The virtual community into the social networking site how to connect with new products

Japan Ameba Pigg copy by domestic

recently, the domestic Internet seems to set off a virtual community fever. The first is the Sina 5 million price from Xiamen scholar network president Zhuang Liangji bought the domain name, founder of Mars micro community. Users can create a virtual image of their own personality through the Mars micro community, where everyone can dress up, decorate the room and make new friends. Relying on Sina micro-blog launched Mars micro community, can be said to rely on micro-blog’s user base and social relations, in the domestic virtual community is still in the initial stage of the first force to seize the market, establish a new social relationship, so as to make up for the current micro-blog good but the lack of profit model dilemma. The idea of the micro community of Mars from Japan’s Ameba Pigg. Ameba is a well-known Japanese blog and social networking site, its Ameba Pigg has a high popularity and user base, there are a lot of star artists stationed. The Pigg model is very similar to the micro model of the community or the interface is very similar to the Ameba, the domestic Internet has always been more than imitation, lack of innovation, copying the domestic success model is commonplace. read more

2011 Hunan nternet webmaster conference live video

time: July 9th


location: Southern Pearl International Hotel Changsha

organizer: Admin5 webmaster network Baidu Internet Entrepreneur Club

Co organizer: Hunan


bynano stationmaster Alliance

A5 webmaster conference online studio address:


12:30-14:00 report live exchange

14:00-14:10 conference organizers address

14:10-14:20 Hunan webmaster alliance Secretary General Ceng Muyang keynote speech

Baidu Internet Club keynote speech 14:20-14:40

14:40-14:50 sweepstakes Baidu Internet Club offers exquisite gifts read more

Mobile network Guangzhou meeting ended successfully

In August 25th

2007, Guangzhou for the first time in the party webmaster network. The NASDAQ began, sponsored by Fu Tong, in the Tencent finance city network shares and other partners and support, Party activities are very active and lively, 18 PM party over the end of round in a jubilant applause.

        participate in the activities of the forum is familiar with the network or love active network forum webmaster friends network, attend staff network chief technology officer (CTO) Song Haibo, director of operations network (COO) network Li Rui, chief architect He Jian Feng (many city prodigal) network, marketing department and other staff. In addition, Zhang Yun, senior manager of Tencent money paid through Zhang Kang, shares city network, also participated in the activities of the. The total number of more than and 50 people.

read more

Tencent editor paid delete posts were sentenced to 6 years delete the post received 1000 in 1

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Yuan reports: 26, the national network information office announced the network extortion and paid delete posts, the typical case of a large number of cases, Tencent editors paid delete posts in one of them. It is understood that Tencent editor Wang Mouliang from the end of 2011 to help people delete posts, each charge 500 to 1000 yuan. In addition, he also bribed Sohu network security center, a senior manager Hemou 469 thousand and 500 yuan, so that the other side to help delete news. To this end, Wang Mouliang chained and thrown into prison, was sentenced to 6 years in prison. read more

Ming share two kinds of induced images again

Ming in the Ming: introduce three kinds of simple and practical guide to click on the picture by everyone like. The Ming just found two kinds of good to do the induction of the picture, so also in the first time to introduce to you, I hope you can help the webmaster website promotion. Make sure you don’t need a lot of art. At the same time to get a good click effect.

This picture is the key of

$50 prepaid card has a certain appeal to all users, and set the problem to ensure that is interesting and easy to ensure that most people know the answer, can click on the answer or desire, your problem is enough to attract people, can make most people want to know the answer. This is the crux of the problem, artists themselves play. There’s no art. Immediately the answer in the text can best engage in a link. This can make some curious people move. read more

Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 2 23 2 28

what is the most painful thing

This topic is about

chat in the group today, we talked about the worst line "that two classic Xiao Shenyang thing is dead, the money not spent; the most miserable thing in life is that man is not dead, the money spent" and then talk to the owners of the most painful things, some people say the most painful thing is that there is no site traffic not money, some people say the most painful thing is a website, a flow of money, the site did not, more cattle B said. The most painful is to have a website, there is traffic, money is the divorce website to his ex-wife… read more

The total number of ORG domain names 163 thousand the first week of December to add 201

IDC network ( on December 18th reported: according to data, as of December 9, 2013, China’s.ORG domain name registration, a total of 163054, ranking sixth in the world, the first week of December the new 201. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the world’s.ORG domain name registration data.

