Efforts to solve outstanding problems in reform and development interview with Ge Yongfa director o

"around the new ideas, new achievements, improve the problem solving mechanism has new breakthrough innovation, financial ability four aspects to enhance the new goals and tasks, the financial system to solve the problems of fiscal reform and development as the core, carry out a comprehensive emancipates the mind big discussion activities and has achieved solid results, director of the municipal finance Ge Yongfa when it comes to the city’s financial system continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate scientific development work as saying.

Ge Yongfa said, facing the new challenges in economic and social development, we must continue to emancipate our minds and the magic weapon, bound forge to break the constraints of the development of scientific ideas, institutional mechanisms, measures of practice, promote the development of a new round of the new round of ideological emancipation. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the municipal government and the Provincial Department of finance, the financial system quickly carried out "in order to further implement the Scientific Outlook on Development as the theme of emancipating the mind big discussion activity, and this activity as an important political task this year, the financial work in an important schedule, from how to further optimize the development environment, the construction of service office, to improve the soft environment, carry out investigation and research, revealing problems, insist on checking while improving, successively to three counties and four districts of the fiscal tax administration law enforcement inspection, Xining city high school, 2008 rural compulsory education financial management, grassroots financial security, reform the judicial guarantee system, the system of public cultural services the financial security system and many other work carried out, based on in-depth research, carried out the discussion alive Still, seriously investigate work does not adapt, do not meet Scientific Outlook on Development’s ideas and problems affecting the development of financial constraints, effectively emancipate the mind to insist on the implementation of the reform and opening up, promote scientific development, promote social harmony, to emancipate the mind in do financial work, to solve specific problems, the real Scientific Outlook on Development into the correct ideas of scientific development plan, to promote the transformation of scientific development policies and measures, into a system conducive to scientific development. At the same time, by emancipating the mind to further clarify the objectives, and comprehensively promote the reform of the financial system, to eliminate obstacles, to create new heights of foreign investment, and promote the rapid development of finance. The first 10 months of this year the city’s financial situation is good, at the end of October, the city’s local general budget revenue 1 billion 897 million 850 thousand yuan, an increase of 35?. 1%; general budget expenditure 4 billion 113 million 920 thousand yuan, up 34. 6%?.

according to the introduction, in the "rectification and improvement of the third phase of work, the municipal finance system will be based on the research questions and find out the gap between formulate and organize the implementation of specific rectification, to discuss the activities with solving practical problems, efforts to solve a number of problems related to the Financial Bureau, the financial reform and development problems sure, great minds discuss achievements to solve the problem, efforts to promote the work to a new level.