Xining City helping group permutations and combinations gradually coordinated solution

targeted mortgage information is not complete, no need for the supply and demand platform, the company’s website is not operating well…… In November 19th, according to the Xining Municipal Economic Commission SME Bureau responsible person, carry out the "Xining City help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities, helping the group has to tease out the enterprises involved in production and business places, all kinds of administrative examination and approval procedures and other aspects of the "personality" of 703, after helping the group "arrangement" it is divided into five kinds of common problems, more than half of the problem has been solved at the county level, the need to coordinate the Xining municipal level, has been decomposed into Xining municipal departments, to resolve or have been resolved.

from the founding of the company, started to step on the right track, Small and micro businesses often face many "personality", but the classification of common problems outside the capital, land, labor and personnel, infrastructure and other aspects of the "". In response to these problems, Xining to help businesses, steady growth, adjusting the structure of the help group one after another, one by one to develop measures to help small and micro enterprises to gain a foothold in the wave of the market. Among them, corporate loans, on the collateral, secured assets, financial management is relatively perfect, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission to actively coordinate Guarantee Corporation and financial institutions to help solve the loan. Lack of financial and business management personnel issues, Xining will organize small and micro enterprises in the near future to carry out financial management and business management training. The labor-intensive enterprises recruitment difficulties, some enterprises lack of skilled workers and other labor issues, Xining city will carry out special recruitment often, skills training, expand the site personnel employment information coverage, guide enterprises to increase staff salaries and other forms of address. Issues related to land use indicators, tariff concessions, infrastructure construction of small and medium sized enterprises in the central area, has been gradually coordinated solution. (author: Zhou Jianping)