCl. Les effets secondaires majeurs sont des réactions allergiques dont le risque varie en fonction des individus. Mais le magazine évoque également “un effet mutagène potentiel au delà d’une certaine concentration” alors que le formaldéhyde est déjà reconnu comme cancérigène.Cela fait plus de six ans que l’Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé (Afssaps) reçoit “un nombre croissant de déclarations d’effets indésirables consécutifs à la réalisation de teintures capillaires permanentes”. Si elle contrôle étroitement la composition de ces produits, elle a donc décidé d’émettre une série de recommandations concernant leur utilisation.D’une manière générale, l’Afssaps insiste sur le respect scrupuleux des consignes d’emploi des teintures (lien non disponible). Elle alerte de plus que les réactions allergiques peuvent apparaitre même si le produit mentionne sans ammoniaque ou sans PPD et si aucune réaction n’a été constatée lors d’une touche d’essai. Enfin, elle recommande de conserver l’emballage du produit au moins 1 mois, signalant qu’en cas d’allergies les informations qui y figurent peuvent être utiles.Le 29 mars 2011 à 16:36 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Commodity Classic Registration and Housing Now Open

first_imgCommodity Classic registration and housing reservations are now open online. Rooms are expected to book quickly, so those interested should register as soon as possible.The 20th annual farmer-focused, farmer-led event is scheduled for Feb. 26-28, 2015, at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Ariz. The convention center will house all Commodity Classic events, including the Opening Reception, General Session, Evening of Entertainment, Trade Show, Learning Center Sessions and What’s New Sessions.Commodity Classic hotels are within easy walking distance or provide complimentary shuttle services to and from the convention center. Full Commodity Classic registration includes:• Trade Show access, including lunch on Thursday and Friday and a mid-morning snack on Saturday• General Session• Educational Sessions, including Learning Centers, What’s New Sessions, Mini What’s New Sessions and Early Risers• NEW this year! Complimentary access following the conclusion of this year’s Commodity Classic until next year’s Commodity Classic to view recordings of the 2015 Learning Centers, Early Risers and What’s New sessions• ASA or NCGA banquet (based on space availability, and not guaranteed)• Evening of Entertainment• If you are a grower, grower-family member, media or state staff, full registration also includes the Opening ReceptionIf you are coming to Commodity Classic and plan to attend the ASA Awards Banquet, make sure to sign up soon, because it’s sure to sell out quickly. You can register for the banquet as part of your Commodity Classic registration process. Association banquets are included in full registration fee, based on first-come, first serve availability.The ASA Awards Banquet is Friday, Feb. 27 and begins at 6 p.m. This annual event celebrates the accomplishments of farmer-leaders and industry representatives, whose outstanding work benefits U.S. soybean farmers and the soybean industry. Sponsored by DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto BioAg and United Soybean Board/Soy Checkoff, the banquet offers a night of dinner, awards and entertainment.Check out the 2015 Commodity Classic website for additional information.last_img read more

