Spring Festival the public to buy vegetables have benefits spree

The Spring Festival is coming, I sell special purchases for the Spring Festival entered the peak period, 28 supermarket stores, 21 communities, 29 stores set up the price of six vegetables and 42 counters, vegetables direct the car directly into the community, 120 sales outlets of supply, to ensure that people buy affordable and desirable danggucai, municipal government money insurance for price stability measures for the public to get an affordable and desirable holiday spree.

straight fill limit for everyone to bring benefits

during the Spring Festival, my city in the stable meat prices, how to strengthen the agricultural super docking, car sales prices, direct sales of vegetables into the community, increase direct subsidies and other measures to stabilize prices with a lot of tangible real. The Spring Festival is coming this two days, dispatching reserve sales, direct subsidy, parity price, discount none other items at the beginning of measures, farmers markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and other community residents to enter the market, and go to the supermarket, with deep feeling.

meat supply price is lower than last year

During the

Festival, the city organization Xin Xing source meat production group increased efforts to put pigs, reaching 1200, greatly meet the market demand during the holiday season. Located in Sea Lake Road, Darunfa supermarket, in the meat counter, stocked with beef, mutton, pork, beef, mutton, the price of 30 yuan / catty 24 yuan / kg, pork 15 yuan / kg, the meat prices fall slightly over the same period last year. In addition, the city has also increased the number of beef and mutton production enterprises in the market, which put 450 live cattle every day, live sheep, only 3000.

six kinds of limit dishes on the holiday table

this year, the city continued to organize the delivery of 42 parity vegetable direct car, into a larger community, fixed time sales of vegetables and aquatic products, the price is lower than the average retail price of the market down 20%. At the same time, increase the price of six of the food supply, the focus of the city’s supermarkets, vegetables direct car, community convenience center, discount stores and other 120 points of sale, the implementation of direct subsidies to limit sales 1000 tons of turmeric, pepper, cucumber, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant and other six kinds of fine food, people demand for larger or higher every kilograms of vegetables, 4 yuan to 6 yuan subsidy.

community sales outlets list

serial number





East District

Jia Rong shop

Economic Development Zone Jia Ronghua District shop 39-221 number


Xia Lin Dian

Huang Road No. 100, the summer capital of the forest area in the supermarket next to


West District