25 years of Xining south mountain greenery sowing green

is now walking in the north and south of Xining two mountains, people are pleased to see that the former barren hills were covered with green, soil erosion has been curbed, doubling the number of wild animal, beautiful picture of harmony between man and nature of the surging in the plateau city, economic and social benefits, ecological benefits significantly. Qinghai province to promote afforestation, ecological civilization construction of a landmark project.

1989, the Qinghai provincial Party committee and government to make the decision to implement the north and South Mountain greening project in Xining, followed by the establishment of the north and South Mountains 117 green areas, by the 168 units and individuals responsible for contracting barren hills and green. Over the past 25 years, the majority of cadres and workers in Xining region and the military and civilian requirements of the completion of the northern and southern mountains of the one or two phase of green projects, and achieved fruitful results. As of 2014, with a total area of 279 thousand acres of Xining City, North and South Mountain, a total of afforestation completed a total of 209 thousand and 300 acres, planting large seedlings of more than 10 million plants, afforestation survival rate of more than 85%, the completion rate of the project planning rate of 100%. Seedlings dominated by exotic tree species to mixed forest species of Qilian spruce, pine, juniper, Qinghai poplar, Populus hopeiensis, clove, Rosa, tamarisk and other more than and 20 varieties. At present, the broad-leaved tree has been formed as the framework, the shrub cover, the mixed pattern of coniferous and broad-leaved mixed. Forest coverage rate of 75%.

in order to ensure the implementation of greening project, built a pumping station, water pipes, reservoirs, forest roads, roads and other facilities consisting of simple greening afforestation area covering the entire irrigation network and road network. As of 2014, 62 pumping stations, 378 reservoirs, a variety of pipelines of 1159 km to control irrigation area of up to 210 thousand acres. Construction of the green area to 252 kilometers of road hardening, simple road 507 km. Built lookout, checkpoints, management and protection room 128. Total investment of 1 billion 610 million yuan, of which investment in afforestation projects invested $680 million, accounting for 42.2% of total investment in infrastructure investment of $930 million, accounting for a total investment of 57.8%.

through the efforts of today, Xining north and south two mountains gradually formed a provincial level two north-south mountain green office as the core, the green area based management management system, successfully completed the transformation, forest replanting replanting, forest irrigation, forest tending, fire prevention, anti-theft and pest control etc.. Two mountain has undergone tremendous changes in the conservation of water, soil and fertilizer conservation, wind and sand fixation, carbon sequestration and other aspects of oxygen, played a positive role. Through the implementation of the project, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, and gradually explore the cold and arid regions of the implementation of major forestry ecological construction project success model.