  (Figure 1) TOP10 statistics of the total number of.Org domain names in the world (as of 2013-12-9)

according to figure 1, the total number of.ORG domain names in the top ten countries are: the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, China, Spain, Italy, Japan and Holland. read more

Daily topic to complete the 180 million B round of financing Huang Taiji to enter the takeaway indus

A5 ( station network October 10th news yesterday, the founder of Huang Taiji Chang he officially announced, Huang Taiji completed a total amount of 180 million yuan   the B round of financing, the current round of financing after nearly $250 million valuation.

for this round of financing, he Chang believes that since the beginning of the establishment of Huang Taiji, it has been the constant support of angel investors in the industry, the formal institutional fund-raising, this is the second time, that is, the official B round of financing. The capital of Huang Taiji, in the hope that the center of production and capacity two pieces of infrastructure investment, at the same time, Huang Taiji officially to the traditional food and beverage brands, innovative catering brand invitation, Huang Taiji willing to share its infrastructure, to expand the boutique takeaway trillion big cake. read more

The core competence of content website

I’m not talking about content sites (ICP), but the content of the web site, there are too many sites, in fact, is the content of the site. While many originally pure functional sites (such as online RSS browser, for example, fanchon) because the function of not directly charge, also to the content of the website: output content, access road, the sale of advertising.

is about as many Web2.0 functional website is supposed to function started sake, to this day, in this cold topic had to face the income and to the advertising model when they are still obsessed with the power of technology. Donews’s Liu Ren wrote in July 2005 with the title of "live and dead web sites": "live websites are usually very rare. Programmers and designers led a pile of dead; website editor, editor in chief of the leading." Do not know whether it is intentional or unintentional, he just forgot the side of Hong Bo, the best editor in the circle of IT. read more

SEO what are the commonly used statistical forms

What are the

SEO commonly used statistical tables? I believe that many SEOER have their own web sites in a set of data tables of statistics, can make statistics website data, so that a good analysis and understanding of the site the next step to take what operation. In general these tables will give you some It differs from man to man. today, Colin common website statistics table. Hope to help some novice, if you also have their own unique form, welcome to share.

1, SEO commonly used statistical form – Web site statistics table read more

The rich became negative entrepreneurial veteran about a year to pay 300 thousand of the tragic hist

this article is summarized by the following 3, is a diffuse cloud platform founder Dr. Lin Rui’s speech at Xi’an Electronic and Science University. Dr. Lin Rui is the second time to start as early as 98 years, he began to venture, has been 16 years, he has experienced a year lost 300 thousand, debt business failure.

pit friends together to read his entrepreneurial sharing, there are many worthy of our common learning.

first: the correct treatment of the entrepreneurial process of failure and success read more

The suning com 6 big attraction for vertical business

recently has begun a large-scale category expansion, red child is in the bag, where customers, Le bee, and purchase has contact with, is likely to enter the strategic level. After this round of acquisitions and cooperation, has been greatly expanded in baby clothes, beauty, shoes, bags and other categories of SKU, then is likely to be in the food, medicine, tourism and other fields, Home Furnishing, group purchase online auto supplies, open a new round of acquisitions or looking for Strategic partners. At present, for various types of vertical electric organic attractive. read more

He became the business of Tencent and concubines

does not have a company’s core competitiveness is completed by investment mergers and acquisitions. Tencent practice proved this truth, but unwilling to continue to seek proof.

announced yesterday after the investment Jingdong, Tencent announcement promised not to engage in a number of electricity supplier business. Yes, do not engage in, does not mean they can not invest. Count the Tencent for nearly 3 years of investment of the business enterprise and many, but the situation seems to be very bad. The inventory of the enterprise several kinds of representative, to satisfy you. read more

200 cities in the United States to implement the one day Sanda service

sales revenue and same store sales for five consecutive quarters to maintain double growth to the United States is no longer conservative determination. Beijing Daily reporter learned yesterday from the United States, the United States will launch a "one day Sanda in 200 city nationwide at the end of the year (morning, afternoon, evening of), accurate delivery, send installed sync service, in 2016 expanded to more than 400 city. This also indicates that the future focus of the United States will be transferred to the online. read more