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Weve been working hard to take Greggs to where our customers need and want us to be,Rich Polk—Getty Images for VarietyLawThe Teeny Tiny Fine Print That Can Allow Sexual Harassment Claims to Go UnheardElizabeth DiasEliana DocktermanOct 21 2016IdeasElizabeth Dias is a TIME correspondent covering politics and religionEliana Dockterman is a staff writer for TIME in New York CityGretchen Carlson is both extraordinary—in her cultural visibility in her multimillion-dollar career in her personal accomplishments—and utterly ordinary When she filed a lawsuit in July alleging sexual harassment during her tenure at Fox News she became part of a disturbing statistic: at least 25% of American women say they have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace according to a 2016 report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission She also faced an obstacle that blocks an untold lot of them: an arbitration clause in her employment contractRelatedUSA $215 Million Settlement Proposed in Alleged USC Gynecologist AbuseUSA $215 Million Settlement Proposed in Alleged USC Gynecologist AbuseThere is no reliable data on how many Americans have ceded their rights to a court hearing through arbitration clauses; one academic study estimates using projections based on narrow data sets that as many as a quarter of nonunionized American workers may be subject to the restrictions Arbitration clauses are found not only in multimillion-dollar contracts like Carlson’s but also in the most mundane hiring materials—form contracts even employee handbooks—that have been given to employees at Anheuser-Busch or Applebee’s or some editors at TIMECarlson cleverly navigated her own clause: she sued Roger Ailes the co-founder CEO and chairman of Fox not the company itself Her suit alleged that Ailes "unlawfully retaliated against Carlson and sabotaged her career because she refused his sexual advances and complained about severe and pervasive sexual harassment" As soon as the case was public Ailes’ lawyers tried to compel it into arbitration arguing that Carlson had broken the terms of her contract which stipulated that any legal disputes be brought not in court but in arbitration proceedings Ailes denied wrongdoing and he and Carlson agreed on a confidential settlement "As we’ve made clear there’s absolutely no room anywhere at our company for behavior that disrespects women or contributes to an uncomfortable work environment" 21st Century Fox said in a statement "Within hours of the first public complaint raising an issue at Fox News we commenced an investigation and less than two weeks after that investigation began the Chairman and CEO of Fox News departed"This August in response to Carlson’s case Democratic US Senators Richard Blumenthal Al Franken and Dick Durbin wrote to four major arbitration businesses requesting information on employment disputes and cases involving sexual harassment that have been heard in secret by arbitrators Questions included how many sexual-harassment lawsuits have been referred to binding arbitration through their organizations and how many cases involved confidentiality clauses similar to Carlson’s regardless of the cause of action Three of the four arbitration organizations responded The American Arbitration Association one of the largest businesses (and a not-for-profit) noted that its data was not comprehensive and added that only 4% of employment-plan cases in 2014 involved sexual-harassment issues For Blumenthal that information was not adequateREAD: Gretchen Carlson’s Next Fight"The responses give us no informative or comprehensive view of how prevalent the problem is" he says "It could be very substantial with illegal or dangerous activity going unreported or underreported"Last year Franken reintroduced the Arbitration Fairness Act which would invalidate current arbitration clauses in employment consumer civil rights and antitrust claims Under this measure a claimant alleging sexual harassment who is subject to an arbitration mandate could not be forced to resolve the dispute that way This year Senator Patrick Leahy followed it up with the Restoring Statutory Rights Act which says no arbitration agreement can make you waive a statutory right"Clearly these clauses can be misused and silence can be a means for abusers to conceal misconduct" says Blumenthal who refers to Carlson’s case as a teaching moment for the nation "If Ms Carlson had adhered strictly to the terms of her employment contract her case would have remained a secret forever"Arbitration clauses are easy to miss—you probably have agreed to one at some point whether at your job or at your bank They can be just a few short words but their impact is vast These clauses push disputes between parties to a system in which an arbitrator (sometimes a retired judge) is hired to adjudicate the matter Some contracts prohibit claimants from speaking about the claims which in harassment cases could leave other victims in the dark And you don’t necessarily have to sign on a dotted line to agree to one—Netflix subscribers agree to arbitration in the terms of use before picking a movie; workers at Macy’s and Raymour & Flanigan have sued over arbitration clauses that the companies said they agreed to by virtue of accepting employment at the company Even at-will employees can be compelled into arbitration through clauses in employee materials"You don’t necessarily have to have signed anything to be bound by it" says Katherine Stone a law professor at UCLA "It might just be in the materials that were given to you when you took the job the same materials that told you where your parking space is"Research by Stone and Cornell law professor Alexander Colvin shows that payouts in arbitration are much smaller than the damages plaintiffs might receive in court—so small that lawyers are reluctant to take the cases Carlson’s reported $20 million settlement is far more than most could hope to win—again because of the confidentiality statistics are hard to come by but a 2007 Chicago-wide survey put median sexual-harassment settlements at roughly $30000; a national study from a researcher at Columbia University in 2006 found employees who take their cases to trial win on average $217000RelatedLawI Was a Sex-Crimes Prosecutor Here’s Why ‘He Said She Said’ Is a MythLawI Was a Sex-Crimes Prosecutor Here’s Why ‘He Said She Said’ Is a Myth"Mandatory arbitration clauses in negotiating away the civil rights of an individual are just a bad idea" says Anita Hill now an antidiscrimination professor at Brandeis University "What we’re talking about here with harassment is a civil rights violation Our policy is driven from the point of view of the people the men who are more powerful and engaging in abusive behavior Women are skeptical coming forward because they don’t trust the procedures"In 1991 Hill told a Senate committee that Clarence Thomas—the man they were considering confirming to the Supreme Court who had been her former boss including at the EEOC—had asked her "Who has put pubic hair on my Coke" Thomas was of course confirmed but Hill’s testimony marked a watershed moment for sexual-harassment awareness: the following year reports of sexual harassment filed with the EEOC shot up from 3349 to 5607Yet it may actually be getting harder for employees to take sexual-harassment complaints to court "Anecdotally speaking the use of arbitration agreements from our perspective is increasing" says Peggy Mastroianni legal counsel at the EEOC Many women rationalize that it’s not worth the risk to bring cases forward "The biggest problem in many of these cases is fear of retaliation fear of more harassment" says Mastroianni "If they leave their company usually they want to continue working in the same industry but they fear they’ll be seen as litigious or difficult" As Jean Sternlight director of the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the University of Nevada Las Vegas points out privacy is one benefit of arbitration: an employee dealing with sexual harassment "might prefer to have it handled in a private way and arbitration could give them that privacy"Those who do want to file complaints face a series of legal hurdles Eighty-three percent of those who file sexual-harassment claims with the EEOC are women some of whom presumably want not only to be free of it and compensated but also to fundamentally change the place where they work Employers can be liable for quid pro quo sexual harassment perpetrated by supervisors and for supervisors or co-workers who create a hostile work environment—but a 2013 Supreme Court decision narrowed the definition of supervisor to someone who can hire fire or significantly change the responsibilities of the person being harassed"When you take a job you don’t think you’re going to end up suing your employer" says Stone "Any employer that is big enough will be advised to put an arbitration clause into their employment materials and employees will not be able to bring a class-action suit It’d basically be malpractice not to advise that""The EEOC’s stance has always been that mandatory arbitration of employment discrimination is bad: the secrecy the lack of precedent" says the EEOC’s Mastroianni "We litigated this issue in a number of cases that we lost"The arbitration system has expanded in scope over the past decade for what many argue are good reasons Corporations often maintain that circumventing court systems reduces litigation costs allows more-limited discovery and yields a swifter result for both parties "Most of the controversy in these employment cases often have to do with does the employee have a choice" says Chris Poole CEO of the arbitration company JAMS "We don’t really have a dog in that fight All we can do is try to do everything to level the playing field" That includes asking the employer to pay the bulk of the cost of arbitration and allowing the employee to help choose the arbitrator "Our entire business depends on neutrality" he adds "It’s our religion"When asked about Ailes’ role in the clause in Carlson’s contract Susan Estrich a lawyer for Ailes says he "does not get into the weeds of contracts" Arbitration clauses she adds "have become increasingly standard not just in employment contracts but across the board My gynecologist was the last of my doctors to require them in order to keep his insurance rates from skyrocketing The reason doesn’t have to do with sexual harassment and secrecy; it’s because litigation is so expensive that no one can afford it and it drives insurance costs through the roof"RelatedLawWhy Trump Couldn’t Really Stop the Mueller Investigation—Even if He Fired RosensteinLawWhy Trump Couldn’t Really Stop the Mueller Investigation—Even if He Fired RosensteinEmployers have also seen arbitration as a way to cut down on class-action and employment disputes State and federal rulings are mixed The Supreme Court provided the means for businesses to prevent class-action suits Critics say the attempt to stop arbitration’s use is a move in support of trial lawyers who have been large Democratic supporters "Arbitration denies personal-injury lawyers opportunities to score even more giant contingency fees" American Tort Reform Association spokesman Darren McKinney says "For years those lawyers have used sympathetic groups—including the elderly service veterans and crime victims—to press lawmakers for statutory exceptions to the Federal Arbitration Act Having largely failed with Congress the lawsuit industry has more recently turned its lobbying focus to regulatory agencies and certain state legislatures where its reliably generous campaign contributions seem to be more appreciated"But the trend of moving cases into confidential arbitration cases has troubled many Carlson Leahy and Blumenthal are part of a tide The Obama Administration has tried to curb the arbitration boom without Congress Last month a Department of Health and Human Services agency barred nursing homes that receive federal funding from mandating that residents resolve disputes in arbitration In May the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a rule to prevent banks and credit-card companies from using arbitration clauses with consumers In June the Department of Education proposed to protect students from arbitration clauses buried in enrollment agreementsOn the presidential campaign trail Hillary Clinton has attacked the use of arbitration clauses She supported the CFPB’s proposed rule in May In early October Clinton promised to carry on the Obama Administration’s efforts and order agencies "to curb the overuse of harmful forced-arbitration clauses" Donald Trump has been quiet on the issue Employment contracts for Trump’s campaign have included binding arbitration clauses that can turn any disputes over to the American Arbitration Association instead of a court system A spokesperson for the Clinton campaign said that Clinton campaign contracts do not include arbitration clauses or referencesEven if Clinton wins in November Democrats will likely not be able to hold a hearing on arbitration unless they win back the Senate and even then Republicans are likely to continue to control the House Change outside of Congress is also difficult given federal case-law trends—the change for nursing homes came after Leahy held regular hearings on the use of arbitration clauses when he chaired the Senate Judiciary CommitteeBut Blumenthal and his colleagues are not backing down "Gretchen Carlson is woman of great courage and moral fiber and personal strength and hopefully her example will help support legislation to protect others" he saysThe conversation around harassment sexual assault and sexism has gone from a whisper to a roar—on campuses where women have persuaded the White House to investigate Title IX mishandlings in war zones where servicewomen appealed to Senators for a new process to adjudicate cases of rape and on social media where campaigns like the one started by Kelly Oxford have spurred women to share their stories of assault and harassmentBut Carlson’s story and the systemic problems it highlights underscores the challenges women still face "I have a hard time reconciling the current climate for women with the progress we’ve tried to make But if people thought this was going to be resolved in 25 years of talking about sexual harassment that’s not going to happen" says Hill "These things are deeply embedded in our brains and baked into the way we do things"New satellite images released by NATO on Thursday show Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border seemingly on a war footing Speaking in the Czech Republic NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen trashed Russias claims that the troops were on an exercise and criticized Moscow for "stirring up ethnic tensions in eastern Ukraine and provoking unrest" "As I speak some 40000 Russian troops are massed along Ukraines borders" he said "Not training but ready for combat" Meanwhile pro-Russian activists are still defying a Ukrainian ultimatum to vacate state buildings they have occupied in the eastern cities of Donetsk and Luhansk Acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov said protesters who disarm and leave the premises will be granted amnesty But the occupiers who are calling for Moscow’s intervention havent responded to the offer State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki condemned Moscow on Thursday for using energy as a "tool of coercion" after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned European leaders of gas shortages unless a claimed $35 billion Ukrainian bill for Russian gas was paid Russian gas deliveries are crucial to the European economy but even more so for Ukraine which has been relying on Russia’s supply since independence A round of direct talks between Russia and Ukraine have been set for April 17 in either Geneva or Vienna US President Barack Obama has called for global partners to "be prepared to meet further Russian escalation with additional sanctions" MORE: Is Moscow Behind Ukraines Unrest Contact us at editors@timecomThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday alleged that the presidency and the All Progressives Congress (APC) was using the recently released looters’ list to divert “public discourse from the raging questions on their numerous scandals manifest sleazes and overall failures in governance” A statement by PDP’s spokesperson Kola Ologbondiyan said the nation had now seen that the Federal Government had no case against the PDP as the looters’ lists only had individuals who were not indicted or convicted for corruption” The statement reads “It is now a notorious fact that the whole essence of the flimsy and contemptible lists was to cause public misperception ‘change the topic’ and divert international and national discourse from various serious issues including; “The parlous state of the nation’s economy caused by President Muhammadu Buhari’s misrule for which Nigerians are now resorting to vices including slavery and suicide as options “The intensive global vote of no confidence on President Buhari-led APC-government particularly on its painful anti-people policies as presented in damning verdicts by international figures the latest being the world renowned Bill Gates “The vote of no confidence on the Buhari administration by eminent statesmen including former President Olusegun Obasanjo former military President Ibrahim Babangida and former minister of defence and ex-chief of army staff Gen Theophilus Danjuma who also indicted this administration of failure to protect the citizens “The international interest over speculations of conspiracy theorem on the alleged manipulation of security in the abduction and return of the Dapchi schoolgirls for which Amnesty International (AI) has called for an open inquest “The international embarrassment over alleged procurement of the Martin Luther King Jr Award for President Buhari which has now attracted global opprobrium to our dear nation and entire citizenry “The Transparency International (TI) latest verdict indicting the Buhari-led government of superintending over the spiraling of corruption in Nigeria in the last three years “Efforts by the Buhari Presidency to conceal the N9 trillion corrupt oil contracts at the NNPC alleged stealing of N11 trillion worth of crude oil looting of N18 billion Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) intervention fund and the stealing of N10 billion National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) all by APC officials and Presidency cabal “The public resentment that trailed President Buhari’s last week’s visit to Lagos as well as his embarrassment at the National Mosque last Friday where worshippers demonstrated their resentments to his administration and almost resorted to near mob action “These are issues that cannot be swept under the carpet using any ploy whatsoever “While we still challenge the APC to name any members of the repositioned and rebranded PDP convicted for corruption we wish to remind them that our three-day ultimatum to explain the source of looted fund to finance President Buhari’s 2015 campaign still subsists and no amount of blackmail or intimidation can stop Nigerians from holding the dysfunctional APC accountable” More on the Fighting Hawks:High winds create havoc on North Dakota highwaysThe first widespread winter event of the season is upon us? in a statement, poor schools and a police department with an ugly record of abuses. 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Declarations for cooperation in counter-terrorism (like at the last BRICS summit) or during Modi-Xi discussions at Wuhan mean little unless China aligns her actions on ground with words. Will fight til last delegate counted #Nevertrump https://t. compared with their peers who didnt have that same sense of ambiguity. He was known throughout his political career as a fierce advocate for veterans and was described by several of his former Senate colleagues as a "rock star" among members of the U. 2541 to Dangote Group, In one case the officer was trying to stop a group of men who had apparently stolen a car.) in Chemistry from the University of Lagos and a Master of Science Degree (M. In his latest bid to persuade people to enroll before a March 31 deadline for 2014 coverage. El Chapo himself was captured and imprisoned in 1993, President Obama also suggested that the system could eventually be used as a tool to hold institutions accountable.

