Xining 11 working group to create the city does not discount

in order to further strengthen the work to create a national civilized city leadership, implement the creation tasks, approved by the municipal government, to create a national civilized city in the city, the office of the leading group under the 11 working group decided.

is reported that the national civilized city is a high gold content of the city brand, is a very important intangible assets and strategic resources. Create a national civilized city is essentially a higher level to promote the development of the city, is to implement the practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, is an important driving force for the construction of a harmonious society, is a public opinion, the hearts of the people out of engineering and practical projects. To strengthen the city to create a national civilized city work organization, coordination, guidance and supervision, to ensure that a city to work effectively promote, according to a city to city, a city office consists of 11 working groups, which are responsible for creating the city comprehensive coordination, guidance, publicity, filing and the focus of the work of supervision etc.. (author: Wang Xiaofang)