North of the city to strengthen and innovate the social management of the construction of peace and

this year, the North District is in a critical period of accelerated transformation, leap to catch up, facing the complex situation of land acquisition, enterprise contract management and labor disputes, environmental protection and social security problems such as overlapping, resolve social conflicts, maintain the harmony and stability of the task is still very arduous. To this end, the north of the city this year, focusing on strengthening social management innovation, building a safe and harmonious new north.

Construction of social management innovation system by

. In the province’s first district level "3+2" social service management information command center as a platform to improve the digital video surveillance system, the establishment of individual sites, streets, two or three community network platform, to further deepen the population information management, the implementation of grid management measures, the formation of the government management and community self-management two-way interaction pattern. Strengthen the function of urban and rural community autonomy, advocate volunteer service, strengthen the construction of social work professionals, and promote the healthy development of social organizations. To improve the social management system and operation mechanism, social parties play a synergistic effect, support trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women’s federations and other mass organizations to carry out the work. Advocate "the best management is service" concept, actively explore the establishment of the first public service center in the small bridge area.

tamping foundation. Continue to carry out a large investigation and resolve conflicts and disputes, to play the people mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation comprehensive effect, and further improve the village, community dispute resolution mechanism. Pay attention to preventing and reducing contradictions and disputes from the source, smooth information predict channel, strengthen the petition, in a timely manner to resolve the contradictions in the bud, to ensure that all kinds of contradictions and upgrades, intensify, transformation, do not give up. Promote national unity and progress demonstration area to create activities, to create a common unity and progress of all ethnic groups, common prosperity and development of the atmosphere.

strengthen social security prevention and control. On the construction of social security prevention and control system, give full play to the professional team and the obligation of security patrol brigade, to solve outstanding security problems and security risks, the fight against illegal and criminal activities according to law, and gradually form a wide coverage, responsibilities clear, coordination of the crime prevention and control network, and strive to create a good situation of social stability and peaceful life. (author: Wang Yang)