Actively take the initiative to promote the work to a new level

over the past few days, the provincial units of cadres and workers held a general meeting, thematic studies, etc., conscientiously study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping attended the delegation in Qinghai. We agreed to take the spirit of learning Jintao’s important speech to follow, centering on the goal of a comprehensive well-off society and the national synchronized, with a beautiful new life to people of all nationalities live, accurately grasp the focus of work, active as our province continue to promote the work to a new level.

everyone agreed that the General Secretary Xi’s important speech, profound thinking, rich content, focus, is to guide the future development of Qinghai action guide. Xi, general secretary of Qinghai in recent years, fully affirmed the achievements, not only encouraged, but also spur, must be driven by incentives. At present, the direction of the target path more clearly, more clearly, we must firmly establish the new concept of development, adhere to the ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development, in-depth implementation of the national main functional area planning, efforts to promote ecological civilization, the first area of economic development, the first area of national unity and progress of advanced construction cycle, never live up to Xi General Secretary of Qinghai’s deep concern and expectation.

Qinghai is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Lancang River, known as the "Chinese water tower", the province’s land area of nearly 90% of the national key ecological function areas. Everyone said, according to the requirements of major ecological and environmental protection and promoting ", firmly establish the overall concept, long-term view, the overall view, to shoulder the important responsibility to promote the construction of ecological civilization in the first area, in-depth implementation of the national main functional area planning, promote the overall development of Ecological Engineering, energy conservation, environmental remediation, beautiful urban and rural construction build a strong national ecological security barrier, make Qinghai a beautiful China beautiful name card.


13th Five-Year" is a period of poverty alleviation kenyinggutou, rattling period. We have said, according to the requirements of major promotion of poverty alleviation ", must take the responsibility of poverty on his shoulders, in their hands, grasp the accurate, clear, try to identify the target, pay more attention to education poverty, pay more attention to the sustainability of poverty increase effect, around four years on the crucial year, to strengthen the promotion of" concentrate on "a group of eight" poverty alleviation projects, resolute, determined to win the battle of poverty.

Qinghai is a multi-ethnic province, national unity is the lifeline of the people of all ethnic groups. We have said, according to the requirements of major solid advance development of ethnic areas ", adhere to create national unity and progress of advanced area as the starting point, further brought together a strong positive energy to promote the various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development, strengthen the construction of infrastructure in minority areas, minority areas to cultivate characteristic advantage industry, orderly development the advantage of resource characteristics of minority areas and improve industrial structure in minority areas, strengthen their self-development ability and the ability of sustainable development in minority areas, minority areas so that people share the fruits of reform and development.