The world’s most high end CT settled in Qinghai Red Cross Hospital

  Qinghai Red Cross Hospital reporter in March 22nd from the high-end energy spectrum CT seminar was informed that currently the world’s most high-end CT gemstone CT officially settled in Qinghai Red Cross Hospital, which marks the province level in the leading ranks of radiation medicine.

it is understood that the gemstone CT used as GEM detector materials, it is with a "microscope" based on the traditional CT, can be found in the early lesions of small lesions, conventional CT can not be found, can be described as "piercing eye", so that doctors can make the early quantitative and qualitative diagnosis of tumors, especially suitable for tumor early detection and diagnosis. Gemstone CT is currently the world’s most high-end CT, can reduce the radiation dose of more than 90%, the real CT will check into the field of health screening and physical examination, physical examination, early screening and health of patients has important significance.

seminar, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and armed police hospital medical experts and the province’s two levels above the hospital radiology director on the high-end spectrum CT technology to carry out academic exchange activities. (author: Li Xin)