Flood control and governance of the mountains of Xining ecological writing

  urban sewage treatment plant inside the charming    
now, go in the river runs through the city center of Nanchuan River, clear green shore, beauty is behind Xining fourteen years continuously "flood" efforts; 2014 annual 265 days of good air quality days, Xining is in the "rule of gas" to the public in the blue sky overhead guard; once barren pale Nanshan. In more than and 10 years of work, in the broad belt stretches tens of rolling clouds, the green ecological barrier of Xining is "uphold the rule of unremitting mountain" leave a legacy for future…… Xining is trying to get out of the way of ecological civilization in a provincial capital city.

first chapter

pollution control campaign guard Xining blue

in order to allow people to breathe fresh air, see the blue sky, Xining is the city’s continued efforts to carry out the comprehensive management of air pollution. This is not only a starting point end point "pollution control campaign", when the municipal government leaders have to control the front, when the 36 departments to suppress city each pollution source, when the environmental protection department staff of the wheel in the middle of the night also run around in the thorough investigation of pollution source way, all of these efforts to protect it "Xining blue".

[governance initiatives]

standardized management of construction dust. Supervision of the city’s 447 construction sites, 27 commercial enterprises to implement concrete dust prevention and control of the "5 100%" construction standards. On the 37 construction sites, 1 commercial enterprises to carry out economic penalties for concrete, the 18 refused to rectification of the construction unit to take water, electricity and other measures. On the construction, demolition sites, land to be developed, municipal facilities, such as the construction site to cover the naked eye cover measures covering an area of 13 square kilometers.

– pay close attention to the road "clean" construction. Invested 40 million 100 thousand yuan, the acquisition of cleaning, watering, dust vehicles, 111. Daily cleaning of the city’s 57 main roads throughout the period, sprinkler (spray), cleaning and other dust removal operations.

increase the environmental supervision of industrial enterprises. Make full use of waste gas, waste water on-line monitoring facilities and video monitoring facilities, the implementation of special environmental supervision and 24 hours of key industrial enterprises;