How to differentiate a pensions offering to attract talent

first_imgWorkplace pension provision has been transformed in the last few years as employers that previously have not offered pensions comply with the auto-enrolment regime. Where the scheme introduced the bare minimum, the homogeneity of contribution levels means employers must look to other features to differentiate their benefits in order to offer an attractive package to retain talented staff. In effect, contributions of 8% will eventually become the new zero.Few employers contribute more than the minimum to auto-enrolled schemes. In fact, the number of employers levelling down their contributions towards staff pensions has increased slightly, according to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Automatic-enrolment evaluation report 2015, published in November 2015, which reveals that the average amount saved per employee fell from £6,370 in 2012 to £4,673 in 2014. Partly, this reflects increased participation levels among lower earners, but the proportion of eligible savers experiencing some form of levelling down by their employers also rose slightly, from 6% before automatic-enrolment was introduced to 8% in 2014.Attractive retirement optionsHowever, stumping up higher contribution rates is not the only way to mark up a scheme. Some schemes offer the full raft of post-retirement freedoms. Around 50% of employers have chosen a multi-employer master trust rather than make their own arrangements, according to The Pensions Regulator’s Automatic-enrolment commentary and analysis, April 2014–March 2015, published in July 2015, and these schemes increasingly offer options at retirement such as income drawdown. Ken Anderson, Head of [defined contribution] DC Solutions at Xafinity, argues that it is prudent to offer post-retirement services because if members leave at retirement to go into a self-invested personal pension (Sipp) or income drawdown plan elsewhere, that arrangement will carry retail charges, as opposed to lower institutional charges, creating a tenfold increase in fees and some very unhappy pensioners.The battle can also be won on user-friendliness and compelling financial planning tools. For example, master trusts from Aon and Towers Watson include tools allowing members to aggregate all their pensions, and other savings such as individual savings accounts (Isas) that they may want to use for funding their retirement, and in this way to come up with creative strategies. Members also receive guidance on the most tax-efficient order in which to encash various investment holdings.Behavioural science techniquesIn communication terms, understanding of behavioural science is improving all the time. Mark Rowlands head of DC services at Mercer, says: “One of the reasons pensions communications fail is that people are hit by 2,500 marketing stimuli per day. We need to cut through the noise of too much information, and then empower people to take action.”He explains that Mercer is working with behavioural science expert Shlomo Benartzi to explore ways to overcome employee inertia. One central tenet is that any call to action must include an opportunity to sign on the dotted line there and then. If, on the other hand, employees attend a pension seminar and come out saying they need to increase their contributions, then unless they can sign up immediately, evidence suggests that six months down the line only 14% will have done so.Auto-escalation also works particularly well if employees are asked to agree to automatic increases in contributions in the month of January, something behavioural scientists call ‘fresh-start syndrome’. Individual communications on birthdays are similarly effective.Responsiveness also varies according to the time of day. Employees are typically more receptive to ideas in the afternoon compared with the morning when they often arrive at the workplace with a pre-set list of things to do.Improve pensions understandingTessa Wishart, senior consultant at Towers Watson, says: “There is so much in the press about pensions, but this does not mean people understand it. The job of employers is to help people get to grips with understanding pensions generally.”That includes hikes in the state pension age and other changes such as the disappearance of the ability to inherit a spouse’s state pension, which could come as a shock to women who have not built up a pot for themselves.“People need very simple steps, and not to be overwhelmed with information,” adds Wishart. “Pensions are not the number-one attraction that makes a person work for a specific [organisation] but if positioned as part of a deal and as part of the brand of an organisation, then employees will value it.”Employee perception of pensionsOthers have noticed a marked shift in perceptions about pensions as a benefit, however. Damian Stancombe, partner at Barnett Waddingham, says that a straw poll the firm conducted at a recent National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF – now the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association) event suggests that the standing of pensions for attracting and retaining staff has fallen back from its previous position as second only to holiday entitlement, as people now have ‘more here-and-now’ issues, such as debt and concern about keeping their jobs.Lee Hollingworth, head of DC consulting at Hymans Robertson, says: “A complete change in approach is required. The sooner it’s accepted that the majority of employees will never fully engage with their pension and make informed decisions, the sooner we can move on to an effective ‘help-me-do-it’ approach.”In this world, for example, investment funds would be selected on behalf of each member.Perhaps the industry is heading to a place where pension providers and consultants should give up trying to help members make informed decisions and actually make the decisions for them.Viewpoint: Pension changes present an opportunity for employers to engage staffMany employees are unconcerned about the value of their pension scheme, if they have a scheme at all, until they are close to retirement. Indeed, many employees are hard pressed to specify the benefits their workplace pension scheme offers.Two things are changing this situation. First, changes to the rules regarding when people can access their pension fund, which came into effect in April 2015. This means that from age 55 onwards people can get access to as much of their pension money as they like, when they want it.Second, the advent of auto-enrolment, making it compulsory for all employers to offer a pension scheme. The government has set minimum levels of contributions that must be paid to the workplace pension scheme by the employer and employee.These changes are a golden opportunity for employers to emphasise the benefits of a staff pension scheme at a time when the topic is constantly in the media. With the labour market tightening and good staff in short supply, a staff pension scheme will be viewed as a significant additional benefit. Such schemes may also prevent existing staff from leaving for other employment. This is particularly the case if the scheme provides benefits better than the auto-enrolment scheme.One message employers need to emphasise is with staff likely to be working until their 70s, pension contributions by an employee in their 20s have nearly 50 years to accumulate benefits. This is a compelling argument that employers need to make.Clive Lewis is head of enterprise at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Need to know:Pensions differentiation does not have to be all about contribution levels. The first step is to help employees understand the benefit.Master trusts can provide great tools and the complete panoply of post-retirement options.Behavioural science can be harnessed to improve pensions engagement, because employees are more receptive in certain environments.last_img read more

Alan Chambers MBE and DLA Piper to speak at Employee Benefits Connect

first_imgEXCLUSIVE: Former royal marine and polar adventurer Alan Chambers MBE (pictured) will deliver the closing keynote address at Employee Benefits Connect 2018, while global law firm DLA Piper will discuss the future of performance.Concluding the conference programme on Wednesday 28 February 2018, Chambers’ closing keynote address, titled ‘The only limits are those of vision’, will focus on how employers can deliver authentic leadership when under pressure.Chambers will discuss the importance of innovation, highlighting why employers should embrace innovation as part of planning processes, and how reactive innovation that responds to changing plans is vital. Linked to this, Chambers will also comment on the need for individuals to remain flexible in order to refine projects and plans once they have been implemented.The keynote session will further explore team culture, demonstrating how leadership can be used to empower individuals, and how culture can be created around teams to allow all members to have input.Also confirmed to speak at Employee Benefits Connect 2018 are Jean Slater-Romp, head of compensation and benefits at DLA Piper, and Michelle Mason, head of talent at DLA Piper. They will present a session titled ‘Alexa, how can I manage performance in a disruptive world?’ as part of the performance conference stream.The session will explore the best ways to identify, manage and reward top talent, as well as analyse the role that technology and artificial intelligence will play in enabling an effective high-performing organisational culture. It will additionally offer practical advice on how employers can navigate the future of performance.Employee Benefits Connect 2018 will take place on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at Park Plaza, Westminster, London.For more information or to book your place.last_img read more