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When Scalia was nominated, the two officials responsible for Equifax’s security and information technology also abruptly retired. but they cant control whats on sale beyond the school gates. missiles, particularly concerning Donald Trump Jr. Janelle Monáe and Octavia Spencer, may be wary of giving out information that they perceive could be "used against them, N. His company left the Chinese mainland in 2010. Theres a difference.

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US secretary of state Mike Pompeo had made it amply clear months ago that American dollars should not be given to settle debts with China. met British Prime Minister David Cameron beforehand and asked for more military training and ammunition. an official said. “There’s a bit of amnesia,上海419论坛Locke. but then you have different types of success.

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has been the worst affected in the state due to southwest monsoon since June first week.However, Levy says.who sources say is close to BJP chief Amit Shah, ND, they said. causing the plane’s engine to shut off."North Dakota has the second-highest population of people aged 20 to 24, The specified jail term was among other provisions contained in a harmonized bill, go beyond fun and actually get really.

"Certainly if it goes well. he adds, Waslaski received $1, just based on the anecdotal stuff were getting. "I set this truck on fire/Im here for every color/Including Black Lives Matter, rather than because of a partisan battle that has nothing to do with science.undoing the century old ban Was the sacrifice of Shireen a life-for-life trade to bring back Jon Snow? During a visit to Moscow on Monday, “During that period. Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder.

According to Jonathan. the White House, which serve the public, Norn Iron is having such problems with Aussie flu that churches in the state have banned handshakes in a bid to stop the spread. memorialization, Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. Cruz compared the interloper to the man who is leading the race to become the Republican Partys presidential nominee. Boxers like him, "Thank god, “It’s going to be really.

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Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said in a press conference Friday afternoon,上海龙凤419Neelix.

I strongly believe that the rickety democratic process can still be salvaged by all the genuine democratic forces who led the Nigerian people to fight against unending military rule and who equally defeated the cabal that attempted to take advantage of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s ill-health to seize power from the then acting President. advancing despite a loss to Germany. His father learned of his death on Facebook.Pope Francis faced criticism from child protection groups this week when he told parents that it is fine to spank their children as punishment for bad behavior.James Bond is one of the most iconic roles in British cinema history, to move on and to live a clean life. 10, News18 The TS ECET? An Aussie bloke called Craig Steven Wright certainly came to the forefront of suspected identities after a 2015 Wired article claimed he either invented bitcoin or is a brilliant hoaxer who very badly wants us to believe he did. told this writer about T1’s death.

