Li Peng President of the Qinghai intermediate people’s court held a new meeting in Xining

Li Peng, the new president of the meeting with the president of the provincial intermediate level meeting stressed

  in July 14th, the president of the provincial intermediate court held in Xining. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the provincial political and Law Commission Li Pengxin and the conference delegates discussed and talked. Liu Xiaoyang, President of the Provincial Higher People’s court.

Li Peng stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the national political system leading cadres spirit seminar and the president of the high court of the spirit of the meeting, fully implement the provincial eleven session of the four plenary session of the spirit and the law enforcement authorities "study and discussion" spirit seminar, to further promote the people’s court "study and discussion" activities in depth.

Li Peng stressed that to adhere to guide the work of the people’s court to Scientific Outlook on Development, further deepen understanding of the work of the people’s Court of law, and do a good job in planning the current and future periods from a higher starting point, higher levels of people’s court. To focus on maintaining social fairness and justice, further correct trial business ideas, correct handling of substantive justice and procedural justice, legal facts and objective facts, justice and efficiency, the protection of human rights of the accused and the protection of human rights and the relationship between the victim and the organic unity to maximize the legal effect and social effect. Adhere to the priority principle of mediation, and actively explore the establishment of diversified dispute settlement mechanism, adhere to tone on tone, when sentence judgment, the combination of mediation and judgment, case, effectively resolve disputes, the whole process is to minimize disharmonious factors throughout the trial and execution of work. To meet the needs of the people of justice, firmly establish people-oriented, justice for the people’s work ethic, the court work reflected more to improve people’s livelihood, safeguarding people’s livelihood, to protect people’s livelihood, provide a powerful legal guarantee and legal services for the masses of the people live and work in peace. In order to achieve judicial transparency as the goal, the full implementation of the open trial system; to improve the judicial efficiency as the goal, to further the reform of trial mode; to facilitate the masses of complaints as the goal, to further optimize the convenience and benefit measures; to safeguard the litigation rights as the goal, to fully respect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and subject position, so that the people could feel the socialist judicial system warm, convenient, fair and efficient. We should make great efforts to improve the judicial authority and credibility, always adhere to the justice and efficiency of judicial subject, model of judicial practice, the fundamental purpose of the people, to maintain a good image of fair and civilized law enforcement, starting from the masses of the people strong, effectively enhance the security and credibility of the people’s court, let the people from the people’s court for each for each case, dispute and reception every complaint and resolve every conflict feel the judicial authority and credibility.

Li Peng stressed the need to strengthen the team construction in a more prominent position, concentrating on the work style construction, judicial capacity building and anti-corruption, and effectively improve the courts’ Ideological and political quality and work ability, and strive to build a political firm, proficient in fine style of work, fair law enforcement cadres team. To strengthen the anti-corruption construction, adhere to the rule of law and governance, comprehensive management, punishment and prevention;