Beichuan River to change the path of the new millennium track

Beichuan River, is a single river turned into a double river! At 10:30 on August 25th, the Beichuan River comprehensive treatment of the first phase of the project is an important node project – built and successfully passed the river, marking the first phase of the comprehensive treatment of Beichuan River to achieve a phased.

"twins" in the building in the river

[] is the old inland river, mainly to build the ecological and landscape river. In order to make Beichuan the water clear up, the city is building a bridge near Kang covers an area of more than and 20 hectares of settling basin, on the river for the first round of purification with pure natural way, and then let the water flow into the river. At the same time, the river is also constructed wetlands, but also for further purification of the river.

"into" the smooth new home

[] "the scene witnessed water water!" 10:30 on August 25th, the commander on the scene makes people see the water, with the blue hydraulic lifting dam type rolling down, can not wait to cross river dam, to the people rushing to the river, she is not rushing, flowing merrily, like to visit the new home. In less than an hour, 5.6 km of the river was filled.

[] tour outside the river in flood control at the same time, outside the river will also build some landscape water. Not only to build a green belt around the river, walking corridor, will also build their own;