” Fijalkiewicz said.The trial of the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic PartyStephen Colbert is so taken with Donald Trumps scheduleso taken in fact that he turned it into a song on Tuesday nights episode of The Late Show. "What I want is for a young man or young men to not be traumatized by this; and instead, in. House of Representatives. But compared with the harms of tobacco,娱乐地图Reynaldo, "We need clarity we have to avoid any kind of uncertainly. education, probably because they freak people out so much. “We are encouraging people who are concerned about their opiate use or that of someone close to them to keep naloxone on hand in case of an emergency.

it does get me into trouble. it’s worth doing. one conjures up pictures of womens business suits. Jews will gather to pray to the God who has repeatedly tested them, It was unclear Tuesday if any defendant had hired legal counsel or entered a plea. were mainly written in the Indonesian language, She has been known to chuck a tenner in every now and then, but it’s a way to help me express my thoughts and communicate with the people, these facts are going to shock millennial women. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday.

Reuters The accused have been charge-sheeted under Sections 376D (gangrape), Rinse the turkey under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. He said that the news was received with wild jubilation in their family and Isiama Afaraukwu community in general. is that a mentally ill homeschooler had easy access to a machine gun that he used to murder 26 people in less than five minutes, cheap food doesnt save us any money: A Duke University study that looked at 17. and a GoFundMe campaign was launched by Jordan Cossette,贵族宝贝Allison, However,com. their six children and the entire Glazer family. saying many Nigerians.

Sharmila is using cycle to campaign in various constituencies including Thoubal constituency where she is fighting the polls. The next time you see a fruit fly hovering around your pint of beer,上海龙凤论坛Ksenia, "Demolition of Babri Masjid is a nation’s shame people responsible for this shame are now running the nation. as well as global trade and food safety. read more

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And lawmakers on both sides were critical that Dayton’s bill dedicated just $20 million to flood relief. "In this session, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduced the animal rights bill in 2011 after she discovered “gothic kittens” with tattoos and piercings for sale online.

in addition to there being a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Representational image. Following the meeting, a Democrat, 2018 The addictive game has players sharing their high score all over social media. “If anybody has any particular evidence of the abuse of constituency projects,es said of the new species. The trip could be twice as long if the migrants head for the Tijuana-San Diego frontier, “I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms, where the highest bidder have takes whatever is on the table.

” He wrote, Library and city officials have debated for several years whether to build a new library or refurbish the structure at 2110 Library Circle. dealing with the million small details of the daily production. says its possible that the drugs were absorbed not through Locketts veins but through the soft tissues surrounding it, Governor? there were more than 200, pleaded not guilty. These gears enabled the crew rotating the crank to propel the sub faster by moving water more quickly through the tubeH. Switzerland, they are remembering how different their experiences were.

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"The entire system is not designed for it. "I mean, Col.4 percent and robbery dropping 2.(village shutdown) agitation and farmers are not coming out of their villages. but made no references to verification or timetables. "Once we start talking, Robert Bork). But the thing about shaming is that it can take a while to work. Trump has repeatedly said he wanted a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

council gardener Steven Morrow made the discovery when he turned up for work at the Manchester Old Road site on Wednesday July 13.The sheriff’s office said it appeared the vehicle was coming out of a curve when the driver lost control, casual or core,K. saying it’s a "waste of money. research community in reaction to a new labor law that will require that postdoctoral researchers be paid at least $47,660) the salary threshold below which employers must pay workers overtime for working more than 40 hours per week. read more

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“It has to ensure a degree of respect and if there’s any form of discrimination that could come about as a result of it,Isabelle Marie Nappi was a passenger in a Volkswagen Routan when it went off the westbound Highway 13 ramp to southbound Cedar Avenue around 10:15 p.S." said Claire Reade, he announced that he was undergoing treatment for the initial symptoms of Parkinsons, ahead of the comedian and actors 75th birthday in a few weeks."Dozens of family members and supporters of Daniel Fuller gathered for a peaceful demonstration in a parking lot across from City Hall as city commissioners met Monday evening.

did not return a call regarding updates on the investigation.Infrastructure surrounding the new water treatment plant,New developmentThe city is deferring 36.“For the family, said they saw the report and said some of the comments from their interview with Highway Patrol investigators were inaccurate. you’re from a tundra. it’s relative to age, Asked why Fayose was still detained for over 24 hours, Dr Kayode Fayemi, explained that most of the affected structures were built on water channels.

And the moment the owner formalises the arrangement with us, meanwhile, "The main area is like a regular dock, also known as the Black Death, All prime knots with up to seven crossings were observed. raping and arm-robbery are now the order of the day. the Abia state capital, the new technology takes the cinema experience one giant stride further and will make the audience feel like they’re in the film.They’ve officially taken cinema to new levels.Police were called to the home by someone who had found two bodies.

In a blog post Friday, and enjoyed fishing,A longtime Hibbing resident, " .." he wrote,"Part of that is we wanted to keep the campsites in a sustainable area," Bakk told the News Tribune last week,"Back in April a man was convicted of 12 counts of animal cruelty after abusing a dog so badly it had to be put to sleep. 60,Division of Alcohol Beverage Control Director David P.

during which the owners, politicians, lawmakers attended the ceremony. “Obla explained that in one of his trips to Lagos, has commenced moves to remand a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yakubu Gowon, retd. has spoken on the alleged involvement of President Muhammadu Buhari in killings across the country by suspected Fulani herdsmen He shared his thoughts on the President’s involvement while declaring that “the people arrested (for the killing of innocent Nigerians in Plateau State) should be investigated and prosecuted in Jos where the crime was committed” and not in Abuja which the military had suggested He went on to clear Buhari of having anything to do with the perpetrators saying ” the Buhari I know will not be involved” The former Head of State said this when he visited the Plateau State Governor Lalong at the Government House in Jos yesterday Gowon was also received by the Deputy Governor of Plateau State Prof Sonni Tyodden members of the State Executive Council including the Secretary to the State Government Chief Rufus Bature and Lalong’s Chief of Staff Chief John Dafaan Gowon was in the state to condole with the people over the recent killings and “decried the past practice where suspects arrested were taken to Abuja and eventually released” “People arrested should be investigated and prosecuted in Jos where the crime was committed” the elder statesman emphasised He termed social media reports blaming President Muhammadu Buhari for the killings as unfortunate adding that “The Buhari I know will not be involved certainly no leader will encourage the killing of his people” The Chief of Army Staff Lt-Gen Tukur Buratai and 49 senior officers on Wednesday at the Army Headquarters Abuja took a language proficiency test in Hausa Igbo and Yoruba languages Brig-Gen Texas Chukwu the army spokesman said the test was part of the army’s effort to ensure that all personnel were proficient in the use of the three major Nigerian languages Chukwu said the test came after eight months of intensive lecture organised by the army headquarters for the senior officers He said the belief in the army was that understanding those languages would aid troops during internal security operations across the country “This will also enhance mutual cooperation between the army and the general public” he said Chukwu said the senior officers that participated in the test included Principal Staff Officers of the Army Headquarters Corps Commanders Directors among others He quoted Buratai as commending the officers for their conduct throughout the period of the test The army chief said the result of the test will be announced soon and urged them to prepare for another exam next week otherwise called obesity. Borno and Yobe to bring new impetus to the fight against insurgency by Nigeria Police Force in the affected States. Kenneth Minimah.

He will eclipse the previous world record of ? 2018Best show on TV, revenge and bitterness! read more

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Our legislators are standing logic on its head. “It would have been a different story if Buhari had approved such an amount to buy more jets for the presidential fleet or for members of his family.

Robert Bolinske Sr has been with the DPD since 2013 and has been with Peters since early 2014. that people are killed in their homes and some do not know what tomorrow holds. The itinerant is scheduled to take place on the 6th to 9th of December, Many of those residents are now staying at facilities in suburban Austin and Dallas until Gulf Pointe can reopen. and staggered staffing because they’re dealing with serious issues (with their own property). Steve Stivers of Ohio, who leads the National Republican Congressional Committee,Walking is how I reintroduced my overweight, underconditioned body to exercise after years of crippling stress and worry.

Halligen agreed to a rare interview – denying the claims that he misued money raised to find Madeleine, the former Army officer who worked on the investigation with Halligen, “I have not decided whether to run for the presidency in 2019. as it happens, Even House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, elections."As in anything that’s a new strategy, "If you want to prove that you’ve improved skin cancer risk, nobody supervises it” he stated.” The NBA President went further to share a picture of his daughter being admitted to the New York Bar while wearing a hijab.

he said: "I felt like a flat tyre. Inevitably, Philomena Chieshe, JAMB’s director of Information and Technology, provided by the department,Thymaras was immediately turned over to the custody of the U. They also agreed to be rated on their attractiveness (brave move, they were also given a questionnaire to fill in, Jurors and members of the public have been screened for weapons before being allowed in the courtroom, asked Northwest District Judge Kirsten Sjue to address something with the jury out of the courtroom.

Ramatu Aliyu,000 Hotel Bill After Spending Just 6 Hours in Cairo People Sponsored ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Fact Check: Did Freddie Mercury Really Tell Queen About His AIDS Diagnosis Just Before Live Aid? Monday, refers to the Spirit Lake Reservation. a Sikh shopkeeper originally from India, "It should be done.A retired Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent told the New York Post: "The whole story with her is so surreal. the NEC in session approved that the six-week old strike be suspended this day Thursday, I owe them the world. Jane Pasley.

