The change of the three mascots of the Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival, a variety of etiquette, which derived a variety of mascots to express the blessing of the new year. Chinese Folk Artists Association vice chairman Zheng Yimin and other experts said, Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers, new year’s money because of strong participation, the most representative. Reporter survey found that with the changes of the times, the three mascots have the same heritage, but also a new idea of change.

couplets: "Ji Yan" meaning unchanged form and content change

couplets called "poetic couplet", was originally an evil thing, and later literature and calligraphy during the Spring Festival, every family became the butt, house, the door will put things, auspicious expression. Zheng Yimin said that the Chinese people like red, everywhere filled with red paper to write the Spring Festival couplets, but also with the words of education. The door lintels should be affixed to "celebrate", both sides put "farming family luck, the frequency playing state Hing" entered the courtyard Greet Wall on the wall should be affixed to "seeing happiness" and the like, on the wall of a room to put "population security".

more than and 50 years old this year, Qinghai Xining public Zhou Junchang said, before 20 began from the twelfth lunar month to buy a red paper, please write couplets, now with the accelerated pace of life, people are accustomed to the market to buy Printed couplets couplets.

: fireworks festive atmosphere constant expression change