Xining 210 thousand housing provident fund deposit

recently, the reporter learned from the municipal provident fund management center, as of now, Xining housing provident fund management center has paid 2646 units, the deposit of staff of 210 thousand people.

it is understood that in order to provide fast and convenient service, the provident fund management center from perfect service facilities of the waiting area, rest chair, electronic display screen, water dispenser, writing station facilities and equipment provided in the service hall, and placed a housing provident fund work guidelines and other promotional materials in the striking position. The procedures carried out and norms, in accordance with the meticulous management requirements, clear the responsibility of each post, so that all aspects of the work to achieve a seamless, strict procedures, and put an end to the examination and approval of the phenomenon, improve work efficiency and service level.

it is understood that only last year, our city has regulated housing provident fund 1 billion 649 million yuan, extraction workers to apply for housing provident fund amounted to 830 million yuan, as of now, the cumulative amount of accumulation of housing provident fund in our city is 9 billion 766 million yuan, the cumulative extraction amounted to 4 billion 165 million yuan, a total of 48787 families of workers paid housing provident fund loans 5 billion 107 million yuan, the cumulative recovery of loans 2 billion 817 million yuan, 2 billion 290 million yuan loan balance at the end of the year; realize the value of housing provident fund income 52 million 280 thousand yuan, 26 million 300 thousand yuan loan risk reserve provision, management fees of 18 million 870 thousand yuan, the provision of city low-cost housing construction funds of 7 million 110 thousand yuan. (author: Fang Xu)