2014 New Year’s day race held in Xining million people running to greet the new year

January 1st morning, on 2014, the day of the new round of the cup in Xining, held around the world cup, attracting more than 12000 people, including foreign friends, including participants.

Xining area around the city has 41 years of history, the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in extremely high. 49 year old Li Shengliang is the first time to participate in the competition, and won the men’s team champion for the fifth time in twenty-eighth. Li Shengliang said, I hope the national sports event such as the city has been going on, there are more people to participate, we enjoy the fun of running together.

wonderful round the city also attracted participants from other provinces and foreign friends. Zhao Xingsheng is the third time to come from Hebei to participate in the green ring fitness enthusiasts, he told reporters, compared to the mainland, in the plateau running more challenging, he has been recommended to the friends of the event. Blue eyes high nose of Swedish Jacob has been for 2 consecutive years in Xining to participate in the race, he said, Xining streets clean and beautiful environment, the new stadium is also very beautiful, as long as they are still in Qinghai, will go on running.

this year, the venue for the start of the city in the newly built Sea Lake District, Qinghai sports center. There are men and women students game group, young men and women group, adult male and female group, older men and women group, collective group competition group, and a jogging team.