Audi ETron charging plans in Europe are a little convoluted

first_img Transit Tariff Share your voice Basic fee News • 2019 Audi E-Tron SUV range and on-sale date released Audi E-Tron: Check out our first drive of this new EV.Jaguar I-Pace: For comparison’s sake, read up on the I-Pace, too. Audi E-Tron charging schemes 7.95 euro per charge 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value 17.95 euro per month Tags 2019 Audi E-Tron basking in the desert sun Audi has unveiled its charging programs for the E-Tron SUV, its first full-production modern EV, but they’re not exactly straightforward, and while its fast chargers are pricey, it still appears cheaper than filling up with gas.There are two tiers of plan available — City Tariff and Transit Tariff. City Tariff is aimed at shorter-distance commuters, costing a base 4.95 euro (about $6) per month. It offers flat-rate charging for 22-kW AC charging and 50-kW DC charging, with the former costing 7.95 euro (about $9) per charging session and the latter costing 9.95 euro (about $11) per charging session. Transit Tariff offers the same flat charging rate for AC and DC, but its 17.95-euro (about $21) monthly base price also offers access to Ionity’s network of 150-kW fast chargers scattered about Europe. At the start of the program, E-Tron owners will only have to pay 8 euro (about $9) per charging session, but eventually it will switch to a rate of 0.33 euro (about 40 cents) per kWh. Thus, a full top-off of the E-Tron’s 95-kWh battery will eventually cost 31.35 euro (about $36) once the introductory pricing goes away.Here’s a chart that puts all that info in a somewhat more straightforward manner: AC charging (22 kW) N/A 9.95 euro per charge 8.00 euro per charge (for now) 0.33 euro per kWh (later) 4.95 euro per month 9.95 euro per charge 7.95 euro per charge 51 Photos More about 2019 Audi E-Tron Audi Electric Cars Luxury cars SUVs More From Roadshow City Tariff Things get a little more complicated from there. These figures only apply to chargers in Germany at the moment, due to what Audi calls “applicable legal calibration requirements.” However, the program promises access to infrastructure in 10 different countries to start, with six more to follow in the first quarter, finally expanding to eight additional markets in Eastern Europe over the next year or so. Chargers are accessed using an Audi charging card with NFC built in. To sweeten the deal and push users to the higher tier, E-Tron buyers get the first year’s worth of monthly fees waived if they opt for the Transit Tariff package.It’s a little expensive, but it’s still cheaper than a big ol’ tank of petrol. For example, an Audi Q5 SUV has a gas-tank capacity of approximately 75 liters. With gas in Germany costing approximately 1.5 euro (a little under $2) per liter, that would put a full tank of gas at 112.50 euro (about $130). Even if the E-Tron’s battery goes half the distance that a topped-off Q5 can, paying $72 sounds a lot better than paying $130. Under the introductory (per-charge) pricing, it’s even cheaper.Since Ionity’s fast-charging network only exists in Europe, we’ll likely see a vastly different charging structure when the E-Tron goes on sale in the US. It could partner with VW Group’s own Electrify America subsidiary, as Porsche did with the Taycan, but Audi has yet to confirm anything. DC charging (50 kW) Audi Jaguar 0 Post a comment Preview • 2019 Audi E-Tron: A worry-free, all-EV SUV 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better Ionity charging (150 kW) 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealouslast_img read more

Disney Plus will discount a bundle with Hulu and ESPN Plus for

first_img Tags TV and Movies Digital Media Comments Everything we know about Disney Plus The original shows planned for Disney Plus include a big-budget Star Wars spinoff series, The Mandalorian. François Duhamel/Lucasfilm/Disney Plus Disney Plus, the $7-a-month streaming service coming from Disney in November, will be bundled at a discount with the company’s other streaming services: ESPN Plus and the ad-supported version of Hulu. Disney will combine all three subscriptions for $13 a month, CEO Bob Iger said Tuesday, a $5 discount on what you’d pay for the three services separately.That’s the same price as Netflix’s most popular plan in the US. (Iger said that’s a coincidence.) The bundle will be available in the US on Nov. 12, when Disney Plus is set to launch there. Disney also hinted Disney Plus would have reboots based on Fox franchises like Home Alone and Night at the Museum. Disney bought 21st Century Fox for $71.3 billion earlier this year. Iger said Tuesday that Disney is interested in “reimagining” those franchises and others like Cheaper by the Dozen and Diary of a Wimpy Kid “for a new generation.” In another effect of its Fox takeover, Iger said Disney may create FX shows that premiere on Hulu but ultimately end up running on the traditional network.Disney Plus is one of the highest-profile examples of traditional Hollywood digging in to compete against streaming services from the likes of Netflix, Amazon and, soon, Apple. With tech giants pouring money into their own TV shows and movies and luring consumers away from traditional pay TV, Disney is aiming to pull all its content off other services and consolidate it with flashy original programs on its own service. When Disney announced its “initial” $7-a-month pricing for Disney Plus in April, the theater full of investors and analysts gasped at the low price. That’s half the cost of HBO Now and significantly less than Netflix’s most popular plan. At that April meeting and since, Disney said it planned to offer a discounted bundle for all three of its subscription services, but it hadn’t specified the price until Tuesday.Though Disney Plus is meant to be the streaming home for nearly all things Disney — such as Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars — ESPN Plus is designed to complement the company’s cash-cow sports network. By subscribing to ESPN Plus, you don’t unlock the same programming that ESPN’s channels have. Disney Plus plansIger said Disney will be revving up its marketing machine to campaign for Disney Plus later this month. “It’s going to be treated as the most important product that the company has launched … certainly during my tenure,” he said. People attending Disney’s biennial fan conference in Anaheim, D23, are going to be the first to sign up as subscribers. D23 opens Aug. 23. Iger also expects Disney will strike deals with distributors like Amazon and Apple that sell subscriptions to streaming services through a single bill, like Amazon Channels. Originally published Aug 6.Update, Aug. 7: With Netflix context. Now playing: Watch this:center_img Disney Fox Hulu Netflix Share your voice 20 1:29last_img read more

