Xining City Board of education the real two strict control to reduce the burden of primary and midd

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education issued a notice to the city’s primary and secondary schools, strict demands on primary and secondary school students and their work hours. At the same time, irregular spot checks of the implementation of school work and rest time and the amount of student work, the violation of the provisions of the school, will be criticized.

December 23rd, the reporter learned from Xining City Board of education, to further reduce the burden of primary and middle school students, the implementation of quality education, to ensure the healthy growth of students, promote students’ all-round development, Xining City Board of education requires all primary and secondary schools, strictly control the students in the school. The students at schools to control the amount of time (elementary school time shall not exceed 6 hours, junior middle school student time of not more than 8 hours), morning pupils to school on time not earlier than 8, the afternoon time not later than 5; morning to junior high school students is not earlier than 8, the afternoon time shall not later than 5:30. Noon to ensure that students have 2 hours of rest.

strictly controls the amount of student work. The school administration office to take charge of coordinating branches operating arrangement, to ensure that the primary school is grade one or two without written homework, the rest of the total grade written homework is generally not more than 1 hours; grade seven or eight written homework amount is generally not more than 1.5 hours, the nine grade shall not exceed 2.5 hours. No mechanical repetitive work shall be arranged. May not use the noon time to carry out various forms of collective class.

implementation of the system of student schedules. Each school to the student’s time and place in front of the school gate publicity, consciously accept the supervision of parents and society. At the same time to strengthen the implementation of the various grades of the class inspection, the violation of the relevant provisions of the parties to be held accountable, serious treatment. Xining City Board of education hope that parents and social supervision, while publishing supervision Tel: 4393009.