Austrian Miller lighting joined 2017 entrepreneurial choice

in our lives, lighting is not just the lighting needs. Moreover, the choice of lighting, or very business opportunities, with the characteristics of the brand choice. If you are very interested in joining the lighting project. To choose to join Austrian Miller lighting? Good night good project, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

Austrian Miller lighting aesthetic, romantic, warm, artistic characteristics, can lead the market trend. Austrian Miller products cited a large number of diverse materials, to create different styles, style, personality, fashion, all kinds of lighting products. There are many natural raw materials, such as bamboo, rattan, thread, paper, cloth, etc., so that each section of the lighting products to become your charm, the release of a better carrier of art. These characteristics, just now and the country to promote the "environmental protection, energy saving" coincide, so has a strong market competitiveness. read more

Lemon drink money all season to join

today, consumers who like to drink beverages are always on top of healthy drinks. I heard that lemon season drinks is a very good drink, in the food and beverage market, not only has a very high popularity, to join the lemon season drinks project, or the choice of concern!


season is Guangzhou lemon drinks well enjoy catering service limited company belongs to a business brand, Hongkong Bo Shan Fang Holdings Group Limited under the current, 7 brand development company established has entered a phase of investment, many entrepreneurs have started to become rich through grace and enjoy the path of cooperation. Not only have such a strong background and the quality of the quality of drinking is also reliable. read more

By the end of this year Xining will open direct flights to Hongkong 3 hours to reach the port of Vi

Golden August, Qinghai tourism ushered in the most beautiful season, the world a lot of people who love to travel will focus on here, and come here to experience the beauty and simplicity. In order to open up the tourism channel between Qinghai and Hongkong, at the end of this year, Xining and Hongkong will be opened direct flights, then, starting from Xining, 3 hours to fly to Hongkong harbor to enjoy playing.Director of

Xining ladder cultivating enterprise

from Xining to carry out a series of activities to help small and micro enterprises, the average monthly production of nearly 200 small and micro enterprises. However, faced with a huge market economy, these start-up companies need to help, to this end, Xining came up with a good way – ladder to cultivate enterprises of different sizes.

March 10th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission learned that this year, Xining will carry out a "ladder" cultivation have been identified for 500 small and micro enterprises, of which 300 households scale industrial enterprises in 200 households, and strive to cultivate micro enterprises for small businesses, 100 families of small business training for medium-sized enterprises. Through efforts to accelerate the cultivation of market players, making the number of small and micro enterprises each year 25% new, small and micro enterprises operating income, the number of new jobs grew by 10%. read more

Along the Silk Road a 11 seat Fine Sand Lake scenery will be unveiled

to further demonstrate the Qinghai Lake Milton scenic natural and cultural resources, enrich the connotation of tourism scenic spots, shaping tourism brand, "along the Silk Road, enjoy the beauty of lakes" as the theme of the sculpture will be unveiled. It is reported that the event attracted from Beijing, Shanghai and other places in the Qinghai Lake international sand sculpture artists, sculpture and earth art sculpture creative season.

Qinghai Lake international sculpture and earth art tourism season "as a cultural festival brand of Qinghai Lake, has been successfully held seven sessions, this year the Qinghai Lake Milton area in June 6th will be held in the" 2015 Qinghai Lake international sculpture and earth art tourism season launch ceremony. The reporter saw in the sand production scene, a distinct theme sculpture has been basically formed, with "Xuan Zang", from "Zhang Qian", "ancient Kroraina to the western regions"…… These are the sprinkler curing sand reach the acme of perfection last. It is reported that this event will showcase 11 sand sculpture works, including 1 Main carving, 10 auxiliary carving, and the new three pieces of land art works, these works make full use of the abundant tourism resources Milton scenic, reflect the green ecological culture, plateau tourism products, showing the Qinghai Lake natural beauty and cultural beauty, harmonious beauty the tourism image. read more

Actively take the initiative to promote the work to a new level

over the past few days, the provincial units of cadres and workers held a general meeting, thematic studies, etc., conscientiously study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping attended the delegation in Qinghai. We agreed to take the spirit of learning Jintao’s important speech to follow, centering on the goal of a comprehensive well-off society and the national synchronized, with a beautiful new life to people of all nationalities live, accurately grasp the focus of work, active as our province continue to promote the work to a new level. read more

Guangxi science and technology Career Technical College to carry out entrepreneurship training

entrepreneurship now is not just a slogan of many colleges and universities, there are also some results in specific social practice, there are many colleges and universities are developing a college entrepreneurship training work such.

7 23 July, Guangxi Polytechnic Career Technical College (Chongzuo campus) held the opening ceremony of the training of college students entrepreneurship. A total of 300 students enrolled in the training session.

it is reported that Guangxi Polytechnic College entrepreneurship training class at the Career Technical College is funded by the government, the school organized students to participate in training for free. The training period for 10 days, entrepreneurship training for pre preparation, business location, business how to do financial process, teach students how to create a Small and micro businesses; career training content to teach students how to obtain employment, cultivate a positive attitude towards employment. read more

Successful introduction of the successful introduction of hair salon franchise

‘s hair is very critical, impact on the image of a person is great, nice hairstyle is very important for everyone, now whether men or women love regular salons, in order to maintain perfect overall image of their own, some entrepreneurs see hairdressing market development is very good, choose to open his own hair the franchise, the life of people cannot do without hair stores, stores want to make money fast, following small series to introduce you: hair store money skills.

