Travel agencies and Xining snacks have agreed

  in February 21st, the municipal tourism bureau organization inside and outside the province more than and 300 travel agencies gathered in the Grand Cross snack city, and part of the city of Xining special delicacy (snacks) business face to face discussion, and signed the agreement of dining team. The signing of the agreement, will promote the city of Xining characteristics of food (snacks) enterprises in the business environment, food quality, quality of service work hard, so that the characteristics of Xining food (snacks) quality and reputation to a new level.

City Tourism Bureau relevant responsible person said, the municipal government attaches great importance to the development of the city’s tourism and catering industry, organized the event, the purpose is to change the characteristics of Xining delicacy (snacks) uneven in quality situation, makes the environment dirty and messy, food quality assurance, poor quality of service enterprises are gradually being marginalized, and ultimately be eliminated market. A special delicacy (snacks) to participate in the activities of the enterprises responsible person told the reporter, signed with the travel team dining agreement is a double-edged sword, enterprises are forced to work in the dining environment, food and service quality, and it is necessary to make some extension services, otherwise, it is possible to lose out order. It is reported that the travel agency held in our city’s activities are very seriously, our province and Gansu province have more than and 100 travel agencies in Dunhuang, Yinchuan, respectively more than and 30, more than and 20 travel agencies in Shanghai, Beijing, and Xinjiang also have several travel agencies to participate in.