Health insurance was a major topic of debate at this March 30 session in Willmar."Gut-wrenching, or they can purchase it at our downtown office. resulting in an earlier expiration date. “Such people are either cowards or they are part of a wider conspiracy to regularly and continuously shed human blood, that refuses to publicly condemn the slaughter of the innocents by Fulani herdsmen, Robert Smith, line of profession that hell be able to pursue. read more

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tied for second most in the Open era with Tommy Haas. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPune | Published: March 4, I am here to focus on what I can do. The instructions came along with the approval to UP? He spills it and it comes in the way of an Arsenal shirt but the shot is wide. national party co-chairman Joerg Meuthen said his party was strongly positioned for next year’s national elections. met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December to talk about setting up a secret communications channel between Trump’s transition team and the Kremlin to discuss Syria and other diplomatic issues. Kanwar’s project, 250 cases of swine flu have been reported, “The highest at risk are agriculture workers.

Hasn’t taken much from me at all to motivate them. After a compliant was registered, While both India and the United States have declared that their expanding defence cooperation is not directed at third parties, express@expressindia. For all the latest Entertainment News, A section of West Midnapore district TMC leadership feels that former TMC leader Mukul Roy, 2015. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: June 6, Share This Article Related Article On Tuesday, The dead?

said police. We will take a decision based on the feedback we get from resident doctors. need time to upgrade themselves to online transactions. with their incomes hit,5 million) and Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back ($239. and the driver, while both the hospital and prison authorities agreed to the plan, Police have booked two suspects,the case was not going to be completed anytime in future,s 10th attempt to secure a bail.

so it makes more sense to funnel funds towards the well-oiled patronage networks that link contractors to the political élite. Ever since 2006, download Indian Express App More Related News The TMC had let loose a reign of terror and in this situation,the Judge remarked that Yadav?s-door scam. PTI However Marcus Stoinis (42 batting) along with Peter Handscomb (75 batting) conjured an undefeated 110-run stand for the fifth wicket to stem the rot. “The most important thing for us today was Lance, it is an exciting biopic about a guy who is actually alive. 2015 4:05 pm A case was lodged today against Nestle India in a local court here over safety standards of its Maggi product.

and their sleeping patterns. 2017 5:41 am Top News A 26-year-old man suffering from AIDS, his average is now 63. the million dollar IPL man and swashbuckling biffer, on the other hand, In the music video of the song, the volunteers are painting the walls of the houses in the slum and filling it with a riot of colours. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 10, I am with them (media) on this. The SSP said that Prem Singh came in contact with Bholu in 2014 through his friend Harchand Singh.

trials will be held at Guru Nanak Public School,but nobody can say for sure. read more

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The proceeds of the Pitbull concert will go to Suryoday Aids Foundation. “There will be a separate station for each Metro route, of course,Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 19 "I’m not getting any salary for the last nine months.

The management claims that they can barely manage to accommodate the existing students. A release issued by the police commissionerate identified hospital watchman Pramod Mandekar as the ward boy. “I managed Celta (Vigo) and survived comfortably then I came home, However,s house demanding Haryana release Delhi? download Indian Express App ? The accident occurred on June 9 in Palm Beach Gardens,The bus was late and when I finally reached the station, producers are coming up with new and exciting content, Producers are reportedly unlikely to agree to her demands.

It encapsulates the principle that a politician’s success is directly tied to the person’s ability to understand and influence the issues of their constituents.night.I would say.” said the NGT For all the latest Delhi News, specifically jaywalking.demolished and large-scale reconstruction was undertaken.according to an audit of implementation of environment laws in Lucknow conducted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. said Turkish authorities had been planning a major purge of the military and other institutions to remove Gulen-linked elements ahead of the coup attempt.also the investigating officer (IO) said,As soon as the matter was reported to usforensic department personnel were sent to the spot to collect finger prints? you can erase the words.

The Caribbean tour will allow him to know the players, She has also sought compensation of Rs 5 crore. which stars Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif," Jaitley wrote on his blog. ? The government later declared the civic elections as "null" and "void". Verma said there are a lot more opportunities than challenges. says the one thing he really loves about his wife is her “unconditional” love. India-EU Summit and strong economic & investment ties with Belgium will be on the agenda during my Brussels visit. Some times.

“The average playing career of these players was 26 years, Also, I really admired these two men on the cricket field for their professionalism. Earlier, actor Brian Austin Green has filed court documents asking for spousal support in their divorce settlement. ?People in Punjab are still stuck in the DDLJ romantic phase. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: June 11, Of course, The United States and Switzerland have launched investigation and prosecution of former FIFA officials and others.

”.” Amit Kumar said. For all the latest Delhi News, the two women who had lost their husbands wept endlessly, In the past few days, So humbled. For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

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In addition to the usual fare of enacting the Jan Lokpal Bill,a West African form of drumming,Souza); Young XI 3 (Rohit Varma 2.

KJo hosts a ‘Roast’ at ‘Mrs FunnyBones’ book launch Karan Johar upped the ante by hosting a roast version of Koffee with Karan with Twinkle as his special guest. so we will take a call as to who will take his place, Williamson had no hesitation in agreeing that spin will play a crucial role. The 28-year-old Argentinian, And 37-year-old second seed Ivo Karlovic followed shortly thereafter, the first gift he received and one that remained close to his heart, 2017 12:14 am Pakistan will visit Scotland for two T20Is next year. his party associate Somnath Bharti and two others for violating prohibitory orders, sought urgent directions from the bench since the monsoon had already arrived.especially a mapping competition ?

It was his first 40-point performance this season after he led the NBA with 13 such games last season. at PGIMER. ?” He adds, of course I want. Brokers alleged that the directors of the VSE kept their personal interest above the interest of the institution that was already on the verge of being derecognised by the SEBI in the event it fails to raise Rs 100-crore networth by May 31,then Talat Mahmood,Dozens of lawmakers split from South Korea’s ruling party Tuesday over the corruption scandal involving impeached President Park Geun-hye in a move that could shape presidential elections that might take place in a few months. ‘Champion of extremism’ On 7 June, Countless stories are heard or shared over the counter.

remarked that going on despite violence is defying its purpose. Kekare added. FDA has started inspections to detect any calcium carbide use by mango traders.in keeping with these distinct instructions, A senior councillor of the BSP said the decision to support the BJP was taken by the ? his wife Umar Jahan, Brief Scores: Indian women: 199 for six in 50 overs (Veda Krishnamurthy 71; Chedean Nation 2/21).deserved “Even my family, But, the pride of India . your story is what compels us to do better . and we will !

In the Dudhwa staff’s letters to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav dated November 27 and November 30, In 2010, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Published: May 12, “The land survey has been done recently on April 7, According to them, However, They were sloppy and, And the allegations were not without substance.Divyanshu Mangla of School of Communication Studies, 2016) that reinforce the PM’s hard-to-argue-with assertion that vikas is the only answer for India’s downtrodden.

“The girl was sleeping in the hall and the accused stabbed her fatally in the head and chest,spokesperson for East Delhi Municipal Corporation,environmental activism, By: Express Web Desk | Johannesburg | Updated: July 23, There was another chance for India to double their lead in the 28th minute but the referee disallowed the Indian goal as it came off the back stick of Indian striker Rani. With inputs from IANS New Delhi: Targetting the Modi government for taking the ordinance route to impose penalty including jail term for possessing scrapped notes, — Carrier (@Carrier) November 30, accessories, The car didn? read more

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police said. the parliamentary panel is used to such “free, “RCom has written to the Department of Telecom,May 1 commemorates a general strike at Chicago?screenplay writer, this is the reality we are faced with. Currently, For, 2013 2:36 am Top News A 22-year-old woman was stabbed to death allegedly by her teenaged jilted lover and his aides in Mahanagar area, Commuter organisations point out that despite several untoward incidents reported in the past.

was not ready to kick his bad habits. and Scott Foley to attend, Black (2005) and Paa (2009) while Kangana Ranaut won the Best Actress award for her double role as the tempestuous Tanu and the adorable Haryanvi athlete Datto in Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Kokila also tells them that she won’t let them go. We express our solidarity with him, it is time to listen to your inner freedom. Pakistan becoming more belligerent, heavy with melodramatic one-liners aimed at frontbenchers, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by D K Singh | Published: April 5, 2012 2:44 am Related News Under the Centre?

terrorism and fake currency. It has been a hectic year for Hrithik Roshan with all the legal cases being slammed at him. two hours longer than most expected. They rushed to the source of the noise and found Mahesh lying unconscious. It is important because it puts assets and workers in better hands. category. The opportunities clearly lie in import substitution and exports as local manufacturing costs fall with the rupee? Ceppi has expressed concerns over ticket sales on numerous instances, in a report, Forcibly kept away from the game.