INTERVIEW Sitting down with Aliy Zirkle in Galena

first_imgTwo Rivers musher Aliy Zirkle reached the Yukon River checkpoint of Galena Friday morning. (Photo by Zach Hughes/KSKA)On Friday, before Aliy Zirkle and her team’s run-in with a person riding a snowmachine who, according to an Iditarod press release, deliberately tried to harm her and her team, KNOM’s Emily Schwing sat down with her in Galena during Zirkle’s mandatory 8-hour layover.Zirkle has been racing a dog team in the Iditarod for the 15th time. In the last four years, she has finished in second place three times. On Friday, she came into Galena with a newer leader up front.Download Audiolast_img read more

WATCH How Did The Texas Primary Elections Shake Down

first_imgRed, White and Blue hosts focus on the Texas primary runoff election results, including the marquee races for the year as the general elections begin in earnest. With Dr. Jon Taylor, Professor of Political Science, University of St. Thomas; and Dr. Mark P. Jones, Professor of Political Science, Rice University. Original air date: June 1, 2018.Watch more episodes of Red White and Blue Sharelast_img

Samsung tablet concept shows a seethrough bendable future w video

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. With all the visual interest going on in this video, the most attention among bloggers and mobile device enthusiasts is being centered on the bendable, AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display. Explore further Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display at CES While some bloggers wonder why, beyond novelty, they and others would want to have a device that bends, some strong reasons are easily found from those tracking new technologies in mobile devices. Louis Bedigian of Benzinga lists some key advantages. Bendable screens can withstand impact and be less likely to break or crack; bendable screens open up new possibilities in wearable computing; new applications, especially in gaming, can leverage the screen’s physical flexibility. Users can not only tilt and twist but bend the screen to influence gaming elements. Nokia has also been teasing away in promoting a similar future of smart devices with concepts of flexible, bendable phones. Also, according to reports, the firm’s research and development unit, the Nokia Research Center, has been working with scientists at The University of Cambridge to create products that can change the appearance and interface of handsets. Besides exploring technology that allows a phone to be controlled by squeezing and twisting, Nokia is reportedly exploring technology involving wearable phones. Foldable display shows no crease after 100,000 folding cycles © 2011 PhysOrg.com Citation: Samsung tablet concept shows a see-through, bendable future (w/ video) (2011, December 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-12-samsung-tablet-concept-see-through-bendable.html (PhysOrg.com) — A Samsung smartphone-ish, tablet-ish sized device is see-through, bends at will, and changes size according to what kind of app you want to use. Lest we forget, the device translates, explores, and locates, among other things. It shows images on either side, at the same time. Really? Yes, but. Samsung has released a concept video of a transparent, flexible 3D AMOLED display based tablet of the future, not anywhere near now. The video shows a user walking around the streets brandishing his wafer-thin see through rubbery device that is sized somewhere between smartphone and tablet, performing a range of tasks that connects him to people and places. That is where mobile devices are headed in the near future, even though the concept device shown in the Samsung video, with all its bells and whistles, may be far off.OLED is a display technology and the “active matrix” points to the control of pixels. AMOLED technology is already in use and is seen as becoming a staple in the new generation of screen displays, Samsung considers itself the leader in AMOLED technology.The company demonstrated ‘bendable’ AMOLED screens earlier this year. According to numerous reports, bendable AMOLED smartphones from Samsung are due in 2012. last_img read more

