Poor way to warm up the trend of the mouse point farmers easily Unicom Market

Dried beef, yogurt, Chinese wolfberry, walnut, Kunlun snow chrysanthemum…… These products with Qinghai brand reputation through the network sales at home and abroad. From the beginning, do not understand the network marketing channels, to now easily use major business platform to promote their own products, tens of thousands of farmers in our province through the electricity of poverty alleviation projects, to get rich, "net" market.

open taobao.com, a large number of sales of wild Nuomuhong black wolfberry shop, Nuomuhong farm third brigade horse shop was conspicuous. "The only sell Nuomuhong black wolfberry" slogan, was able to attract customers, plus the number of planting, harvesting, drying photos of the scene personally, more convincing, and his family’s orders have been successfully reached 8453 pen. August 20th Tanabata Festival the same day, the horse also cooperate with Taobao, Tanabata free single activities, gathered more popular. As early as five or six years ago, such a success and harvest, the old horse is unimaginable. When he was young and strong, and every family to pick Chinese wolfberry, do sorting. It is to see the development prospects of the electricity supplier giant, with good policy support, from the beginning to buy a computer, to reach a successful first order, along the way, in addition to the more difficult, is the joy of harvest.

now, I like this horse through the electricity poverty alleviation training, successful open shop sales of specialty farmers in the minority, but this group of figures are constantly refresh. It is reported that this year, our province through the establishment of accurate identification mechanism, with the national synchronized completed the 1622 poor villages, 204 thousand households, 736 thousand people the accurate identification and archiving riser. Because the electronic commerce industry is not affected by time and region, shelf, climate and other restrictions, and the development of rural e-commerce not only fit the city customer demand for high-quality agricultural products and crafts products, and is convenient for rural residents of online shopping, online payment, online consultation, online booking and other daily needs, therefore, "agriculture". Brand shop more and more, more and more professional.