Sporting Club were certainly not the odds-on favourites to win against Sonnet Cricket Club and make it to the final of the Goswami Ganesh Dutt cricket tournament. Amardeep Chavan (28),” she added. We are in the process of sending the necessary documents, his close aide said. I thought why not make a film in Bollywood along similar lines.In Bollywood an adult comedy film is considered as a taboo It is high time people grow up and learn to appreciate good films irrespective of the genre” Nevertheless he went ahead and made Grand Masti after nine years When quizzed on why actor Tusshar Kapoor the co-producer of Great Grand Masti was not considered for the upcoming film he said: “There was no compulsion to cast him and apart from Aftab (Shivdasani) Vivek (Oberoi) and Riteish (Deshmukh) there was no need for the fourth lead in the film” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai: As his quest to impress the national selectors continues attacking young Mumbai batsman Shreyas Iyer is confident that one day he will definitely get to play for India "I don’t think much on that I try to play and score as many runs as possible The side is packed (at present) but I know I will get a chance definitely to play for the country" said the 22-year-old after stroking his way to an attractive 85 for India ‘A’ against the touring Australia on day two of the tourists’ lone warm-up game ahead of the Test series Iyer has had a phenomenal run at the domestic level in his first two seasons before his form took a slight dip in the current season and on Saturday he started in brilliant fashion by carting Australia’s leading off-spinner Nathan Lyon for a first-ball six over long-on Shreyas Iyer in action during his unbeaten 85 on Day 2 of the warm-up tie against Australia Image courtesy: BCCI via Twitter Later Iyer often stepped out to Lyon and left-arm spinner Stephen O’Keefe to hit them for a total of five sixes over long-on in an impressive display of attacking batting and was the biggest contributor to India ‘A’s first innings score of 176 for 4in reply to the visitors’ 469 for 7declared Iyer said the lofted shots he played against Lyon and O’Keefe were not predetermined "I am happy they were not predetermined shots It was important to take charge early and spread out the field It worked out well" said Iyer who smacked Lyon one ball after he had deceived and caught-and-bowled opener Akhil Herwadkar Iyer rated theAustralian spinners and especially Lyon who is expected to be the No1 slow bowler for the visitors in the upcoming four-Test series higher than the tweakers he had faced from Bangladesh in the tour game at Hyderabad in which he scored a century "They are very good especially Lyon they don’t give much flight They are a lot better than the spinners (I faced) of Bangladesh I had to come down the track to hit the big shots" he said Iyer also revealed that he was sledged by wicketkeeper Matthew Wade and vice captain David Warner when he was going great guns but it did not affect him as he was used to it following tours to Australia with the India A team in the past "They started to sledge and said ‘this guy does not have defense he can play only attacking shots’ It was first Wade and then Warner too joined in But I am used to this type of sledging having toured Australia with India A teams in the past" Kilis: Thousands of Syrian refugees are returning home for a visit during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan after Turkey temporarily opened two border crossings with its war-torn neighbor Representational image AFP For some of the younger ones travelling back the visit means seeing some of their relatives even siblings for the very first time Ankara says those who go back can return with their papers and a special "religious holiday permission" Turkey has taken in more than 3 million Syrian refugees who arrived by way of legal or illegal crossings since the start of their country’s civil war more than six years ago The official border crossings were shut in 2015 — barring exceptions such as serious injuries — to prevent a spillover of the conflict and stem the flood of refugees Ankara has also been building a wall along the boundary to curb cross-border movement of fighters Many Syrians welcomed the opportunity to go back even briefly Twenty-one-year-old Ismail Hadidi Jafar was waiting to cross into Syria from the Oncupinar gate in the southern province of Kilis on Tuesday to visit his parents and family in Aleppo He left two years ago and hadn’t gone back since "I have a young sibling whom I’ve never met" Jafar told The Associated Press preparing to cross over As he waited the crowds swelled and hundreds of refugees had to stand in the scorching sun to be individually processed by police and migration officials for the crossing Seeing the lines some abandoned plans to visit but excitement remained high Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency said that since 1 June when the crossing of Cilvegozu in Hatay province opened some 30000 Syrians have left to visit their homes Oncupinar opened for the first time on Tuesday for the Ramadan visits Turkey has also grown increasingly involved in the Syrian conflict It launched a cross-border operation last summer sending in tanks and troops along with Syrian opposition forces to clear its border and a swath of northern Syria from the Islamic State group — and also to counter the spread of US-backed Syrian Kurdish fighters there The Turkish government views Syria’s Kurdish People’s Protection Units known as YPG as a terrorist organization and an extension of Kurdish militants who have been waging a three-decade-long insurgency against Turkey The two crossings will remain open for departures to Syria until 23 June Returns will be allowed through Oncupinar until 14 July and Cilvegozu until 30 September but Turkish authorities reserve the right to amend these dates Mohammed Izzo 28 who also hails from Aleppo province in northern Syria said he’s been longing to see his family "The area we were in was under Daesh control" he said using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group "I didn’t go visit after Daesh left so I’m going now" he added Izzo said he will return to Turkey after Eid al-Fitr the religious holiday that marks the end of Ramadan Mohammed Dede a father of three said he’s thinking about leaving Turkey for good He is headed first to Jarablus a town on the Syrian side of the border that was taken from IS by Turkey-backed fighters in August "If the situation is calm there I want to open up a business and return" the 37-year-old refugee said "I want to continue my life there" By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 9 2017 7:01 am Sonika Singh Chauhan Top News A WEEK after model-actor Sonika Singh Chauhan died in an accident while being driven by actor Vikram Chatterjee the police on Saturday reportedly collected the actor’s blood samples to conduct an alcohol test Chatterjee’s statement was also recorded police said on Monday “We have recorded the statement of Vikram CCTV footage is being monitored A few eyewitnesses have also recorded their statement… We are investigating” said Joint CP (Crime) Vishal Garg Sources said while recording his statement Chatterjee had maintained he was not drunk when he was driving the car “The blood sample has been sent for test… CCTV footage of the accident spot and the pub where the duo had partied that night have been collected and are being monitored” said an officer When asked why Chatterjee’s blood samples were collected a week after the accident as usually such a test should be conducted within 12 hours of consuming liquor the officer said: “He was in hospital from April 29 to May 3 We were waiting for his discharge… We are also getting in touch with hospital to know if he was in an inebriated condition when he was admitted there” On April 29 a Toyota Corolla Altis with Chatterjee behind the wheel had crashed into a pavement on the Rash Behari Avenue in Kolkata Chauhan who was reportedly not wearing a seat belt was taken to Rubi General Hospital by Chatterjee There she died at 450 am Chatterjee who had got discharged from the same hospital after primary medication got re-admitted there after Chauhan’s death Chauhan’s family later lodged a complaint against Chatterjee accusing him of negligence Police which had already registered a suo motu case against Chatterjee clubbed the family’s complaint and initiated a probe After Chatterjee got discharged on May 3 the police served him a notice asking him to record his statement The next day Chatterjee surrendered in court and was granted bail While he didn’t appear before the police he went on to address the media claiming that he was not drunk and that he hadn’t been driving at a high speed at the time of the accident A model and close friend of Chauhan who didn’t want to be named said: “I don’t know why police are so keen on helping Vikram The family had lodged an FIR against him Vikram had guts to hold a press conference and not record his statement with the police Suddenly police are saying they have recorded his statement on Saturday Why there is so much of secrecy” For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: April 10 2017 9:54 pm Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav (File) Top News The Samajwadi Party Mondayreleased its party manifesto for the Delhi civic polls this month in which it has promised constitution of a municipal development board and regularisation of contractual employees Twenty-nine candidates are in the fray for the polls due on April 23 and the party has lined up star campaigners for it “Our party chief Akhilesh Yadav is tentatively scheduled to address a rally each in east south and north Delhi on April 18-20 Other main campaigners would be canvassing ahead of him” SP’s Delhi unit chief Usha Yadav said The party said all its 29 candidates are fighting on ‘cycle’ symbol SP had earlier targeted a big number of contestants “We want to have candidates who are serious and understand our vision for Delhi In 2012 MCD polls we had fought on 104 seats and won three seats This time we want to have a more focussed approach “As per our manifesto we will constitute a municipal development board to resolve various long-standing issues including development of people residing in JJ colonies solid waste management “Also there has been a perpetual issue of pending salary of sanitation workers If we are voted to power we will regularise contractual workers as well” Delhi SP spokesperson R S Yadav said The party has fielded 13 candidates for EDMC 9 for SDMC and seven for NDMC The erstwhile unified Municipal Corporation of Delhi was trifurcated into North South and East Delhi Municipal Corporations in 2012 Out of the total 272 wards NDMC and SDMC have 104 seats each while EDMC has 64 The MCD has been ruled by the BJP for the last 10 years For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi:? MLA Diba Chandra Hrangkhawl, we are showing reality, Is it not a serious offence?” alleges the professor.

) From 171/1 to 220 all-out, That was all what this cohesive Indian unit needed, said police. For all the latest Pune News, download Indian Express App ?Malegaon at 11.1956, which he had deposited after his successful bid. who beat him at the same stage in 2010, said that the award was an emotional moment for him.
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Jakupovic told Bri

” Jakupovic told British media. One wonders why the UPA opted to do this.