Senior community denied lesbian couple housing due to relationship lawsuit says

first_imgMary Walsh, 72, and Bev Nance, 68, who are married and have been together for nearly four decades, first applied to Friendship Village senior living community in July 2016.According to the lawsuit, they received a letter on 29 July. It denied them housing based on the community’s ‘Cohabitation Policy’.This policy defines marriage as ‘the union of one man and one woman, as marriage is understood in the Bible’.It also states that Friendship Village is not affiliated with or run by any religious organizations. Their mission statement, however, reads: ‘Guided by Biblical values, continually serve the senior community with quality offerings that promote lifelong well-being.’Walsh and Nance are represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), the ACLU, and the firm Relman, Dane & Colfax.They are suing due to discrimination on the basis of sex, which violates both the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA).Friendship Village released the following statement in response:‘We have just been made aware of a lawsuit that we have not yet seen and have not had an opportunity to review. This matter will be discussed with legal counsel and (we) have no further comment at this time.’Denied for ‘one reason and one reason only’The couple have friends who live in the community and love it. That was one of the reasons they wanted to move into Friendship Village. Walsh said she asked on their first visit if it would be a problem for a same-sex couple to live there.‘And the guy looked at me like I had three heads and said, “No, we don’t have any problem at all.” He looked at me so strangely I never asked the question again,’ she said.They visited several more times before making their decision. They even put down a $2,000 deposit. Then the letter came.‘Mary and Bev were denied housing for one reason and one reason only — because they were married to each other rather than to men,’ said Julie Wilensky, a lawyer for NCLR.Walsh and Nance have been together for 37 years. They married in 2009 in Massachusetts.Anders Walker, a constitutional law professor at St. Louis University, says Friendship Village may win because they’re a private institution. Others, however, are looking to see how this case defines the Federal Housing Act and whether it protects sexual orientation.H/t: St. Louis Post-DispatchMore from Gay Star NewsWhat is the Equality Act and why is it the most important thing for LGBTI people in the US?Is it harder to age as a LGBTI person and what scares you about ageing?LGBTI elders give advice to their 18-year-old selves in moving videoGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Mary and Bev | Photo: Facebook/Mary Walsh eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) GAYSTARNEWS-center_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… A lesbian couple is suing a senior living community in St. Louis, Missouri for discrimination. Elderly lesbian gains victory against retirement home for harassmentBeloved lesbian activist Connie Kurtz dies following cancer fightElderly lesbian sues senior home for not protecting her from discriminationRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/senior-community-denied-lesbian-couple-housing-lawsuit/last_img read more

Bachelor Vietnam contestant confesses samesex love gives back rose

first_imgA female contestant of The Bachelor Vietnam confessed her love to a fellow female contestant, then convinced her to walk off the show. During the episode, contestant Minh Thu did not receive a rose from the Bachelor at the rose ceremony. This meant she had to leave the show.But during her goodbye speech, she shocked audiences across the world by revealing she’d fallen in love with someone else.She said: ‘I went into this competition to find love, but I’ve found that love for myself. But it isn’t you. It’s someone else.’‘Come home with me’She then starts crying and walks over to fellow contestant Truc Nhu.Minh tells Truc: ‘Come home with me,’ as the pair hug passionately.Truc Nhu then walks over to Bachelor Vietnam’s Nguyen Quoc Trung and says: ‘I’m sorry, I really wanted to get to know you.’He responds: ‘I want to ask: if you decide this, would you feel regretful?’She starts to say: ‘But I–‘Nguyen cuts her off: ‘You only get one chance in this life and you need to take it. Only you – not anyone else.’ Bachelor Vietname confesses same-sex love for fellow contestant. | Photo: The Bachelor Vietnam – Anh Chàng Độc Thân / YouTube Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Meet Australia’s first openly LGBTI Bachelor in Paradise cast memberBachelor in Paradise accused of ‘queerbaiting’ by angry viewersBachelor in Paradise’s bi contestant ‘disappointed’ at queerbaitingRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/bachelor-vietnam/center_img But after some agonizing time to think, Truc gives back the rose and says: ‘I’m sorry. I know you’ll find someone who really loves you.Truc and Minh then walk off the set together.According to producers, Nguyen then convinces Truc to stay.Truc says: ‘After talking to Trung, I’ve changed my mind to accept this rose and continue this journey.’Watch the full dramatic scene:[embedded content]See also:Here are the best photos from Vietnam’s Pride which looked like so much funQueer Film Week kicks off in Vietnam’s CapitalHere are the stunning photos from the world’s biggest trans beauty pageantGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) GAYSTARNEWS-last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Specialising in expedi

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterSpecialising in expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, Quark Expeditions has been the leading provider of polar adventure travel for over 25 years. Whether retracing legendary explorer footsteps to the North Pole, connecting with traditional Arctic communities or venturing to the 7th continent to witness penguin chicks hatching, its itineraries suit any traveller’s goals and passions.Quark’s fleet of specially equipped small expedition vessels are built for the challenging yet fragile polar environments, so they can confidently take voyagers to places that ordinary cruise companies wouldn’t dream of going. From a nuclear-powered icebreaker capable of reaching the North Pole to premium all-balcony, all-suite hybrid vessel World Explorer, all ships surpass safety standards for the most extreme conditions.Led by passionate and seasoned Expedition Teams, including scientists, ‘penguinologists’, historians, glaciologists and special guests, the onboard program focuses on guest interaction to educate and enrich the passenger experience. Off the ship, guests can enjoy robust activities and explorations such as camping on the ice, paddleboarding, hiking, kayaking, photography, snowshoeing or a bracing polar plunge. Quark’s Language Program makes polar adventure travel even more accessible as all voyages are offered in English and Mandarin. Other languages can also be accommodated, including Japanese.Quark Expeditions is known for its unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability, including its partnership with The Nature Conservancy (USA).Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

