Sanjiang source remote video monitoring to achieve normalization

recently, He Yuejun of professional and technical personnel of ecological environmental monitoring center of Qinghai province through the "ecological" window of the remote video monitoring system of Qinghai Tibet Railway five beams north bridge monitoring points, monitoring to hundreds of Tibetan antelope migration through the channel, by Naihu Zhuo moved back to the Soga – Qu Manasi nature reserve. This rare video image was recorded in time. This is a microcosm of the ecological window remote high-definition real-time video monitoring system to achieve a dynamic regulatory source of Sanjiang.

General Secretary Xi Jinping in Qinghai province environmental monitoring centre study pointed out that the protection of the ecological environment, to find out the real situation, grasp the dynamic, want to build good ecological environment monitoring network the basic work well. In this regard, the Qinghai Environmental Information Center Director Li Hongqi introduction, Sanjiang source of ecological environmental protection as the core, Qinghai environmental information technology has begun to effectively play the role of "ecological" window of remote HD real-time video observation system has achieved the dynamic supervision of Sanjiang source. This year, the "ecological" window of remote video monitoring based on the observation point on the 14, adjustment to 20, real-time monitoring of Sanjiang source of key ecological function areas of typical ecosystems, natural landscape, wild animal activities, as well as ecological protection effect. The situation of the focus on the source of Lancang river — agsai Grand Canyon of the Lancang River, Qinghai Tibet railway and five Yushu North beam bridge, long bao wetland 3 key remote network HD real-time video monitoring points of the biological diversity, mainly for video capture and record the situation of wild animal activities.

Sanjiang source complex ecological situation, there are grasslands, forests, wetlands, glaciers, desertification and other ecosystems, as well as snow leopard, Bai Chunlu, antelope and other rare species. Over the years, Qinghai has always been the source of Sanjiang ecological protection as the most important ecological civilization construction. At present, in Sanjiang, Qinghai Lake, Qilian Mountains and the source of the Qaidam Basin and other important ecological areas as the focus, the use of satellite remote sensing, microwave radar, UAV, remote video monitoring, high-definition digital communication transmission network, geographic information system and ecological environment monitoring data integrated service platform and other means, established the "ecological environment monitoring sky integration" evaluation system.

is a close observation of typical regional ecological types, natural landscape and wild animal stars, realize remote real-time HD video observation and monitoring, this year, based on "the sky" the integration of monitoring system, launched the "ecological Qinghai" window of remote HD real-time video observation system. The "ecological" window system covering 6 cities and prefectures in Xining City, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golmud City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. Up to now, has completed the Maduo County in the Yellow River source Eling Lake and Zaling lake, zadoi County, Lancang River Grand Canyon, Kunlun Mountains jade work sites and the southern slope of Mount Everest video access 14 observation points, to achieve the normalization of the Sanjiang ecological monitoring remote video source.