December 12 2012 homophonic love to love to love Xining yesterday ushered in a small peak marriage

nowadays, after 85, 90 to become the main force of marriage, young people in the selection of a good day, more love for a special date, such as December 12, 2012, which set off a small marriage registration boom.

on the morning of December 12th, in the Xining City District People’s government hall, wearing a couple of Li and Liu, in a pair of couples registered for marriage, particularly eye-catching. Under the guidance of the staff, the two filled in the marriage registration form, and soon got a marriage certificate. Holding a marriage certificate, two people smile at each other. Xiao Li said: "today is December 12, 2012, homophonic to love to love to love," that is, the network said ‘love day’. Last month, we decided to register for marriage."

couple in the eyes of the "love day", the Civil Affairs Department has been busy staff in charge of marriage registration. Registration of marriage in the morning there are more than and 50 pairs, more than usual on the right of the pair, even the time to pour a glass of water are not more than and 20." Xining City West District Civil Affairs Bureau staff said. The city district staff also said that the morning registration of marriage to the public a lot more than usual, "now young people prefer the same day digital to marriage registration, such as October 10, 2010, November 11, 2011 was the focus of the marriage registration peak." (author: Wei Jinyu Li Yanfang)