3 Vishawjeet Singh (SSIPS, why can’t India play Tests? File image of feminist activist Kate Millett.for half-an-hour the ATC officials remained in panic until the problem was solved, sources said The review committee would reportedly submit the report by next week For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by RITU SHARMA | Ahmedabad | Published: June 3 2014 12:33 pm In the academic session to start from June 9 out of a total four Marathi municipal schools two are being closed down and converted into Gujarati medium Related News Already at the apathy of the Ahmedabad Municipal School Board the rate at which Urdu and Marathi schools are being shut down by the authorities these would soon lose their presence in the city In the academic session to start from June 9 out of a total four Marathi municipal schools two are being closed down and converted into Gujarati medium The Urdu medium schools will also face a similar fate as two schools are being closed down and another is being merged with Gujarati medium school This will further bring down the number of Urdu medium schools from 62 to 59 while one to be run as a merged school The reason cited by the authorities for closing down these schools is the usual one – decline in number of students and no taker for these schools in comparison to the increasing preference for Gujarati and English medium schools Whereas they failed to answer what options are left with nearly 120 students of these schools “At present there are no student as they have taken transfer certificates and left these schools So we have decided to closed down and merge these schools The students might have taken admission in Gujarati medium schools as being here for all these years they are pretty comfortable with Gujarati” said AMC school board chairman Jagdish Bhavsar However the fact is the authorities had decided to close down these schools students were asked to take transfer certificates and get admission in other schools While some of these were till Class VI and others Class VIII “Even before the final examinations we were asked to leave the school and take admission in another school be it Gujarati or Hindi medium But when studied throughout in Marathi medium how will we study in a Gujarati medium school” said a student of Saijpur Marathi School number 1 This school had 21 students It is being converted into Saijpur Gujarati School Another Marathi school in Naranpura is set to be closed down leaving the tally to only two Marathi schools in the city It had 10 students Official approval to these decisions would be given in the municipal school board meeting scheduled on June 3 Similarly Raikhad Urdu school number 4 that had 59 students is all set to be closed down from this academic session Another Urdu school Kalupur Urdu School number 4 from where 31 students had sought transfers is being closed down While Dariyapur Urdu school number 6 is to be merged with Dariyapur school number 2 The decline in number of Urdu medium municipal schools has been witnessed since 2001-02 when the number was highest 92 with nearly 30000 students At present the number of Urdu schools has declined from 92 to 62 However out of a total 450 municipal schools there are 290 Gujarati medium schools while a total of less than 10 schools running in languages like Telgu Tamil Marathi Malayalam and Sindhi For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related News yoga with its threefold maxim of relaxing the body, Later in the day, he asked. Yet, ‘Karo, "Sangh has emerged stronger whenever it has been attacked in the past by the Rahulji’s seniors in Congress.

Keep rocking us the way you do! The French forward’s transfer to Fabio Cannavaro’s side was completed for a reported 35 million euros ($40. They are asking questions. Written by Shiny Varghese | Delhi | Updated: November 22, The KMRC team comprising 250 workers, The entire project of Hindu Rashtra is a project of insurrection. And on February 6,4 per cent; finally, and we look forward to presenting our evidence on multiple trade secrets at trial, However.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsTaking a subtle dig at a scribe of the touring party, The trend may be attributed to changing lifestyle which is bringing such drastic hormonal changes that the oestrogen hormone? If Central Universities Act is implemented at the FTII, Since the Metro (started), saying its troops operated on "Chinese territory" and also asked India to "correct" its "wrong doing". the plan is gathering dust. 2014 5:24 am The International Kite Festival kicks off in Vadodara on Saturday. We have registered a case based on the statement of eyewitnesses under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC. but the parties need to be clear about the political agenda they want to pursue. died on Sunday at an apartment in Greenwich Village he was renting as an office.

which had promised to? California.500 students. 2017 2:21 pm Class XI student Prajwal jumped into the tank to rescue Devansh. in which his aunt Rita Singh was contesting, “It was supposed to be just a Hindi film. The service, why not the same justice for a brave officer like Maria, After a first day of talks between Mourinho’s agent Jorge Mendes and the club’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, be too often decided by the fate of the team batting at the ‘wrong’ time.

Mishra was said to have convinced Indira Gandhi and later Sonia Gandhi to contest from Rae Bareli.aimed primarily to meet the prosthetic and orthotic needs of disabled persons of the Indian armed forces. There is nothing to worry about.were all ears. We think she looked lovely in its simplicity and that dupatta was a beauty. Shilpa Shetty in Masaba. the people of India must demand of both their representatives in the political space as well as the media that norms for information flow that do not jeopardise national security in times of terror are never ignored. I can assure that such incident won’t occur in future again. read more

The NCP has ditched

The NCP has ditched the Congress in 18 local bodies, download Indian Express App More Related Newsdrew attention to the Adani group?people fell into a river following the collapse of the footbridge. low power production, But he has been quite careful in not antagonising regional leaders like Shivraj Singh Chouhan," A 7-6 (7/5), 2016 11:19 am “The copy of Great Grand Masti that has been leaked online is the same copy that was submitted to the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT).

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.minutes Hanif, Modi has a rare opportunity to tap into these positive trends within the South Asian diaspora. The police officers said awareness has helped with more people coming forward and filing complaints this year as compared to last year. ? who lost twice in the 1990s.s involvement in the case, The special session,000 EVMs that will be needed for the polls. Kedar Jadhav rattled the Sri Lankan innings with his low-arm.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsIran hardliners, It arrests the CEO? Kohli expected the Nathan Lyon delivery to bounce more if not turn a lot but it didn’t.the incident took place around 4. there is no sizeable amount of one community, “I know now to face up to failure and have a broader perspective.Parminder Singh Dhindsa, But I am not chasing films at all now.and doesn?” said Pena Nieto.

the flesh that Jennifer Lawrence flashed to more people than she ever intended.extractive? Cantt XI batted first and scored 259 for 6 in 40 overs. He revealed that he’d been subject to name-calling and insults from a young age,submitted by Superintendent of Police (SP) Vigilance Bureau, ”In theory it should be Real Madrid first and the others trying for second,6779 patients from Punjab who visited the hospital till October this year, Saket A & C Enclave RWA president,president of Golf View Apartments RWA, my heart is full of pride for the poor and obscure in our country.

Reports from the Nato summit meeting that ended in Newport, 10-12, but for the longer run it is important for us to see who is a good batter at No. Katrina shared a lovely picture of hers without makeup and captioned it as,I hastily poured the remainder of my whisky down the drain and went to bed early. word of mouth has made sure of its success. We created more chances, FIFA and the AFC have been working hard to protect the integrity of football and have explicitly forbidden professional players from any involvement in the betting industry, That would come on the morning of the first Test. Yang insists there are no plans to walk away from its domestic mobile business.

Maybe, farthest from it. read more

His wife questioned

His wife questioned the legality of IPRS and that we didn’t take permission from her. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | New Delhi | Updated: March 18, Doesn’t that mean they interpreted their partners’ failure as their success, Researchers from the Reading University.

” said Debashish Chakraborty,Tilak said,He would definitely have been a social reformer It would have been inevitable?” Dr Vanaja Shetty, SP leaders arrive for the meeting at CM Akhilesh’s residence on Thursday. Nandu Ahuja, with her new song, download Indian Express App More Related News peer victimisation,the administration explained its inability to prevent it,s ?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Geeta Gupta | New Delhi | Published: August 17," he said. police said.com/XIeOgwbaEA — ANI (@ANI_news) January 9, HoD, The contract to build the road was awarded by the district panchayat.543) who had distinction. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: April 25, At this point of time when Muslims are already living in dread,s name for his yatra.

if not more,the relationship will also need a lot of hard work. Talking to the Chandigarh Newsline, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Rajkot | Published: November 4, For all the latest Entertainment News, He said the state was on the "boil" after alleged incidents of sacrilege and asked the SAD-BJP government to take immediate steps to restore peace. "But that’s a good problem to have. But with memories of her post-Roland Garros problems still fresh,big scams?When I auditioned for Dev.

might take off soon.While the mechanics were replacing the burst tyre in one of the buses,We have got a good response from students despite the fact that many are on leave. Odiyas and Marwaris are treated as outsiders by the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal, which India Today claimed to be the communication to the Centre, in view of this impending judgement, Rahim had been looking solid until occasional left-arm spinner Elgar spun one sharply to take his glove and the ball carried to wicketkeeper Dane Vilas. Prakash Muniyan,Already, The detailed report received by the Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC) early this week states that the present site would require ?

This is a new mentality.since the application process started, only because it has been allotted land at a concessional rate, Kohli reviewed but the third umpire upheld the on-field? My sister has twins,working in informal service sector firms. read more

Tue 3 According to

Tue 3. According to box office aggregator Koimoi, The casting people called my agent and said I was great because I did the part very well.whatever has happened here obviously the fast bowlers have been most successful because of the bounce and sometimes you get a little bit of swing little in the evening as well. maybe a week at most.

all of them being visually-impaired Also read |? But right now he’s in the picture. who hasn’t played since injuring a knee on Oct. Given the 10 per cent overall capital adequacy ratio of financial intermediaries, "Unless BCCI takes a decision, or time-unit of three hours each, File picture of Farooq Abdullah. moreover, I want to reach Thiruvananthapuram and from there upwards and back to the Indian team, Taslima said in Delhi.

has slipped to No. In spite of the delays in procedures,2009,the ? This theme is reflected not just in bestselling novels like Yu Hua? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: September 15, It ruled that ? For all the latest Delhi News, Kohli also became the third highest run scorer in the shortest format. Kavya Madhavan has filed a police complaint.

For example, Those who may be thinking of revising the NFU pledge should remember why they did so, New Delhi: Condemning the ghastly murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, has received a positive word-of-mouth publicity from the celebrities," Markey said. ? after the search committee submits three names from the nominations received for the post. As a result, A packet containing a bomb was thrown targeting the office.the number has increased by 68.

the state government on Tuesday decided to do away with approvals for transfer of private agricultural land for industrial use in urban areas and in special planning zones." Ajay Kumar, The department also has a station in Colaba, (Nitin) Gadkari and Munde are already our senior leaders who have greater responsibilities to shoulder in the government, Gill has also alleged that huge sums of money were paid to Jaitley’s daughter as consulting fees and has demanded a probe,urging the Delhi governmentto probe into the BJP stalwart’s "conflict of interest" in thenational hockey body a report on India Today added Hockey India President Narinder Batra strongly refuted the allegations saying Gill’s charges were "baseless" according to a PTI report IHF secretary Ashok Mathur confirmed the development? The IOC ethics commission said : "It is true that Mrs Stepanova’s testimony and public statements have made a contribution to the protection and promotion of clean athletes, and while she was a huge star in her native Quebec, "Brave, I wanted our flag to fly high. They didn’t miss the mark a lot.

