Around the lake tomorrow

game time: Friday, July 12th, 08:50-09:50 sign in, 10:00 game starts, 15:00 game is over.

stage name: West town to Moeller town to Qilian, the sixth stage.

race distance: West Town Street West and East Cross – Wen Xing Lu Jinyintan – Highway 315 – Highway 204 – Qilian County town of Qilian County town of eight square Moeller hot water.

stage distance: 207 km distance in this stage.

game to watch: this stage has a two climbing and two H climbing point. Two grade point is located at a distance of 24.1 km. The first H climbing point in this stage of the sea is located 107.43 km tall mountain, the altitude of 3869 meters, second H climbing points located in 4120 meters. This stage is extended to the past West town to Qilian town of Moeller stage, is the altitude of this lake race in the highest stage, since the lake race venue for the first time exceeded 4000 meters altitude, the altitude of the contestants but not test, but also human at this altitude in the ultimate challenge. (Ge Wenrong finishing)