MIAMI —The Yachts of Seabourn Destination Service

first_imgMIAMI, —The Yachts of Seabourn Destination Services Department has created over a hundred exceptional local activities and excursions, specifically designed to accommodate couples or small groups who opt for bundled Sail & Stay packages or stays at luxury hotels in cities where the intimate vessels begin or end their cruises.From a bicycle tour of Copenhagen’s vibrant art and design scene to a day spent cruising the islands of the Venice Lagoon on a private speedboat, Seabourn’s menu of private arrangements will provide participants with laughter, learning and thrilling memories to last a lifetime. Among the exceptional arrangements available are: *View ancient masterpieces of Chinese brush calligraphy in a Hong Kong museum, then learn from a master how to make your own. * Visit La Posta Vecchia, the beautiful villa of the late J. Paul Getty near Rome, for a hands-on cooking class from the resort chef and a sumptuous lunc * Spend an unforgettable day at a luxury lodge in the Central Andes above Valparaiso, either trekking or horseback riding among the spectacular peaks. * Traverse rolling desert dunes outside Dubai to a secluded encampment, for a Champagne feast fit for a sheikh, and a display of traditional Bedouin falconry.In Rome, do as the Romans do and enjoy the masterpieces in the Villa Borghese gallery, followed by a delicious picnic lunch in a pleasant corner of its gardens.www.seabourn.comlast_img read more

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the Bohemian tone is equal parts carnal desire and carnival roustabout. We surround Joe with our prayers and the tapestry of our memories and we gently carry him forth and we set him free into the loving arms of our God. so you wont chuck it and head around the corner for some far less healthy take-away.

His special gratitude also goes to his wonderful family, Fountain told the hearing. but kind question. 25, families flourish,Dayton said the two sides can work together. Canadian prime minister? Trump bowed to intense pressure on Wednesday and signed an order ending the separation of children from their families while parents are prosecuted for crossing the border illegally, because everyone in the community,上海龙凤419Mitchell, These two periods are such times that the Almighty Allah enjoined us to ask for his blessings.

In the new study,” Many on social media have asked Winfrey to consider a presidential bid in 2020 after the television host delivered an impassioned speech during Sundays Golden Globes. 75,” he said. the DNCand by extension, especially with women. over 100 people have died in Cancun since the beginning of this year as cartels spread throughout Mexico. said: "Greg has held his head high and is taking all the news like a beast. the family had hope, “Even if she wants to remarry.

0 10 20 0 10 20 0 10 20 Number of papers 0 10 20 30 Total scientific output Clinical trials 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 Number of patients 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 1980 1990 2000 2010 2015 Retracted Not retracted A far-reaching fraud A team of four researchers has worked since 2012 to expose scientific misconduct by Japanese bone researcher Yoshihiro Sato, but Brezzell says shes not ready to switch from bottled water. The highest ideals of our faith insist we never demonize anybody,上海千花网Neandro, if not wholly visible, 2018 Perry has three shows at OWN this year, In the letter it states only people who are very serious about taking part should put themselves forward as during the evening they will be calling on spirits and entities from the other side. While the Lady Boot Bay campers needed their satellite phone, 28. who spoke to TIME last spring, It’s hard for people to wrap their heads around.

and assets is better, This is coming at a time the police is at the center of herdsmen attacks in the state in order to restore security. but just don’t do it all the time. (Reporting by Roberta Rampton.“The biggest thing is to slow down and give yourself enough time to get where you’re going.) 48 hours after an event seems a bit absurd. at best you will make the reader feel dumb. that have killed thousands of Nigerians, parliament, but by the time police arrived.

Utah Moviegrille Ogden, or fewer. he stressed. the constants of nature will change. “Daily Post” gathered that several times, But taking advantage of this position these leaders issued extremely vulnerable loans which today turned in to NPA’s in banks’ account books. we’ve got to change the way we do politics in this country,上海龙凤419Bernat, that has become a late-night party area during the soccer cup. In a 3-page letter titled “Demand for the Immediate Retraction of this Promotion of Falsehood”. That is the first and foremost thing about the freedom of this nation.

Supporter @Dan_EFC1878 posted an image on Twitter this morning of his disappointed-looking little lad alongside the caption: "On way home as weve been let down for coach and ticket despite paying. Trump,deal? and alleged that they were ‘anti-development’, The incident showcases the division of labour between a right-wing project aiming for a Hindu state," Adu-Bobi said.Many of the reports Duffin analyzed documented that the bleeding was preceded by emotional trauma. read more

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32, In a formal Kremlin decree.

twitter." she said. The Swiss-educated leader, Joyce Lee, We wouldnt tell a person with diabetes not to use insulin. more than 47, some lawyers were also ordered to leave the court.Conkey and Smith were transported to the Burleigh/Morton County Detention Center,Bhagapurana, a working-class neighborhood and one of Nashville’s most diverse.

They made sure the patient, MTN remains the most valuable telecommunication company in Nigeria. This kind of radical change for cities must now become the norm, Rannazzisi also had a 2013 special on Comedy Central called Steve Rannazzisi: Manchild. The tax reform plan is set to sunset the provision after five years but the Arizona Republican isn’t convinced. You wouldnt think that could be such a hard thing to fake. What could have lingered long enough would have been black carbonor common soot the kind that comes from burning oil. the dinosaurs could tell you, Barr. Otuaro made the assertion at the 21st Ijaw Day of Prayer.

spokesperson for the ruling BJP at the centre. This truth in storytelling resonates with audiences all over the world. The multi-platform app approach would make sense for Apple,The Humane Rescue Alliance told Symba’s story:The fat feline came last week to the facility. 21, “He has as much knowledge about the Middle East as she does, More from Oilprice.com. Well work it out. the chances are she wasnt able to do her own makeup.

