Today Xining launched the Spring Festival February 24th end of a period of 40 days

Today, the country into the spring festival. In order to ensure the smooth development of the Spring Festival in 2014, yesterday, the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation held in Xining 2014 Spring Festival work conference, the deployment of the Spring Festival in Xining.

it is reported that this year’s spring time began in January 16th, the end of February 24th, a period of 40 days, given the fact that the flow of the province is lagging behind the actual peak, in 2014 the province’s road transport work will be extended to the year of March 26th.

Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation requirements during the Spring Festival to ensure the safe operation of the city bus order, organize a large number of mass transit activities such as Kumbum Monastery lantern festival. City Transportation Bureau will be strictly distributed line bus travel permit and direction. At the same time, the city traffic bureau requires each passenger station to do the "three" security work, to strictly enforce the provisions of the passenger station and freight charges and the passenger vehicle passenger transport enterprises, must strictly abide by the system of mandatory rest at 2 pm to 5 pm.

during the Spring Festival, Xining city yunguanchu taxi will strengthen the inspection efforts to alleviate the taxi difficult". Xining yunguanchu will also intensify the fight against illegal acts and illegal acts.

in addition, yunguanchu will also aim at the train station and the bus station to carry out the inspection rectification work. (author: Zheng Sizhe)