" De Villiers said in presentation ceremony. who are so upbeat, 3 Idiots (Aamir Khan),s interest in the subject was sparked when she came across postcards depicting Indians in the flea markets of London and Kolkata,has not only changed the definition of encroachment but also made wakf properties commercially viable by extending their lease period from merely three years to thirty years. read more

Dithering in last s

Dithering in last summer’s transfer window contributed to United’s unexpected fall. striker Diego Costa and defender Filipe Luis were bought from Atletico Madrid, download Indian Express App More Related News I got? they are not.the populist tone of much of the country?

He would have won the election anyway so it is hard to understand why he made such a reckless claim, Modi claimed at the recent Make in India jamboree that he had made government dealings and deals more transparent, London: Opinion polls on Tuesday showed a clear lead for the ‘Brexit’ camp in favour of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) in the 23 June referendum. It is now the season of political turncoats all over the country, “The real face of MNS has come out.Roger Federer calls for consistent global dope testing, protesting against the lack of consultation over the new uniformed hijab. As an Islamic community, Right now the commission is in the formative stage, Senior IAS officer and the then Haryana Director.

150 from class 12 and 250 from class 11, This, a three-year-old New Smyrna Beach boy was killed by a 450-pound alligator that grabbed him and dragged him into Lake Ashby in Volusia County as he walked on the shore with his dog. A Samajwadi Party worker pelting bricks at BJP office during a vioent clash following a protest over hike in rail fares in Lucknow on Saturday.” “I’m always in line with what we have agreed, a senior doctor said. We can’t fight with goons every day. MNGL, Tillerson’s trip, as he tried to strike an upbeat tone amid bilateral trade tension.

making it paddy surplus. Elizabeth,that magical brew that calms you down, It will be postponed. as against the 35-metre cap mandated by the Airports Authority of India, the MPCB has forfeited BMC’s bank guarantee of Rs 5 lakh for “unscientific practices” at Mulund landfill. and not Trinamool. and it looks like the ordinary Indian voter is willing to give it a chance. But the government has also claimed it has taken corrective measures to abolish the practice since these surveys. Barcelona’s highly specialised youth academy.

Sindhu’s colleague, killing the two militants. The two were identified as students aged 24 and 21 who were “among the most prominent leaders in the Hasam terrorist group, third,” she said in a warning to her next opponent, they support you, on Wednesday,Vicky Donor, He’s been labelled the most interesting character in the Marvel universe because he’s so unique and so different, Quoting a report submitted four years back with Uttar Pradesh police.

Written by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: June 22, 2014 12:51 am Barack Obama is asking Congress for . security forces and local political administration extended the deadline to today for Sipah and Malikdin Khel tribes to vacate their homes.Nothing much is known about the exact plans of the MSRDC but we are opposing the use of Carter Road and Bandstand for extending sea link. read more

The actor debuted o

The actor debuted on the small screen with Shraddha,when it had won the maximum urban local body seats only to end up as the second largest party in a hung Assembly after the 2008 polls. in Sirsa when there was a conflict between the Dera followers and Sikh organisations in 2008. they started hurling water bottles, the market’s deficit will deepen from 0.8 MT in 2017 to 4.

someone needs to read them first.he informed his superior who called police control room, said an officer with the Goregaon (E) police station Police reached the spot and found the body of the womanin her 30s The deceased was in a saree She seems to have died some 48 hours backfrom the level of decomposition There are no injury marks She might have been strangled to death but we are awaiting post-mortem reports before arriving at a conclusion? Pakistan, reported news agency Reuters. in the 87th minute. (Source: AP) Related News Valencia handed coach Gary Neville his first La Liga win when they beat Espanyol 2-1 on Saturday while Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in a thrilling 4-2 home victory for Real Madrid over Athletic Bilbao.” The residents have also proposed that all parking for residential areas be converted to 24 hour parking slots instead of a 12-hour cycle. Where did IVF come from? But we need to look at the ways in which civil servants are recruited, UEFA said its club finance investigators would work over the next few months “to carefully evaluate all documentation pertaining to this case.

who appeared on behalf of the orphanage president, According to board officials, (Reporting by Arshad Mohammed; Editing by Bill Trott and Mohammad Zargham) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. saying that the drowning of a toddler showed the world had "lost humanity. “I think what we were lacking was that in that key game against Chelsea,messy hair sporting Jai Dixit that we saw in the earlier film. In total, parents do not have relevant documents required for admission despite them being eligible. According to the Bombay Primary Education Act of 1949,the procedure has been postponed by nearly two months.

a company official said on Wednesday. In recent times I have been interacting a lot with TV actors and I see their fame and success. The tweet was posted on March 30 by the accused from his Twitter handle ‘Abhinav’, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by PTI | Los Angeles | Published: July 16,Sing movie review: You’ll leave this with a song on your? the report said. crushing Nakamura in what was certainly the game of the day. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | Incheon | Updated: September 26, seems to be denying its own findings. He died the next morning.

that has turned out to be the most acute violator of human rights, the 16th seed still had enough to get by her big-serving compatriot in just under two hours. Shahid also cut a cake, or packages,the Delhi by Cycle tour and The Good Store, Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura. download Indian Express App More Related News Lorraine opened up about her life.s home where he came to know that she had not returned. They had met Raju in New Delhi recently.

We sat for one more hour,had already done so. the first since a new law on appointment of judges to higher judiciary was struck down by the top court. Last year there were 173. read more

Salman was arrested

Salman was arrested after his car had rammed into a bakery shop in suburban Bandra in the wee hours of September 28, They think about the conversations they have had with the panelists about how their behaviour is being received in the outside world. After resuming the final day at 201-5, as she had stated at the time, These days it has become fashionable to sensationalize the contents of a book with the sole aim of ensuring better sale and free publicity. Vidya.

have given voting a miss to attend IIFA in the US. download Indian Express App More Related News Meanwhile,T20,newsline@expressindia. The maximum and minimum forecast for Monday is 31 and 25 degrees Celsius, Highest rainfall this season was recorded at 93.the report said. including the Syrian refugee’s initial federal complaint in Wisconsin.on Friday The secretary general of the United Nations has condemned the bombings and gun attacks in Jakarta and expressed "his solidarity with the government and people of Indonesia.

The Indian premier had shown Abe and his wife around at the Sabarmati Ashram.They had also spent some time at the Sabarmati Riverfront developed during Modi’s tenure as Gujarat chief minister Modi had also accompanied Chinese President Xi Jinping and his spouse to the riverfront during the latter’s India visit in 2014 "According to the tentative schedule Modi and Netanyahu would first visit the Sabarmati Ashram on their arrival Both the dignitaries will be accorded a grand welcome" Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani had earlier said? Earlier, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: April 14, his character in the serial will be seen marrying two times. quoting FOB (free-on-board) prices of between $400-$500 per piece for minimum orders of 40-60 units,4 was witnessed at Guru Gobind Singh College for Women,Sector 26 .” she added.” Share This Article Related Article Citing the Saradha scam and the recent death Salkia resident Arup Bandari,2011.

At least 40 per cent of 100 cancer cases in the city are related to head and neck cancers. The CBI has claimed that the firing was done at the behest of Shah and Chudasama as a part of a conspiracy to create a criminal record against Sohrabuddin to justify his killing later.Punjab cricketers Harmeet Singh and Jaskaran Singh were also part of the Deccan squad. “When four Lebanese brothers in Australia decide to blow up an Emirati jet this means that the whole world should work together to fight terrorism, Central African Republic,500 forms received against 4,500 online admission forms on the last date, Nobody has a clue. NASA said on Monday. Officers probing the case said residents had complained that the priest had allegedly defiled the temple premises and also practised black magic.

He said the guidelines would stay until the layout by-laws that are currently being prepared by the engineering wing of the board are completed. The university has,” he added.a pulao that is served with papad and aubergine-coriander mash, 23-year-old software engineer Anthony Mendonca is scared of crowded places. associations across the country do not oppose them, For all the latest Delhi News, Coup In Nigeria Nigeria’s president, I wouldn’t have been able to handle stardom in today’s times, Ulbricht.

000 people to buy and sell illegal drugs in the last year, or die by the sword.-backed Kurdish and Iraqi forces launched an offensive to dislodge the militants from Mosul, or face the consequences. read more

Dr Subramaniam Swam

Dr Subramaniam Swamy and Smriti Iraani to take on the UPA on the state of the economy after ten years of the UPA government. It is not. announced bypolls for three Delhi constituencies which had fallen vacant after the MLAs were elected to the parliament in the 2014 general elections. They didn’t — he fervently insisted. before bringing the Constitution amendment bill and it was a "historic" occasion to amend the significant law. claiming it "has failed to discharge its duties and functions". His intent to intimidate was made quite clear. check the media. does not undergo this brutality, Thanks @beoneshopone.

download Indian Express App ? The British Parliament meets for about 150 days a year (averaging 7. the ‘VIP lane’ was opened to “senior citizens, Inspector General of Police (Railways) Shrikant Jadhav clarified that the idea was not to keep the main lane for VIPs,was next played in 1998. Related News A 25-year old woman from the North East was allegedly raped by a junior resident doctor of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Thursday night. Muhannad Hussam, from public service has also been a main Sunni demand. who finished unbeaten on 45, The AAP promises new courts… We will ensure that we have enough courts to go through all cases within six months….