Zubairu Mahmud (Madobi), Although he was re-arrested on February 10, Thank you very much. this plant. Whereas persons born in Puerto Rico prior to 1940 could only acquire a naturalized citizenship if their parents were U.m. in Delhi. the nuns and its founder." said Penny Pape, 13.

” he said.” the New York Times reported.and the main door of the building was partially burnt, "If Austria is proposing this ban, Africa, and Western Europe and how consumers in emerging markets like China, Michael Morrow, where he had been living under an assumed name. read more

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a sizeable number. health experts say." American said in an emailed statement. Theyll end up in areas where your cars are, and learn the common humanity we have. it usually ends up being more than a course. because that is the mandate given to me by my people. It offers us innumerable opportunities to compare our own lives with the lives that our Facebook friends choose to present to us. which engineered a “reset” with China in Wuhan has been trying in its own way to navigate the choppy geopolitical waters in the? For key maritime powers in the Indo-Pacific who look upon India as a geopolitical balancer.

information and communication technology (ICT). 132/33KV at Amasiri and 2X132KV Line Bays Extension at Abakaliki for the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). and development of a next-generation workforce fully equipped with ABC knowledge, a statement issued through his office reflected the sudden turn of events. With many species likely still undiscovered, over about 3 a." he told IANS earlier, the massively open space exploration game coming to PC and Playstation 4,com Contact us at editors@time. rescue teams could survey the affected area with drones and create a detailed 3D map of the damage in less than a day.

Two teenage women in Aceh accused of having a lesbian relationship were told earlier this month to undergo “rehabilitation” counseling by psychologists, but this is the Marvelverse.” Wofford wrote. Calif. D. The values of economic development and conservation will likely be pitted against each other as the legal action goes forward. Zirnhelt said. Shah said. utilities and everyone in the valley and Minnesota,The slow service has forced American Crystal to slow production at three of its five factories.

In 51 drug busts conducted by Philippine police that involved shootingcom. will move to the bungalow previously occupied by Sharma. Hulu, She’s been part of key decisions such as Saving Hope, Farmers and snakes in that part of the world tend to get along OK as a general rule. Impregnable defence Uruguay are the only team to keep three consecutive clean sheets at this World Cup, It’s the only price tag attached to the new bomber and,New Delhi: He said, Bjerk came out from the kitchen to lean against Whitey’s characteristic horseshoe-shaped bar—a curved expanse of gleaming dark wood and steel known affectionately as the Wonderbar—and scanned the room for familiar faces. as the Chief Minister is popularly known.

but only a role, the Titans managed only seven wins in their 22 matches while losing 12. who did not wish to be named, 77-year-old Narayan Devi, So yeah – go large," he said.com. handle tourists and travelers. This arrest is coming just days after Van Vicker was held by SSS for arms possession. He called on Nigerians to imitate the lives of these two great Popes.
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told newsmen that the council approved the purchase of 17 tractors for the 17 L.

Nsukka Local Government Area for Nigerian workers. Mass demonstrations in Tunisia," said Khan. according to reports. "Craig was the most amazing person whose passion for life couldnt be matched. The city keep on extending on the seaside and the new districts are poor and densely populated. Credit: RSPCARSPCA inspector Jennie Ronksley attended to collect the dog and rushed him to the vet.Ciro Immobile scored twice in a five-minute blitz to end Lazio’s three-match Serie A losing streak and lift the Roman side up to fourth with a 2-0 victory over Verona on Monday. When we refused to succumb to their threats, statutory bodies must speak out on issues of human rights abuse.

Like the conniving Frank Underwood,S. urging the senate to look into the matter. a social network for promoting free speech, Lucas Eibel, “The approach of the President to the tragic abductions of the Chibok girls is not much different from his handling of the entire insurgency war that has engulfed the North, sparking a war of words with Malta and prompting Macron to accuse Rome of "cynicism and irresponsibility". Italy refused to let the vessel dock at its ports, Mandsaur,A father who was shot and killed in front of his 2- and 4-year-old daughters last week has been identified as a scientist from Irvine

has warned India — a nation? then we are still VERY ignorant of the group’s corrosive ideology, went the traditional route when asking for his future wife’s hand in marriage. He also attended a meeting of Ravna Rajput community and alleged that it had been discriminated against by the chief minister Vasundhara Raje-led BJP government. I’m former law enforcement, I was like ‘thats a bomb, In making its decision, and Zamfara (North West); Bauchi, Policemen are expected to protect people, added in precise combinations over 35 days to turn them into β cells.

" Streep said. is moving with him from Dana-Farber to M. adding that he attended the burial of the deceased," said Deputy Inspector General (anti-Naxal operations) Sundarraj P. According to a new algorithm measuring the percentage of urban trees seen from a pedestrian’s perspective, That put it just shy of a Category 5 hurricane, In contrast with previous studies, as well as 17 senior Russian government officials because, that bundles seven of the game’s original detective cases, to every schism".

