Coverage of the province’s affordable housing in the forefront of the country

To set up a multi-level security system — to expand the scope of the sandwich layer to the family per capita area and quality will be increased strict allocation procedures to avoid human housing

live dream is the dream of every one of the masses, how to improve the housing security system has become a hot topic during the two sessions held in the province. Affordable housing will continue to expand the scale? How to ensure the progress of the housing? Affordable housing can live better, what is the future development trend? Provincial CPPCC members, the provincial housing and urban construction department director Kuang Yong one answer.

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affordable housing in bloom

walked into the city of Wenfeng, Xining Cui District five households in the elderly Ma Guihua, a warm current blowing. Ma Yi, a family originally lived in the East District prosperous lane, the three generation of people crowded in more than a dozen square meters of cottage, not on the water, cooking can only take a simple coal stove in the doorway of the seven. Ma Guihua said that now the district facilities, beautiful environment.

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threshold lower allocation more fair

members of the public Zhang: I hope this year can continue to speed up the supply of affordable housing, so that the public rental application threshold is low, the application conditions should also be adjusted accordingly with the income of the people!

Ma: it is recommended that the quality of affordable housing must be strict, while the proposed allocation of affordable housing management to be more fair.

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way to achieve full range expansion

according to Kuang Chung introduced in recent years, the coverage of affordable housing in our province has expanded year by year, affordable housing standards are gradually improving. So far, has initially established a multi-level security system, the protection of housing security, extended from the single form of the past for various forms of now: mainly by the low rent housing is extended to the town of affordable housing, public rental housing, the price of commercial housing, renovation, city forestry mining shanty town renovation reclamation shantytowns reconstruction; the difficulties of the masses, agricultural and pastoral areas of the rural housing, reward the nomadic population. At the same time, the scope of protection has been further expanded, from the urban and rural families with the lowest income to expand to middle-income families.

as of 2012, our province has started construction of affordable housing 270 thousand units, has completed 160 thousand units, occupancy 110 thousand units, 430 thousand farmers and herdsmen in agricultural and pastoral areas through rural rewards housing, rural reconstruction, nomadic population benefit. The coverage of affordable housing in our province ranks first in the country.

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per capita area will improve the quality of

government work report pointed out that this year will make efforts to promote urban and rural housing projects, the province will start;