Destroy the Huangshui river monitoring section grade V

June 4th, the Xining Municipal People’s government held a news conference, informed of the environmental quality of Xining in 2012 and environmental protection work in Xining. 2012 Xining environmental air quality improved, air quality days reached 315 days, Huangshui River Basin (Xining section) no worse than grade V, but the traffic in Xining city region on both sides of the night noise seriously exceed the standard.

The water was slightly polluted

major rivers in the city water quality has improved. From the 2012 monitoring results: 11 monitoring sections in 9 monitoring sections to regionalization of water environmental function target, which I – III grade 6, grade IV water quality section 4, grade V section 1, no worse than grade V appear. Huangshui River water quality overall was slightly polluted by organic pollutants, water pollutants, ranked in the top three is mainly nitrogen, total phosphorus, five day biochemical oxygen demand.

particulate matter is the primary pollutant

2012, the number of days of good air quality in Xining city for 315 days, but the monitoring results show that the city of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) annual daily average concentration of 0.022mg/m3, for a standard; sulfur dioxide daily average concentration value was 0.035 mg/m3, reached the national standard of air quality; PM10 daily average concentration value of 0.105 mg/m3 reached three, the national air quality standards. The primary pollutant affecting the air quality is still particulate matter. The city’s average annual dust fall of 22.06 tons / sq km · month, compared with 2011 rose.

regional environmental noise will rise

in 2012, the regional environmental noise in the city’s sound environment is at a good level. The average equivalent sound level of regional environmental noise in Xining is 54.6 db. Noise is the most important component of the noise, and the other is traffic noise, other noise, construction noise and industrial noise. At the same time, 2012, exceed the standard Xining residential area environmental noise in daytime, nighttime compliance rate of 50%; the mixed zone daytime standard rate of 75%, the night standard rate of 50%; industrial zone, day and night are standard; traffic arteries on both sides of the regional environmental noise seriously exceed the standard day and night. With the expansion of the size of the city of Xining, the rapid growth of population and motor vehicles, is expected in the future regional environmental noise will rise. (author: Rong Lijun)