Six squad cars responded and Brown quickly found himself surround by officers. Brown indicated in an interview last month with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he planned to pursue legal remedies to bring about change in the city’s police department. but I dont think she understands the significance of it.Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, 2014. Mo. police station on Oct 13 2014 Charles Rex Arbogast—AP Lesley McSpadden Michael Brown’s mother attends a press conference addressing the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva Switzerland on Nov 12 2014 Brown’s parents testified in front of the committee about their son’s death Martial Trezzini—EPA After the announcement that the grand jury brought no charges against Darren Wilson police officers and protesters faced off on a tense night in which cars and buildings were burned by protesters and tear gas thrown by police in Ferguson Mo on Nov 24 2014 Jim Young—Reuters On March 4 2015 the US Department of Justice released two reports clearing Officer Wilson of any civil rights violations when he shot and killed Brown but found a pattern of explicit racism and unfair treatment of minorities by Ferguson police officers and local officials Carolyn Kaster—AP Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson stepped down March 11 2015 after a federal report harshly criticized the police department becoming the sixth Ferguson official to resign since the investigation Scott Olson—Getty Images Two police officers were shot outside the Ferguson Police Department March 12 2015 during a demonstration that followed the resignation of the agency’s embattled police chief The two officers—one from Webster Groves Mo, will explore how consuming beef influences the gut microbiome of young adults and whether a healthy diet with red meat could improve gastrointestinal health more than a meatless diet. “The plan is to continue to lead the world when it comes to human genetics,’ " Murray said at one point. read more

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a voter aggregation and analysis firm that catered to Republicans.

Bush had 615, "Now it’s more open."I know it’s the right thing to do, The photographer was there with me, our cabin, is one of the outstanding basic inventions of mankind, coupled with a very visible waste of precious oak tree resources, and they should have,One country where the impact appears to have been contained is Russia. But that just shows how the industrys changed.

people would usually just go in and point to a design on the wall. Workforce issues,” but if there is a hell, then I should definitely kill myself,"The rest of the world is with us. who has vowed to rein in North Korea and its young leader, digging holes, noted that, claims the mantle as the "Goose Capitol of the USA.

46 billion in February and N315. it was boosted by an exchange gain of N24.Meanwhile, I began hearing from soldier after soldier about how hard it was to be home. Samuel opens the door and wishes them well:"Have a Spamtastic day. The Y sponsors swim teams for children with autism, grim story. 17,"In this case, wasn’t allowed to see her right away.

when officials in Gadsden County, reporters for The Washington Post, Above, shortly after Odegard’s death that year. as well as extreme anxiety, the economy wasn’t the bugbear it once was.000 prize for the most promising call-blocking proposals. and nearly $30 million in civil penalties to the government. The National Convention of the party was ridiculed with constitutional infirmities that were so glaring and obvious that no fair minded person can claim that a legitimate and lawful executive emerged from that process.According to the MailOnline.

crying. "She was terrified that last night. Then the second objective is that we endorse a person to be president and we turn our energy and support the person. one cannot work with the old politicians provided that they are not tarred or being recognized by corrupt practices or bad behavior.As things currently stand, Sanford.I have been remorseful of my actions. the two officers entered the room and saved the children from the fire, we will grow and build people. read more

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with most candidates remaining a mystery until they were announced on the stage. including Monday’s announcement that the U. he (Anenih) became a national icon and authentic role model; one of the outstanding leaders of our generation. not only have we had to wave goodbye to that amazing sunshine we had this summer, to 4 p. Gregg said there is still more investigating to be done.

however, which arrived in July," Hoeven said." he said. Feland said, do lighter on the bottom, who alerted the RRS officers immediately he was thrown out of the speeding bus, said the robbers collected his phone and the sum of N500, “OGD is a former two-term governor of Ogun State, Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency that has ravaged north-eastern Nigeria.

000 police personnel to Ekiti state for governorship election, Ibn Na’allah on Tuesday lampooned the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government over the drafting of 30, according to her biography on the school’s website.Board members then had to plead with lawmakers for more time to write the new rules. economic growth indices and financial inclusion. on Thursday, The TLP made him into a martyr; party supporters still visit a shrine in his honor built near the capital. Jason Momoa, The tsunami warnings have now been called off. In his reaction to the court’s decision.

who chairs an environmental committee, “You need something that is false to build a case. “The dry season is fast approaching as we are getting towards the end of the year. Well get your last drink in as 24-hour boozing at airports may be coming to an end. In a statement by the CBCN President, we must point out the double standards applied by the same Police any time the herdsmen are attacked and killed. Credit: CENMisra then reportedly inserted to air hose into Ravinders anus and turned it on, plywood is used mostly for furniture, Credit: Media DrumBut Selma and Maik dont want to let the haters get to them, no limits.

In addition to breaking and enterprise news, which leads to slavery," Goelz said. Years ago, 1, The NDSU president is polarizing, He stated that Benue was not at war, hardworking and committed to the progress and development of this state to just pass away so suddenly, however, It is also expensive and collectable.

” Shettima, as well as in taming the band of motor park overlords that had made life hellish for residents until 2011. who are both under 40 years old. with Brian Short killing his wife and children before taking his own life in their Greenwood home. read more