Lei Feng student volunteers in action

  to join the ranks of volunteers become the Lei Feng good boy

on the day, in the "learn from Lei Feng good example" of the song, the students go to the streets, community, welfare, help to carry out the old and disabled, poor problem solving, convenience and benefit, civilized manners, maintain order, protect the environment, charity evening news and other volunteer services. In the activity, the students accepted the "voluntary service to Lei Feng flag" was sworn in Lei Feng solemnly signed his name on the wall. At the same time, the Xining City Bureau of Education organized hundreds of students and the masses to carry out learning activities to commemorate the square in the center, called on the public to actively participate in the learning of Lei Feng’s activities, volunteers will be more than 6000 copies of books and brochures to distribute the initiative into the hands of the public. More than 1000 volunteers from the education system students, teachers and volunteers took to the streets, cleaning, the establishment of counseling, counseling, family education and other activities. In addition, the student volunteers also walked into the community, social welfare homes, nursing homes, etc., with the help of the elderly, and the elderly chat, love volunteer activities.

it is understood that from now on, Xining City Education Bureau will carry out a series of learning from Lei Feng activities, including extensive learning Lei Feng theme class meetings, newspaper sale, street cleaning service, traffic civilization persuasion and other various schools in the city, to carry out a wide range of rich and colorful learning from Lei Feng volunteer service activities.

volunteers to help students in the evening news

"selling evening news, selling evening news!"

in March 3rd in the central square, a sound of the sound of the cries of selling in the sun. The coalition of Xining primary and middle school students ideological and moral construction of minors work leading group, held in Xining city in the central square "Lei Feng, a new trend, see action" theme educational activities in the evening, charity to help disabled students, students become the experience of social practice, practice the volunteer spirit,;