first, of course: the technology to pass, technology exquisite! Open a salon franchise, Haircut, hair, perm, Hair Coloring…… Customer demand is very wide, hairdressing stores want to business is good, excellent hairdressing technology is needed, this is salon franchise survival! Open a salon franchise, only good technology, cut hair, do style has been recognized by customers, can effectively increase repeat, and repeat customers will take the initiative to help you propaganda, introduce more friends to shop consumption, hairdressing stores to long-term business, make money fast. read more

How to make money to open drinks shop

how to make money to open drinks shop? Faced with this problem, many franchisees have come up with their own secret of success. Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help the novice to do a good job in preparation for the operation, to guide the novice to make some adjustments. If you want to make money easily, then choose the brand is a good choice, hurry up.


read more

What is the operating skill of hand cake

believe that many people have eaten from Taiwan delicacy that is classic, grasping cake, in the streets and lanes can often be seen selling cake grasping, grasping cake represents the delicacy street, has a huge market demand, the profit space is very broad, so many people have opened a hand cake stores. But in order to survive in this competitive market for a long time, you need to master the operation skills of hand cake store, so you have a grasp of victory.

in hand cake stores opened, can carry out a series of publicity, such as bus advertising, newspaper advertising money clip, franchisees can do television advertising, consumers are sensitive, for the opening of new stores are generally fresh, if grasping cake and store in the League based on the above the cost of some products special offer sales, very easy to impress the hearts of customers, stimulate the customers desire to buy. read more

Daily topic bad mouthing bitcoin bitcoin platform is now facing collapse

A5 ( station network May 13th news, bitcoin will recall that last year in China is unknown to the public from the beginning to receive attention, and fame! Once rising all the way up to more than 8 thousand. But now there is no communication between the regulator, did not see the red head document issued, a bank clerk notification cancel the account, the bank credit channel to stop, which is currently China bitcoin trading platform facing regulatory dilemma.

since the end of April this year, bitcoin was more than a dozen banks "containment", these banks have issued a disable bitcoin trading statement, "seems to confirm the rumors that the central bank asked the Chinese bank to stop all bitcoin related businesses. At the beginning of May, the domestic bitcoin trading platform FXBTC announced that due to the recent central bank’s policy, by the hitherto unknown pressure ", finally decided to stop operating. Bitcoin prospects worrying. read more

The Qihoo 360 in the safety in the name of the bundled brand marketing



mountain hanyueLet us look at the

since the start of the year, 360 in the brand marketing what things to do.

March 11, 2014, Microsoft Chinese announced a close cooperation with the well-known security vendor 360 company, which launched the 360 security guards XP fighters continue to provide security protection for Chinese 200 million Windows XP users, while providing a convenient windows8 upgrade program. In April 14th 360, AUX officially launched on cooperation in intelligent air conditioning, 360 vice president Shen Haiyin told the media that: 360 to cut through a router, home internet. In April 15th 360, with the domestic well-known insurance company Taikang Life reached a strategic cooperation, announced the official launch of the "safe sail" project launched the "stay fly" products, the first national free aviation accident model, year insurance amounted to 1 million yuan, to provide security for the 1 billion 300 million Chinese airlines, which is inspired by the Malaysia Airlines incident do. In April 28th, 360 mobile phone guards and film "overheard 3" creative team held a joint strategic cooperation conference, announced its cooperation with the film "overheard 3" launched a full depth, while the official launch of 519 mobile phone security, public action, but also with the film, in the exclusive launch of two anti – Privacy anti eavesdropping, interception function call eavesdropping. June 21st, in the Transformers 4 China premiere, the 360 is Transformers’s only designated security partner in the. read more

Google began to allow users to block domain names in search results

March 11th news, according to foreign media reports, Google is adding a feature for its search engine to allow users to block all links in the search results specific domain name. After the user clicks on a search result link and returns to Google, the user will see a link below this result. This link will block all pages of the domain name in the future search results.

Google search and Beverly Champaneria Quality Engineer Amay Yang Thursday said in a blog, we will add the new function, because we think control you find search results to you will be in the Google search engine to provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience. read more

Micro survey Google can contribute to the composition of the social network fabric world

Tencent technology news July 18th news, after the release of Google+, Google market capitalization rose 20 billion. Google+ to sort out the information in different circles, one-way authentication relationship. Google+ is Facebook killer or Twitter killer along with the proliferation of real-time information, Google+ is an improved version of the Twitter Tencent technology to make micro survey, the following is part of the view.

Beck believes that G+ is more like a complex of 2, it is a good copy of the advantages of other social networks. He pointed out that Mike Elgan’s view is: Google+ of different social attributes just depends on what people say to you; it is open, a blog; on their own circle, is a push; for their customers, is a business letter; for a man, probably is a letter to my mother the letter. read more

Ali SAC Yuezhan repercussions of Suning play through marketing

[Abstract] Suning today bursts of 6 page advertisement is directed at the Alibaba signs, and fierce.


technology news (Sun Hongchao) January 30th news, around a fake report, Alibaba and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently frequent chunqiangshezhan. Ali and competitors are not idle, today, Suning played for this marketing occasion.

today issued the "Yangtze Evening News, Suning bursts of 6 page advertisement is directed at the Alibaba signs and vehemence:" keep healthy, people always have a dream, but never steal "," dare to face, Li Kui Li Gui, the second stage is not to separate the mistress "and" go the right way the user is God, not money "and" don’t get lip, not play showy "and" rules on track, Cheng Fangyuan, outside the law without privileges "," modified fruit, do not earn the money to earn money". read more