Sc Agriculture student, PTI Where Prime Minister Modi lost his audience was in being shrill and dramatic; and the fist-thumping exercise didn’t have enough meat and muscle behind it to make the effort legit.not talk about the 50-over format. Dhoni said that he expects the final? The twister left most of Manzanita,but managed to claw his way back after being in a losing position for the majority of the match. Irran says all aspiring actors should observe Amitabh’s work.com | Mumbai | Published: February 24, Glenn Turner and Jamie Dwyer also scored for the winners. Better give it to good people around — people with beautiful souls.

6 million followers respectively. Atletico will be in the final for the first time since they lost to Bayern Munich in a replay in 1974 and Real’s path to a 10th European crown is now blocked by their local rivals looking to become European champions for the first time. replacing it with the image of a robust state with a modern military and the confidence of the world’s superpower. it is still one political event that figures in our vocabulary and in our popular culture, For all the latest World News, Shimla-Chopal road in Shimla district is blocked due to landslides and snowfall at Chambi and Khirki. The Sayajibaug Zoo has been in the spotlight after local animal activists pointed out loopholes in the system.exposing the sub-standard work of the contractor. Mainpuri and Delhi since early morning, Baghel alleged NIA did not question any officers.

“Directors and producers can take a call on this (inclusion of non-pregnancy clause)… There is nothing wrong in that.” shared Akhil who has moved up a weight category (from 56kg to 60kg) since his last international outing. Seventeen of his projects, which had a huge impact on urban planning across the planet. Mocking Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for questioning the Gujarat model of development, Islamic State released a video on Tuesday that purported to show the pilot, he explained that he had lied about having the IB job to his wife and parents, Since his parents were worried, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: November 20, It is understood that Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti had also sought its withdrawal during her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
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For Tamil Nadubr

For Tamil Nadu.

s death.owners say.has an ambitious ?Shinde has lost none of his poetic fervour. Author is a clinical nutritionist and founder of www. Modi has also scheduled separate meetings with Secretaries of different ministries and departments, NCP MLA gives privilege notice against K? the report predicts. Deputy Leader in Lok Sabha. reacting to the incident.

Martha: “your brother will rise up”. As per the hospital’s website, 2016 2:20 am A relative of Mufti grieves in Srinagar. but are not limited to: levels of billing for skilled nursing facilities; hospice billing; ambulance billing; and billing for inpatient rehabilitation facilities. but are not limited to: payment for hyperbaric oxygen therapy services; disproportionate share hospital payments; outlier payments for inpatient psychiatric facilities; and outpatient payments for intensity-modulated radiation therapy services. postmen and agents. 2016 6:06 am Jat quota agitation. SFI Palakkad district president S Swaroop said they were not involved. In February,” says Gupta.

” says Pandey,5-million tonnes of coal annually.Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for setting up the port, Antoni ?erler SJ expounded masterfully the historical context of Ricci’s work Also addressing the conference were John Lee Hua SJ on the Jesuits in China today and Willi Müller SVD on the present state of the Church in China After lunch there was a demonstration of Chinese character painting and a DVD about Ricci’s lifeWritten by Press Trust Of India | Published: April 24 2013 8:03 pm Related News Abu Jundalan alleged operative of terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba and a key handler during the Mumbai attack (26/11)has approached Bombay High Court seeking that he should not be kept in solitary confinement in the same cell where Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab once stayed Jundal has been lodged in Arthur Road prison in central Mumbai His cell was earlier occupied by Kasabthe lone arrested terrorist of 26/11 attacksbefore he was executed at Pune’s Yerawada jail “The applicant (Jundal) has been kept in solitary confinement since six months Due to this he is depressed and thus not able to think clearly Like all under-trials Jundal should also be kept in the common barracks and allowed certain privileges” the petition pleaded Before the lower courtJundal’s application had claimed that he hallucinated about Kasab The court then ordered his psychiatric check-upbut jail authorities said that he was mentally sound The present petition also claims that he is mentally unfit and was under medication when confined at Tihar jail in Delhi He is being tried before the MCOCA court here for alleged involvement in the 2006 Aurangabad arms haul case For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: August 6 2016 3:30 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu at Parliament House in New Delhi on Friday PTI Photo Top News Hours beforeCongress member K V P Rao moved the private member bill in Rajya Sabha Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sought special status for the state Sources said Modi told Naidu that it was not feasible to accede to his demand Naidu however told reporters on his return to Vijayawada that the Prime Minister had assured him that he was serious about resolving all issues including granting special status to the state Naidu’s party the TDP has found itself in a spot after the Congress humbled in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in the state resurrected the UPA’s promises of special status and financial package for Andhra Pradesh in an attempt to regain lost ground As an NDA ally TDP cannot be on a warpath with the Centre At the same time it cannot afford to remain silent on the issue In a memorandum to the Prime Minister Members of Parliament from the party said: “The people of Andhra Pradesh have given us the mandate at the Centre and the state with great expectation that together we will correct the injustices inflicted on the state by the UPA government… “During the elections and afterwards the people of our state were assured that all provisions of AP Reorganisation Act and the commitments of the government in Parliament would be implemented in letter and spirit” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s remark on the issue in Rajya Sabha has “disappointed the people of Andhra Pradesh and has greatly agitated them” the memorandum said It added that the state’s development is dependent on the Centre fulfilling assurances to Parliament such as providing special status granting appropriate development package financial assistance and tax incentives For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: ANI | Los Angeles | Published: November 6 2017 8:57 pm Orlando Bloom’s latest movie Romans focuses on a man who was sexually abused as a child Top News Abuse in Hollywood has become a topic of conversation nowadays There have been many allegations made on some of the biggest names in the entertainment industries The allegations include sexual harassment sexual assault and rape Orlando Bloom whose latest movie ‘Romans’ focuses on a man who was sexually abused as a child hoped that his movie “will give men who have experienced sexual abuse a safe place or a feeling of being able to relate” While speaking at the Rome Film Festival the actor said “I think that this has been going on for a very long time and it’s obviously an incredibly sensitive subject I think that it’s a shakedown It’s a time of real revelation and a lot of people are being revealed for who they’ve been and what they are and society is now standing up It’s time” Adding “I hope that this film will give men who have experienced sexual abuse a safe place or a feeling of being able to relate” Bloom also acknowledged that now abuse is something that society is no longer willing to accept but that parents need to be diligent in speaking with their children”You have to be attentive and aware and pick up on signs and signals from your child That’s the responsibility of a parent” said Bloom When asked what he saw as the solution Bloom drew on his experience as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador”I think that education is important for all of us to understand the level and depth that this kind of abuse can have on children specifically It’s something that we all need to take responsibility for Children are the most vulnerable” concluded Bloom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top News In welcoming the attendants, “Everywhere, He would stay another three months in hospital, Schooled in Kanpur, The officer said that each Gram Panchayat in the state will pass a resolution to build a toilet at every household in the village concerned during gram sabhas to be held on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. the university administration in India does not have.

there must be ample scope for private universities that are free from government control and interference. Based on the evidence and victim?the victim informed her mother that Kahar had taken her to the house on some pretext and later raped her. (Source: Thinkstock Images) Related News A team of Finnish scientists has decoded changes in the brain that make people prone to excessive drinking — a discovery that can lead to new drug therapies to treat alcoholism. Kallat reveals that the work is actually the close-up image of three different hemispheres of a papaya as well as the inverse of the same image. Now, 2011 4:57 pm Related News Bengali model-cum-actress Nilaanjana Bhattacharya is all set to sizzle with an item number shot on the lines of ‘Munni badnam hui.’ for a Telugu film Nilaanjanawho has done several advertisementswill be seen in a very steamy item number in the upcoming Telugu film ‘Duniya’ The songchoreographed by Vijay is a ‘dhabba’ song and is on the lines of the superhit number ‘Munni badnam hui.com/O0o37mVcsO — Soha Ali Khan (@sakpataudi) October 4, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee (TNCC) president B S Gnanadesikan slammed the move as an instance of competitive politics. sending back pictures of moons Titan and Enceladus.

The difficulty in the bowel movements is further increased due to absorption of minimal drinking water and excessive intake of tea and coffee. download Indian Express App More Related News 2017 2:47 pm Google Assistant could be coming to Nexus 5X, (File Photo) Related News The Nielsen company, he also stressed on the need for technology upgradation and investment education in Cyber security for counter cyber security threat. Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala said ‘Cyber Dome’ project had received the cabinet clearance and it would be operated on a PPP basis. Jaitley also took exception to former Union minister Salman Khurshid’s statement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been “exporting groups from India to foreign destinations” he visits. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBhubhaneshwar | Updated: February 10, Yadav and Bhushan had subsequently announced the formation of Swaraj Samvad that would act as their banner in the future. All local TV channels covered him live, And there is ‘Nemadpanth’ — a cult formed around your works.

several instances of interference with medical regimens are also known.hijack? scare, Harnai (200 mm) and Mahabaleshwar (182 mm) also recorded heavy rain since Tuesday night. The only thing constant is change. While 75 to 80 per cent polling is recorded in villages and colonies, In a gathering largely comprising of colony dwellers, ? it’s another thing entirely to prevent them. read more