Xining ladder cultivating enterprise

from Xining to carry out a series of activities to help small and micro enterprises, the average monthly production of nearly 200 small and micro enterprises. However, faced with a huge market economy, these start-up companies need to help, to this end, Xining came up with a good way – ladder to cultivate enterprises of different sizes.

March 10th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission learned that this year, Xining will carry out a "ladder" cultivation have been identified for 500 small and micro enterprises, of which 300 households scale industrial enterprises in 200 households, and strive to cultivate micro enterprises for small businesses, 100 families of small business training for medium-sized enterprises. Through efforts to accelerate the cultivation of market players, making the number of small and micro enterprises each year 25% new, small and micro enterprises operating income, the number of new jobs grew by 10%.

these companies belong to different industries, how to better nurture? Xining City, the answer is very specific: around the resource advantage and leading industry, to extend the industrial chain and the new special expertise for the direction of transformation and upgrading of the field give priority to local characteristics of resources, biological medicine, textile, agricultural and sideline products, electronic information, new materials, growth type, technology type Small and micro businesses, enhance the innovation ability, to expand the scale of production, improve product quality. (author: Zhou Jianping)