The construction of cultural wall in the West District of the city to expand the new position of civ

in the West Main Street West District, a fresh cultural wall showing a civilized city public service ads outstanding works created in the ancient city of west area; Taiwan College lane, nearly one hundred meters long wall culture show wonderful moments of civilization in the West District, victory road, more than 30 blocks in the window of civilization and civilization traffic life slogan for pedestrians will watch the eyes……

is present in the city culture wall in the beautiful scenery, has become a new carrier of civilization and regional culture propaganda promotion, not only beautify the city image, but also enhance the quality of the public, reflects the new civilization. In recent years, the west area has at Victory Road Primary School District, guchengtai college lane, victory road, near the park, Lu Qing West Main Street, the Yellow River Road, Tongren Road junctions and other places made in order to improve the quality of citizens, strengthen the construction and popularization of knowledge, a city civilization traffic to the content of the culture wall is more than 10, show in the popular comic books, poems, fables, inspirational motto etc., let the walls become beautiful and "talking" "culture wall". These "culture wall" rich in content and the lives of the masses, form vivid, attracted every people in the past, make people to be educated in the subtle, mobilize the enthusiasm of the public participation in civilization, improve the quality of the general public, became the summer capital of Xining a beautiful landscape.

it is understood that the west area in a civilized city to create work, develop ideas, innovative methods of work, on the basis of the majority of people loved to actively carry out activities to create, and to take new initiatives, making efforts to improve public cultural wall civilization with rich cultural heritage of the area. Favorable conditions for large construction, great development and prosperity of the culture, these walls produced exquisite, rich in content, plays a role in beautifying the environment, enhance the image at the same time, but also can maximize the effect of education, forming a beautiful new cultural landscape.

in the construction of cultural wall, West District, according to local conditions, close to the masses, close to life, close to the times "principle, using pictures, cartoons, proverbs, fables and so on a variety of performance techniques, to create a surrounding environment and glorified, Hui people with the new landscape, imperceptibly affects every a people in the past. This popular, easy to understand the creation of publicity will be carried out for a long time, to further stimulate the people love the good home circle, to build a circle of enthusiasm. (author: Ma Zhanyu)