Xining South Beach police station Li Yunying took care of the elderly story

Xining South Beach community police station Li Yunying three years as one day, taking care of a ninety-two year old elderly, become a favourite tale by the masses.

three years ago, as from the anti narcotics police Li Yunying community police station in the area of home visits, to understand a simple cottage in Phoenix Mountain lived a man named Sun Renshan of the elderly. Sun uncle is a Qinghai Lake farm workers, retired after a month of social security is not high, there are no relatives to care for their own stick on the cook, water. See the old man staggering figure, Li Yunying decided to take care of the old man’s responsibility for the later life. From then on, regardless of windy or rainy days or holidays, Li Yunying often went to sun uncle home, to buy food for the elderly, to send fruit.

in order to better care for the elderly, Li Yunying also put his phone number to sun uncle neighbors, pleading with them when she was busy looking after, sun uncle, what any contact with her. In January this year, sun uncle neighbor called Li Yunying sun uncle was ill, Li Yunying immediately rushed to the taxi in the elderly, will be suffering from a bad cold, the old man to the hospital infusion therapy, the night before returning to their home.

police love, people embrace police. Don’t look at the sun uncle is very advanced in age, enthusiastic community public affairs, as long as the police arranged down the size of the thing, and the neighborhood around Sun uncle will actively participate in, with the support of the masses, Li Yunying worked much harder.