The primary training of marketing management in Xining city women’s Federation teaching classes

today (October 9th) morning, by the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation organized the first phase of the marketing management of primary training classes.

With the continuous improvement of the level of economic development, the demand for the quality of the labor force of the society is getting higher and higher.

. Over the years, most of the laid-off women and rural women in our country are difficult to achieve stable employment in cities and towns because of their poor quality and lack of employment skills. In order to adapt to social needs, strengthen pre employment training, improve the laid-off women and rural women’s employment skills, help them to realize the re employment, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation after a thorough investigation of a series of labor market demand, combined with the characteristics of the women themselves, the Xining Hua Fei 58 marketing staff of free trade limited company junior marketing management skills training.

it is understood that the 58 employees to participate in the training of these 90% are laid-off workers to achieve re employment. From the Qinghai Normal University Institute of education, Qinghai provincial Party school, brilliant lawyer office of the relevant experts and professors from the provinces and cities, legal education, occupation morality, etiquette, marketing concept, strategy implementation, talent development and talent reserves and other aspects of their training system. After the training, the Xining Municipal Labor Bureau will issue a certificate for the students of the 58 training.