15 days, the price fell by $30 thousand Ten million domain name qianwan.com sold 106 thousand yuan

renamed China (eName.cn) October 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, Larry domain qianwan.com for $17320 (106 thousand yuan) node shoot, the domain name in this month was $22603 (about 140 thousand yuan) node shoot, separated by less than half a month price declines, there is a difference of about 30 thousand yuan.

domain name trade figure

Pinyin domain name qianwan.com registered in 2000, there are tens of millions, lead pill, Pinyin, short and clear, easy to remember, the lead pill is used to make bullets bullets, suitable for the construction of children’s toy gun mall. The domain name qianwan.com, the transaction price than the previous results beat the price dropped by about 30 thousand yuan, is the domain name was "cheap" or depreciation is not known. read more

Look at the text of the text to talk about the essence of the brand copy

if the hot spots are very sensitive, believe that a few years ago jumei.com "I am XX, I speak for himself" series will let you remember.

if the time is too long to forget, so a few months ago today’s headlines Subway Series poster copywriter – today XXX, see today’s headlines." And a few days ago, Haier’s popular comment Copywriting – "XXXXXX, however, I still can not afford to buy a house," the two hot copy must have seen or heard.

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Wei Wu Feng Web site share behind the network value

share? Or collection?

a few years ago, there is a "network" service is fire, the large sites are involved, including Sina, and like the traditional station, including blog China that the bright younger generation. The Native American version of this service is a website named del.icio.us (Chinese name for Delicious Bookmarks, later renamed delicious.com). Provide this service in general: if you see an article that feels good, you can start a button to collect the article. Feeling and adds it to the browser favorites are similar, but in fact there are two points: first, different people use general favorites is a collection of Web sites, rather than "(think of your collection of hundreds of pages to Favorites extremely messy), second, the west is in the east of the favorites on the local computer, if you change a computer, you can not see it. read more

Qin fire fire and so Internet marketer was arrested repeatedly issued false news on the Internet

network Reds Qin fire fire Qin Zhihui

Qin fire fire in the subway micro-blog powder.

The Ministry of Railways to

in the 7· 23 motor car accident victims in Italy sissy agreement compensation 30 million euros (equivalent to two hundred million), Zhang Haidi, the son of Li Shuangjiang has Japanese nationality is not their own…… These sensational "insider information" after micro-blog and issued by the "opinion leaders" reproduced, all of them have become the hot topic of the network. But who would have thought that these claims are all from the network Reds Qin fire fire, Li two split four ", coined? Yesterday, the national public security authorities to concentrate on combating organized manufacturing network spread rumors and other illegal crime special action kicked off. The rumors are not limited to the wise, but beyond the next rumor "look up to as the standard the Qin fire fire, Li two split four" and others, on suspicion of affray crime and the crime of illegal criminal detention by Beijing police. Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security after Fu Zhenghua took office, set fire to the first network crime. read more

Li Yuchun to every guest love you wusuowei brand marketing to the upper floor

filed a customer, 19 yuan and 59 yuan T-shirt canvas shoes surfacing. To remove these high quality and low price products, Han Han, Wang Luodan, and so on, and so on, a series of personality of the star of the name of the following appeared in the world, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. Following the "VANCL style" detonated network hot words, "hold on the body, causing users to resonate" recently by Li Yuchun endorsement of the new guest ad once again set a new record of forwarding micro-blog. Where the Li Yuchun hand launched the "I love you without fear" advertisement not only become the focus of micro-blog, where the more famous brand marketing to the upper floor. read more

The son of Nicholas Tse the name of the domain name was registered name is called price million birt

August 2, 2007, Cecilia Cheung smooth delivery, to thank Tim son, the little guy from the moment Nicholas Tse has become the largest home baby. Until now, Lucas has to be a little old, many people want to know as the son Nicholas of one family to a pearl in the palm to ZhengYiRong what gift, what kind of birthday. However, yesterday called a "domain name sale" netizens want to China entertainment network in advance to the LUCUS to send a big birthday gift, the domain name registration in the name of Lucas, but the price of the gift is not ambiguous, registered to Nicholas Tse bid one million yuan. read more