Provincial bus card upgrade

Yesterday, the reporter from the Xining public since September 3rd, Refco Group Ltd was informed that the city bus group has released a new version of the CPU bus cards for about 20 thousand, adult card and student card in the post and new office, M1 bus will stop issuing the original card, all updates for CPU card. Old card replacement. Issuing new cards, M1 now holds the public bus card can continue to use, city bus group will implement a new two card merger operation mechanism.

why upgrade bus card?

but with the vigorous development of the popularization of IC card, we now use the M1 deficiency card has gradually emerged. Small capacity, unable to expand the application, poor security and other defects have made the M1 card can not better meet the needs of passenger travel. In order to better serve the passengers, according to the Ministry of housing "adopted a number of measures to promote and accelerate the upgrading of city card system CPU card to replace the M1 card of the notice", and the requirements of the Ministry of transportation construction of urban public transport on interconnection, city bus group decided to stop issuing the existing M1 card, instead of offering a higher safety performance and capacity larger and more flexible, but also more extended performance advantage of CPU card.

need to change the bus card number?It is reported that the current